Thursday, June 7, 2018

Unity of a Forgotten Kind

The world and all it contains, both seen and unseen stands with mankind in a state of consubstantiation.  Our ancestors understood this as fact, making their worldview one of total acceptance.  Life was hard but good.  Prosperity honestly earned was good.  Sex too was considered good.  In everything they did the Gods, Desir/Matronae were ever present, not separated from the rest of the world.  Monotheism with its world rejecting view separates reality.   

Born in the harsh desert climate, Monotheism was destined to offer a bleak outlook.  It still does.  The single God creeds offer salvation if the person shuns the world.  This worldview was foreign to Europeans, especially those of the north.  It still is today and to all of European descent.  

A world accepting view does not shun anything that is wholesome and good.  This includes the divine, which is part of the total consubstantiation.  The Gods did not leave us.  We left them.  By remembering them and honoring them we give them rebirth in our total consciousness.  We rebuild and renew.  

However, this renewal is not a journey back to the past or for that matter living as our ancestors did. It is a rebuilding of what we know what was into what is applicable and needed for us today.  This also means that we must add what is needed.  It means we must adapt and overcome our reluctance to do so, thinking that we will cheapen Heathenry.  It will not.  What is truly heilige demands that we do so. 

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Born Guilty?

A child is born.  The child exits the womb and is innocent.  How can a newborn babe carry the weight of guilt, the debt of so-called 'original sin'?  The babe cannot.  Contrary to a religious doctrine and dogma that demands such, we are innocent at birth.  As we grow, age, and move through the experiential, that innocence is lost.  

Words and deeds strip us of our innocence. We can feel the heavy load of our actions.  Or, our words and deeds lift us, glorify us, our lives, and the world itself.  We are born innocent into a wonderful world that offers prosperity and personal renown.  It offers but does not give.  How you get it defines you.  This is something that our Ancestors knew well.  Before the Christian era, when men were innocent until proven guilty - of something done by their words and deeds.  

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

True Safe Space

At the end of the day, a man (and a woman) need a place to lay their head.  A place much more than safe, but a Heilige (whole, wholesome, holy) sanctuary.  A place to refresh and escape the daily adversary (the daily grind of making a living).  A place to be with friends and loved ones in caring frith.  This place has many names.  The best one - home.  Home does not have to be a mansion, high on a hill. 

Havamal, verse 36 - It's better to have a home, even if it's little - everyone should call somewhere "home."  Even if you own just two goats, beneath a faulty roof, that's still better than begging.  *

This home of yours is something that you worked and paid (or still are paying) for.  It is a man and woman's kingdom.  And, it is always good to be home. 

When you have vacationed or traveling home from a long business trip, that last day, the journey home, seems to take forever.  Then you cross the threshold of the front door, you are happy.  You are in your safe spot.  You may be exhausted but you feel thankful that you are home. 

A man can make his home anywhere.  In the beginning, it is just a patch of dirt and a bunch sticks.  Time and being a human change that.  Your personal self melds with the fabric of the home.  The home becomes Heilige - a wholesome sanctuary.  It is better to have a home, even if it's little. 

*The Poetic Edda, Crawford Edition, copyright@2015 Hackett Publishing

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Slice of Nick Hammer - The Horseman

The two lovers were bound by sex and a tantalizing business opportunity.  Sex sells toothpaste, body wash, automobiles, and most other things consumer related.  Aurore and Eva knew that very well.  But the products they sold were not found on a super market shelf.  Their houses of prostitution provided them a luxurious life.  Like the Horseman, crime paid them well.  But they were hungry and wanted more – of everything.  

South America supplied them with many girls and little boys.  Bogotá, with Eva’s considerable real estate holdings, provided them with a base of operations.  Far away from Teddy Rockville’s burned down manor house, they picked up the pieces with nary missing a beat. 
          Eva and Aurore made the needed contacts and put their network in place.  This network included cops and politicians with fire sale price tags.  Soon they began exporting their new ‘product line’ to Aurore’s whore houses in the French countryside.  Their business enjoyed an uptick in daily foot traffic and increases in the bottom line.  The future looked bright and a South American, Rockville style New Year’s Day blow out was not out of the question.  None of this activity went unnoticed by Watershed.  

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Monday, April 9, 2018

New Book Published

I am pleased to announce the publishing of my newest book,  The View - From My Front Porch.  It offers the reader a wide variety of subjects, with a life and world affirming view in mind.  
Availability - 
                      Amazon USA  ... 3 - 5 business days.  
                     Amazon Europe ... 3 -5 business days.  
                 Expanded Distribution (Libraries, Stand Alone Bookstores) ... 6 - 8 weeks.  

                                 Author’s Foreword

It’s really the view from my deck.  I chose the word Porch because it harkens back to the days when folks would congregate on front porches and just talk.  They faced one another and talked about whatever was on their minds.  They enjoyed not just the conversation, but the physical company of other human beings.  These folks had little in the way of distraction that might compete for their attention. 
          Like a smart phone.  I am not against technology; I happen to enjoy it.  But I am concerned about what appears to be our rabid dependence and addiction to it.  Put down that damned phone and talk to your mother!  Wait just a minute Tommy until Mommy finishes her candy crush run -this kind of thing.  Of course there are other things happening on my porch. 
          I discontinued my popular View Series (The View, