Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Single Mindedness

It is the necessary thing to achieve any goal.  Single mindedness is the focus, the action that brings results.  Belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy (a bit of sarcasm) will never accomplish anything in life except unfulfilled desires.  When the bubble finally breaks and the truth revealed, it comes down to plan and execution.  No plan equals nothing fulfilled.  

You cannot expect something from nothing.  A goal must be set and a path to bring fruition plotted out - this is also known as a plan.  The plan must be flexible to accommodate change - because even the best plans will stumble across something not previously considered.  This falls under the heading of "shit happens."  

If single mindedness, unrelenting focus on the plan is used, the plan to reach the goal becomes the purpose of action.  It can easily accommodate the "shit happens" stuff that happens along the path to achieving the goal.  

Living in the 21st century has its distractions but single mindedness, focusing on the plan to bring about the goal and the goal itself can be practiced by meditation and visualization.  Yes, it can be that simple.  But you need to quite yourself and reach within.  This requires putting down the gaming controls, turning off the television, and muting the smart phone - for 15 minutes a day.  Santa, the Bunny, and some Fairy may have brought you all of those mind numbing electronics, but they sure as hell will not plan your plan bring it to fruition.  That's up to you.  So practice single mindedness, soon.  

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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Waters of Wyrd

Many folks, those deeply enmeshed in materialism, believe themselves to be invincible.  This feeling of invincibility usually is coupled with the feeling of "I am like Teflon, nothing sticks to me."  Not only is this a false assumption but one that could be deadly.  

Words and deeds (action) lay down our personal threads of Orlog within Urd's well of living waters.  And our Orlog becomes intertwined with that of others; Wyrd is formed and cannot be escaped.  Wyrd will be experienced by you the person, your family, and possibly your descendants.  Depending on the working out of Wyrd, the experience can be sweet, bittersweet, or down right bitter for yourself and all involved - past actions can haunt or reward.  Within this vein, how we think about time is important.   

In our world it is unfortunate that the linear concept of time (from Pythagoras, Augustine, and ultimately Christianity) is considered the only way "life within time" is to be had.  Linear time keeps the  past in the past - something to forget; it has little or no influence on the present or the future.  The present (as it moves in a straight line away from the past toward the future) is the current "now," while the future is unformed, unknown, and rather nebulous.  So the person moves through these three distinct and separate parts in a straight line - past, present, and future (the emphasis lies with "distinct and separate parts" and "in a straight line").  While my redundancy is intentional, Ancient Heathen worldview treats time and life differently.

Our Ancestors thought that nothing is static, everything is in some way connected, and is in some form of constant cyclical movement - an evolving state of Total Being.  So the past is a part of the present, and the orlog placed in the Well in the present is added to that of the past.  The future then, is not a separate ethereal thing, but something evolving and a part of the past and present.  Your words and deeds create Orlog and your Orlog shapes your Wyrd.  A person cannot escape his Wyrd or change it.  However, how you handle it when the time comes to face it makes a difference.  Below is a great example.

Many folks find watching birds at high altitudes a beautiful thing.  We watch them glide back and forth, seemingly at will.  Not quite.  The bird is dependent on the air currents - it determines their glide pattern.  The bird cannot change any particular air current but adapts to it so it may glide through it.  We humans cannot change our individual Wyrd, but like the bird we can adapt and face it when it comes due.  So this question must be asked - Hey there cupcake, what kind of guarantee did you get with that Teflon?  

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Taking Care of Business - Part 2

Author's Note:  In part one of Taking Care of Business the true purpose of life insurance was discussed.  You do not insure life, you assure income.  You assure/insure that income against loss just like you insure your home or car against loss.  Again, I am not a financial agent of any stripe.  What I write about is drawn from various periodicals.  But know this .........

These things are necessary to protect your family.  If you expect another person to shoulder your burden or the government to support your family, you are deluded.  Especially in this age.  

