Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Snack ... From ... Nick Hammer - The Lost Girls

Mr. White spent the better part of his day playing golf with two influential people.  White never cared for the game.  Whacking a little ball around manicured grass was something he could live without.  But he was not playing for himself; he was playing for Watershed.  This was his bi-monthly golf outing with his state’s senior U.S. Senator and a ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Watershed has quite a bit of dirt on both of them.  If an everyday Joe would commit the least of these offenses and get caught, Joe would see the inside of a prison.  But so far, White had no cause to leverage either one of these men.  They always bought him lunch and dropped tid-bits of information that could prove useful in the future.  
          The luncheon followed the usual pattern:  the Senator and Congressman enjoyed a liquid lunch while White listened.  At some point they would chide him about his golf game.  When this chiding ended, they kidded him about his Watershed Group being some kind of spy agency.  White had no problem laughing along with them about that.   If these fools only knew the truth.   Soon, the Senator and Congressman, plied with alcohol, began to discuss things that really should be kept behind closed doors.  It was during these moments that White intently listened.  

            Copyright @2017 Terry Unger

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