Monday, June 6, 2016

Externsteine and the Irminsul - Another Thought Or Two

Sometimes when the word postulate is used, it comes across as making a claim that something is true based on  assumption.  Another way to use the word is that you have formed a hypothesis based on a train of sober reasoning.  Therefore, we cannot postulate that the Irminsul and Externsteine was a real Heathen site of worship and reverence based on what a gentleman said back in 1564; he assumed it was true.  And, supposedly we have no hard science to base that assumption in fact.  However, we can make a hypothesis based within intelligent reasoning that it could be highly possible.  

There is some archaeoastronomical (how our ancestors understood what was happening in the sky and how it effected them) speculation, based on a hole cut above the "alter stone."  At sunrise on summer solstice, the light shines directly on the alter.   

Christianity used pagan/heathen sites of worship and reverence; they built their churches on top of them and in some places, monasteries.  This is a historical fact.  Their reasoning was simple and straight foreword; coming to the same place, they felt, eased the conversion to Christianity.  The nagging point is when did the Christians occupy Externsteine with the accompanying Irminsul.  

Here is a really big term - thermoluminesence dating.  This is a method that measures accumulated radiation/time elapsed of material containing crystal-type minerals, when exposed to heat or sunlight.  One result, considered uncertain is 735 CE, plus or minus 180 years.  The famous rock carving known as the Externsteine Relief  originally based Christian occupation during the 9th century (800's).  But since the 1950's many scholars push the date forward to the 11th or 12th century.  When dealing with dating objects over the course of just a few centuries, a plus or minus variance of 180 years can be a problem.  It is not much of a problem when using the same methods covering say, 40,000 to 50,000 years.  However, what fact we do have says no to the above hypothesis.  Is there something else that has been intentionally overlooked for fear of opening old wounds?  Something that is still treated like an ungodly cancer that no one wants to discuss?  Something that could say yes to the above hypothesis?  Maybe.  Here it is.  

Blame it on the Nazis.  We know that those bastards looted and stole valuable works of art, among other things, from museums and private individuals.  We also know that in order to support their sick theory of a master race, they borrowed heavily from Germanic Heathenry.  What was borrowed they made their own and poisoned the beautiful and meaningful to justify their ends.  Externsteine was made into a must see cult site, a go to place for the Nazis.  Who really knows what those lunatics, during the 1930's unearthed and squirreled away.  Then we have the happy hordes of Nazis and their families traipsing through the place looking for a great "souvenir."  This we know is fact, something undeniable.  There could be a something out in the world, maybe no larger than a coin, hidden away in some basement or attic that will prove many things.  Hope Springs Eternal. 

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