Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Book - Coming Soon

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Personal Musings about ALU - ULA

1st July, 2017

A rune master I am not.  The things confuse me.  At one moment I think they are just an alphabet.  Then I think about my ancestors.  In many cases, anything written that contained more than one interpretation could hold magical properties.  It should not come as a surprise for Heathens that Galdr, the singing of runes was used to bring about desired effects.  Above is a simple wood burning. I will refer to it within the body below.   

The  two Ansuz runes are joined together at their vertical staffs.  The regular interpretation for Ansuz is 'gods.'  Is it possible that in ALU - ULA the double Ansuz could mean one God?  The Rune Master Supreme?  Wodan/Odin?

The two Laguz runes also are joined by their vertical staffs.  Laguz usually is interpreted as 'water,' and sometimes 'leeks.'  Water is needed to sustain all life, be it human, animal, or vegetation.  Leeks were used by our ancestors in healing potions.

The  Uruz runes too are joined at their vertical staffs.  The  normal interpretation for Uruz  is 'aurochs,'  The wild untamed bovine beast that is now extinct.  The  Auroch was incredibly strong.  So Uruz symbolizes strength.  But could it also represent strong mental capability?  A strong mind?

When considering ALU - ULA, is it possible that it could be a runic/galdr formula?  One that asks the Gods for health, spiritual cleansing, and strength of mind and body?  Or a union with the Gods on a higher level to obtain the same?  Heady questions that demand personal inquiry.  

Monday, June 5, 2017

Thor Goes Fishing

It can be said that offering prayer is a rather puerile attempt to deal with real situations.  Also, it can be said that modern people who say they "will pray for you" offer a puerile attempt to make the afflicted person feel better while at the same time giving the speaker of such a sense that they did something - without getting personally involved.  Prayer also gives those who offer it a sense of personal divine connection and a false sense of self-importance.  But prayer will not stop the barbarians at the gates (see my post 5/10/2017 - Barbarians at the Gates).  The God Thor, protector of Midgard, shows us that there are times when hard men are necessary.  

The Lore tells us of a time when Thor went fishing with the giant, Hymir.  The giant did not and would not provide Thor with bait.  So Thor killed Hymir's biggest Ox and cut off its head for bait - to catch and kill Jormungardr, the Midgard Serpent.  Hymir never cared much for Thor, and he was not thrilled with losing his biggest Ox.  Thor baits his hook and Jormungardr strikes.  

The battle is ferocious.  But Hymir the Giant is scared shitless.  Thor manages to pull the head of the Serpent into the boat.  As he reaches for his Hammer to kill Jormungardr, the scared shitless Hymir cuts the fishing line, freeing the beast.  Thor is furious at losing the opportunity to kill the enemy of Midgard and tosses Hymir overboard.  In a later tale within the Lore, Thor kills Hymir.  The lessons of this tale should be clear.  

First, do what is necessary to eliminate the threat.  Be wary of your allies.  And, stay focused on the cause.  Finally, know and understand that there will be loss - none of which  can be categorized as "acceptable" ( for the sake of this post, it matters not if you believe that Ragnarok is a "Christian edition" to the Lore.  That tale tells us Thor meets the Serpent Jormungardr for the third time.  Thor kills the beast.  After taking nine steps backward, he falls dead from the serpent's poison).   

When it's finally over, do not offer up prayers.  Raise horns and praise to the fallen who brought down the Serpent.  

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

What Are You Thinking?

Life is not easy; it is not supposed to be.  Regardless of current station in life, we are faced with varying degrees of frustration, torment, and stress.  And, the poor man may suffer less, depending on his point of view than his Daddy Big Bucks neighbor.  This is, of course, relative to the individual - his wyrd.  But what do you think about when you are pressed and stressed?  Are you totally consumed by what is pressing on your heart and mind?  Do you get caught up in the peripherals of the problem or do you become overwhelmed by it?  Or does the apparent weight of the problem leave you paralyzed?  Our Lore may hold some answers.  

All Father Odin hung from Yggdrasil for nine days to gather the runes and their wisdom.  The Lore mentions All Father was irritated that, despite his hunger and thirst, no one was there/available/or cared to give him something to eat and drink.  Did other things disturb him while hanging from Yggdrasil?  We do not know - the Lore mentions little.  Could there have been other things?  The short answer:  if we place a man in that situation, hanging up-side-down from a tree, than yes - there would be many.  But what the Gods feel or need our finite mind cannot grasp.  Especially when their quest is for knowledge.  But this is what we do know.  Odin "hung in there" and completed his quest.  He surmounted his obstacle(s) by focusing on his goal.  He pushed through the frustration, torment, and stress to obtain the runes and their wisdom.  The same runes meant to be shared with us mortals.  

