Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Reluctant Hero

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

New Book In Process

In response to some of my readers:  

About a year ago I discontinued two of my books, A Yuletide Anthology and A Little Book of Yuletide Cheer.  The answer is no, I will not put them back in print.  However, I am researching a new book on Yuletide and hope to have it on the market by Winter Nights, 10/31/2018.  Some folks may find the information shocking.  Often, the truth is shocking.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Nick Hammer - The Preacher's Son .... Published

Available on Amazon and in Kindle format! 

Powers turned up nothing.  Not a torn piece of fabric, wallet or purse.  Nothing – Debra Collins vanished.  Nancy Collins called him every day, expecting some news.  Powers was frustrated and tired of lying. 
          Edward ‘Slick’ Powers was accustomed to winning; solve the case and move on to the next one.  Ever since he first bumped up against Nick Hammer and Magda Gomez his cop life greatly improved.  That and he’d like to take Magda to bed.  A fantasy he believed, but one he enjoyed.  But the Collins case was desert in need of an oasis and talking to Nancy Collins every blessed day wore his ass out.  Slick decided to call it a day but stopped by Jimmy Boyd’s office on the way out. 
          “You headed out Slick?” Boyd asked. 
          “Yeah boss … my brain is fried.  The Collins case … and Nancy Collins calling everyday for an update.  I can’t keep puttin’ her off and lying to her Jimmy.” 
          “So today is like yesterday and the day before, right?” 
          “Yes sir, zero.  You saw my case file.  She’s liked by everyone I talked to.  Debra and her parents have no enemies.  Employers all say the family is good, solid people.  I’m all outta leads Jimmy … nothing.  You have any ideas?” 
          “You’re not gonna like it.” 
          “Let me have it boss.” 

          “I think she was taken, Slick.” 
 “You mean like what, sex trafficking?” 
          “No … I don’t think so … she’s not the type.  I’m thinkin’ like mistaken identity … someone pegged her for somethin’ or somethin’ else … and at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I think she’s gone.” 
          “Gone … like in dead gone?” 
          “Yeah … afraid so Eddie.”   

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Book !

Coming soon to an 'Amazon Bookstore' near you:  My latest book  ... Nick Hammer - The Preacher's Son.  When blind faith combines with a serious psychosis murder happens!!!   

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Unity of a Forgotten Kind

The world and all it contains, both seen and unseen stands with mankind in a state of consubstantiation.  Our ancestors understood this as fact, making their worldview one of total acceptance.  Life was hard but good.  Prosperity honestly earned was good.  Sex too was considered good.  In everything they did the Gods, Desir/Matronae were ever present, not separated from the rest of the world.  Monotheism with its world rejecting view separates reality.   

Born in the harsh desert climate, Monotheism was destined to offer a bleak outlook.  It still does.  The single God creeds offer salvation if the person shuns the world.  This worldview was foreign to Europeans, especially those of the north.  It still is today and to all of European descent.  

A world accepting view does not shun anything that is wholesome and good.  This includes the divine, which is part of the total consubstantiation.  The Gods did not leave us.  We left them.  By remembering them and honoring them we give them rebirth in our total consciousness.  We rebuild and renew.  

However, this renewal is not a journey back to the past or for that matter living as our ancestors did. It is a rebuilding of what we know what was into what is applicable and needed for us today.  This also means that we must add what is needed.  It means we must adapt and overcome our reluctance to do so, thinking that we will cheapen Heathenry.  It will not.  What is truly heilige demands that we do so. 

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Born Guilty?

A child is born.  The child exits the womb and is innocent.  How can a newborn babe carry the weight of guilt, the debt of so-called 'original sin'?  The babe cannot.  Contrary to a religious doctrine and dogma that demands such, we are innocent at birth.  As we grow, age, and move through the experiential, that innocence is lost.  

Words and deeds strip us of our innocence. We can feel the heavy load of our actions.  Or, our words and deeds lift us, glorify us, our lives, and the world itself.  We are born innocent into a wonderful world that offers prosperity and personal renown.  It offers but does not give.  How you get it defines you.  This is something that our Ancestors knew well.  Before the Christian era, when men were innocent until proven guilty - of something done by their words and deeds.  

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

True Safe Space

At the end of the day, a man (and a woman) need a place to lay their head.  A place much more than safe, but a Heilige (whole, wholesome, holy) sanctuary.  A place to refresh and escape the daily adversary (the daily grind of making a living).  A place to be with friends and loved ones in caring frith.  This place has many names.  The best one - home.  Home does not have to be a mansion, high on a hill. 

Havamal, verse 36 - It's better to have a home, even if it's little - everyone should call somewhere "home."  Even if you own just two goats, beneath a faulty roof, that's still better than begging.  *

This home of yours is something that you worked and paid (or still are paying) for.  It is a man and woman's kingdom.  And, it is always good to be home. 

When you have vacationed or traveling home from a long business trip, that last day, the journey home, seems to take forever.  Then you cross the threshold of the front door, you are happy.  You are in your safe spot.  You may be exhausted but you feel thankful that you are home. 

A man can make his home anywhere.  In the beginning, it is just a patch of dirt and a bunch sticks.  Time and being a human change that.  Your personal self melds with the fabric of the home.  The home becomes Heilige - a wholesome sanctuary.  It is better to have a home, even if it's little. 

*The Poetic Edda, Crawford Edition, copyright@2015 Hackett Publishing

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The Reluctant Hero

The best in fantasy fiction is right here!  Click on the book's title on the right side.  Takes you to the book's Amazon Page! ...