Drawing up a Will, a Last Will and Testament keeps a variety of wolves from your Estate's door.  Within the Will, you name an Executor. And, the Will lays out how you want your Estate dispersed.  The Executor is in charge of fulfilling the wishes you put forth in the Will - who gets what and when.  Usually spouses will name each other as their Executor. The next choice is an adult child you trust.   
Dying intestate, without a Will, can be a real pain in the ass.  The government, AKA the courts can take over your Estate.  They will determine who gets what of your stuff.....this can take years and can cost big bucks in legal fees and court costs to your potential heirs.  This nightmare happens when one spouse dies and the survivor does nothing (do not rely on the idea that jointly held property cannot be touched).  There is more.  Life should be so simple............

A Durable Power of Attorney is necessary to take care of your finances when you are not capable of doing so.  Like paying your bills.  Usually, spouses will name each other for this responsibility or a responsible adult child.  Then again, it is not uncommon for an outsider with no vested interest to be named as Power of Attorney.  Whether you are on a 6 months cruise or lying in a hospital bed, bills need to be paid.  This need is greatly magnified when it is an individual in need.  

A Medical Power of Attorney appoints an individual to make medical decisions for you when you cannot.  The appointment is similar to the above.  However, care must be taken.  The person you choose for this position should agree with your point of view.  This is something not to be taken lightly.  

A Living Will states your final intentions about yourself - if dying, let me resuscitation.  No so-called "heroic" efforts made by the medical establishment with the exception of things needed to keep you "comfortable," AKA, medication for pain.  Or what you want in varying degrees, such as organ donation, one time resuscitation, etc.  

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Taking Care of Business

We spend a lot of time prepping.  We prep for hurricanes, snowstorms, BBQ's, and the Zombie Apocalypse.  We prep to insure that when we leave this world we do so with our name in good stead.  But when our Wyrd and Orlog demand our last breath have we "prepped" to leave our loved ones in good condition?  Or financially destitute and borderline homeless?  Fidelity, self-reliance, and one's personal honor scream out a very loud NO to the former questions.  Know this:  the flowers of youth wither and die.  

It is common for youth to disavow death - youth seems like it will never end.  But it does.  Along the road between birth and death we acquire responsibilities.  Like a spouse, children, and property.  All of which must be protected.  We can protect our loved ones and property by force.  But we must also protect against unexpected death and financial loss.  

No person living knows their date with death.  As written above, youth tends to dismiss death as something that is "not gonna happen to me, cause I'm gonna live forever!"  The sobering fact is - no, you will not.  Some of this attitude diminishes after nuptials.  This can be for many the beginning of the awareness of responsibility.  From this point, responsibility just increases.  Children and the acquisition of property, both real and personal, happen.  So Northern Soul, what should you do?  

The first step that needs to be taken to protect your loved ones and property is insurance.  Insure your personal property that if loss occurs, you will be "made whole," put back into the position you were before the loss.  The next step some folks find extremely humorous, but I assure you, it is far from funny.  Unfortunately, it's still labeled "life insurance."  

It is ridiculous to assume that a life can be "insured."  It is simply preposterous.  Yes, some Hollywood types have "insured" various parts of their body.  But, here is the but.  They have insured those body parts in the same manner that the average Joe insures his house or car.  Period.  You cannot insure a life but you can ASSURE AN INCOME.  This is accomplished with dirt cheap term insurance.  

Starting with the main "bread winner," multiply the yearly earnings by 10, then add 20%.  Use this example:  $50,000.00 annual income,multiplied by 10 = $500,000.00.  When 20% is added, you came up with $600,000.00.  This "death benefit" is invested at 8 - 10 percent to provide monthly income for the surviving spouse and children.  In my opinion, term insurance makes this affordable.  We are far from done.  The "other" spouse must be considered.  

Traditionally, the "other spouse" was the female component of the marriage.  Today, it could be the man.  In any event, income in any form must be considered.  If the other spouse draws a paycheck, you can follow the formula above.  Should the "other" be a  stay at home mom/dad, you bet your heathen ass it must be taken into account.  

Who does the wash?  The dishes?  Cleans the house and takes care of the kids?  Who cooks and shops for the necessaries, runs errands, and picks the kids up from school?  The other spouse.  When you take into account that this is at least a 12 hour -a -day job, it certainly is meaningful.  From a monetary point of view, consider this:  12 hours a day, 7 days a week = 84 hours.  If $10.00/hr. is paid, that is $840.00/wk.  That's at straight time, no overtime considered.  You can argue with me as much as you want about the hourly rate.  But a domestic engineer needs to be compensated.  This real "homework" must be taken into consideration, regardless of the paycheck status of either spouse.  

Northern Soul, this is just the a part of your responsibility.  More will follow.  Do you really think that others, or the government will care for your loved ones?  Not so.  The fidelity to your family, the passing on of self-reliance, and your personal honor demands that you do so.  This is taking care of business.  

Author's Note:  I am not a financial planner.  All of the above is my personal opinion based on the reading of various periodicals over a period of time.  

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Dumbing Down of Manliness

From a genetic point of view, men are men and women are women; we are meant to do different things.  This does not mean that a women doing the same job as a man should receive less in her pay check.  That is nonsense.  Equal work demands equal pay.  But here is the rub:  men built the world.  The actual, ball busting manual labor, pick and shovel, climbing steel girders to rivet steel beams together physical world.  Let's not forget poring concrete, roofing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and hanging sheet rock.  And greasy automotive service and repair.  On the whole, a person would be hard pressed to find women standing in line for pick and shovel type jobs.  But there are women who do and most hold their own among their male peers.  The problem now is that young men do not want to get their hands dirty.  They find that kind of work repugnant.  Most want the "corner office," the fat pay check, and no responsibility, all while still living in mom's basement.  They've been programmed to think that way.

Decades ago high schools started hanging signs  that simply read - Work Smarter, Not Harder.  Those four words usually were accompanied by a picture.  In the picture, were two young men.  One was sharply dressed in a three piece suit.  He was smiling at the wad of cash in his hand.  The other young man looked like he just finished rolling in a tub of grease and had a rather unpleasant look on his face.  The message is unmistakable:  go to college, get a four year degree, and you will be successful. If not, you will be a grease ball.  Over time, this image, changes in our educational system, and two other social nightmares took their toll.  

The feminist movement may have started out with the equal pay argument.  I agreed then as I agree now - equal work demands equal pay.  However, feminism is no longer about that.  It is all about hating men.  Demeaning men.  Putting down men.  Let's make all men into obedient drones.  Real women want none of this.  That's why the feminist movement is shrinking.  But in its hay day, the movement gained strength and inspiration from Political Correctness.  

With the big helping hand from PC, feminism told men it was not cool to be manly.  And you could not argue with them.  Masculinity was looked upon as a base animal trait that had to eliminated. Any man who displayed masculinity was openly ridiculed.  Feminists told men to embrace and display their inner feminine.  And these women wanted nothing to do with men who got dirty making an honest living.  These men were not good enough; getting your hands dirty to earn a paycheck was too masculine.   When considering how many effeminate men are running around, the feminist movement and PC had some success.  I could go on, but I lost many of you in the second paragraph.  So let me make some masculine "to do" suggestions for young men. 

Get off your ass.  Turn off the television.  Turn off your computer.  Turn off your smart phone and hide it in your sock drawer.  Go aside.  Walk.  In a forest or field.  By a river, lake, or ocean.  Go to the gym and force yourself to sweat, daily. Build muscle.  Read biographies about masculine men - you can start with Teddy Roosevelt.  Buy some hand tools and learn how to use them.  Find a hobby that demands physical exertion.  Take stuff apart to see how it works - then put it back together.  Change your vehicle's oil.  Change your tires. Learn a martial art. Go hunting. Go fishing.  Learn how to use a firearm.  Build something, even if it's nothing more than a fucking birdhouse. Be proud of your accomplishments.  Be proud of your hard body.  Cuss and swear like a longshoreman.  Lose the man bun. Stop caring about what others think.  Think for yourself.  

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Coming Storm

When a patient people are pushed too far, they push back.  Political Correctness is and has done the pushing.  But, the push back has begun.

Political Correctness was birthed during the Stalinist era in the communist Soviet Union.  Uncle Joe Stalin's political doctrine demanded the correct political attitude.  You had to be "politically correct"  from having your neck stretched or to avoid a firing squad.  Living demanded that the people follow a dictated politically correct life.  The Stalinist Doctrine way of life. It was a socially engineered way of living that, through fear, created a monosyllabic living environment.  This is how you speak.  This is how you think.  At least in public.  Freedom of speech and expression were non-existent, as was any form of assembly.  If you have been awake and watching the goings on over the past 30 plus years you should see the similarities.  

Liberal/Progressives began assaulting freedom in the United States and the rest of the western world as early as the 1960's.  In the States they called it Affirmative Action, an attempt to "level the playing field."  Against who?  Our society, in my opinion, suffered.  This was followed by instructing certain people that they were victims of a cruel system.  A system that demanded very high standards.  So, the standards were lowered.  And our social order suffered.  What followed?  Multiculturalism, changes in language - what words originally meant to definitions that suited Political Correctness, and the overhaul of the entire educational system.  When you want to indoctrinate, you begin when kids are still in diapers. 

In my opinion, the politically correct, social scientists, social justice warriors are trying to rid western culture of any European influence.  This attempt is prevalent in the United States.  Here is the rub, the truth, the fact:  If you are European, or of European descent, you are Caucasian - you are white.  And being white is a problem for many Progressives.  

If you are born as a white person, you are told that you are born racist (the word being altered by the PC police).  And, white people can never experience racism from others.  You are told that you do not have a culture or a heritage, but are the source of all problems.  White people have something called "white privilege," giving them all kinds of advantages.  This is a story line that should be told to the vast number of white homeless, working poor, and dirt poor.  All of this is just Politically Correct Bullshit, projectile vomited unto the white population, over a period of time to make the white man feel guilty and to pave the way for a mono-cultural, socialist/communist social order.  But push back  to all of this has begun.  

As a white guy of European descent, I have a right to my culture and heritage.  Living in the United States, I have a right to freedom of speech, thought,expression, assembly, and religion.  Just like every other person.  To the social justice warrior snowflakes listen up.  You do not have the right to NOT be offended.  You just do not.  Grow the fuck up.  The winds of change are blowing.  If you cannot handle the coming storm, then Dorothy, drab your Toto and find the nearest root cellar.  

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Season's Greetings

Not a day goes by in  my home state of Texas that someone does not wish me a good day.  "Have a good day," or "Have a great rest of your day!"  These folks want me to have a day free of problems and stress.  And many of them I do not know.  My usual response, I am told, is appropriate.  'Thank you and the same to you!"  Wishing folks a good day along with the appropriate response is not just the practice of good manners.  It is being down right neighborly.  But it is THAT time of year when some folks get their panties in a bunch if they feel someone has violated their 'feelings' by saying the wrong holiday greeting.  

Does it matter, in any real sense, if someone says to you, "Merry Yule, God Jul, Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, or even Happy Kwanzaa (okay, I admit the last one is a stretch)?  To a mature person it will not.  Just like the person wishing you a good day, the person wishing you a Merry Christmas or God Jul is wishing that you have a happy, joy filled holiday.  That's it.  The correct response should be, "Thank you and the same to you!"  

Heathen Brethren, the Christian that offers you a Merry Christmas probably has no idea you are Asatru/Heathen/Pagan.  Here, Heathen soul is the comfort:  this battle is over.  The irrefutable truth, the facts, give us victory.  But the dust has yet to settle, giving way to confusion.  Trying to convince a stalwart Christian about "his" Christmas is tough; you would have a better chance convincing Neil deGrasse Tyson that the world is flat.  So revel in the truth.  And let them celebrate Christmas in their way.  With all the Pagan/Heathen get up and go of Yule.  Just like us.  That should put a smile on your face as you carve up the Yule Ham.  

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