In this life we face problems.  The choice is to be overwhelmed by them or to surmount and grow in experience and wisdom from them.  Like Odin we must focus - focus on obtainment and victory. Then and only then do we succeed in solving our problems and crushing our demons.

                                                   Copyright @2017 Terry Unger


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Heart Break With the Double D's

Sorry.  The title has nothing to do with a woman's bust size.  It has everything to do with doctrine and dogma, which is the finite's vain attempt to define a right relationship with the Infinite.  And, the biggest manufacturers of the Double D's are the universal monotheistic religions.  

At one time in these universalist monotheistic religions, a founder or if you will, a leader emerges.  In the case of Judaism, Moses, Islam, Mohammad, and Jesus for Christianity (it could easily argued that Christianity, because of its' origins, is an offshoot/extension of Judaism; those who believed in Jesus where Christian, those who did not, still Jews. Jesus, if he existed at all as an individual, was a Jew, something many Christians do not grasp, which makes any argument about springing from Judaism rather moot).  Around these leaders, books were written.  And these books with their stories, were influenced by the majority cultures that surrounded them:  the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and Greco-Roman (in particular the Judaeo-Christian "books").  

Shortly after these Books were written, compiled, collated, altered, and/or pieces whole or in part tossed out, other "leaders" appear on scene to determine what the holy writ from on high means to mankind, and how humanity is supposed to have a right relationship with Deity - the doctrine and dogma of the faith.  The Double D's are the supposed playbook for the faith's practitioners.  However, this doctrine and dogma, for many is like an ill fitted pair of shoes.  

Too many things in our present day life can defy description let alone explanation by proscribed doctrine and dogma.  Telling a faith's practitioner that it is "God's will," or it's a "Mystery" that must be accepted just does not cut it. Like cancer, heart disease, or being victim of a drive by shooting. Heavens forbid genetics, gluttony, or living in a shit neighborhood should be taken into account. What was past off to the ignorant masses of yesteryear is met with smiles and snickers of thinking people today.  But many of these thinking people feel spiritually dead inside.  There is hope.  

When a person begins a spiritual quest, investigating personal culture and heritage is a great place to start.  Once upon a time, a person grew up within his own culture and heritage but  globalism, in many cases, has removed that nurturing environment.  So, go out and find it just like Leif Ericsson discovered the new world.  For many, it will be not just a new experience, but a "homecoming" of sorts.  And if the discoverer goes deep enough, he or she will find his or her pre-Christian ancestors and get a glimpse of their worldview.  

That worldview included what is referred to today as Asatru/Heathenry; no holy books, doctrine, or dogma - just an all encompassing way of life (the Eddas and Sagas are not a Heathen "bible."  However, even with heavy Christian redaction, these tales give us a foundation for a good life).  Emphasis is placed on personal word and deed knowing that both can come back to bite or reward in the future.  Heathenry offers freedom.  But it is freedom with responsibility.  Unfortunately for them, People of the Book use their religion as an excuse for their behavior - because that's what it says to do in the Book.  Add to this the doctrine and dogma mongers and you have a perfect storm.  And, many followers of universalist monotheism enjoy getting caught up in the storm.  But, it is their choice.

I cannot write in just one blog post the advantages of Heathenry.  However, by reading the brief sampling of posts offered below on this blog, you can get a "taste."  

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fraudulent Offerings of My Books




Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Barbarians at the Gates

It is said that hard times create hard men.  It is all so said that times of good and plenty create soft men.  The soft men believe that the good times will never end, so much so that they put the hard men on a shelf where they eventually die and are not replaced.  These soft ones believe that the barbarians at the gates can and will be placated by negotiations, or appeasement.  History tells a different story.  

Almost always, when the serious aggressor was bought off, he came back for more the next year or within the next generation.  They did not cease taking until they themselves were eliminated.  Hard men came forth and eliminated the aggressor; they did what had to be done to preserve their way of life.  

Those that wish to conquer, convert, and subjugate entire civilizations have no intention of living in frith.  They can have their nose broken and bloodied only to return home and raise up many more like them, like amber waves of grain; they rabidly procreate and instill hatred within their children against anything that is not exactly like them.  All the while, the soft men amuse themselves with games.  But there are other distractions.  

For many they are not real distractions.  One can hardly believe that working like a dog to put on the table and pay the bills is a distraction.  Rather, it is an obligation.  And in the western world, it often takes two, husband and wife, to meet these obligations.  Children are put off, until "things get better." When things do  "get better," most feel like they are too old to have children.  The stress of making a living is just one reason why people are not having children; there are others but suffice to say that people in the western world are too exhausted, mentally and physically to fuck.  And fucking is required to have kids.  It is unfortunate that too often people reach for hand held electronic devices when they are exhausted.  These toys do not need any foreplay to get you off, something not lost on the "barbarians at the gates."  

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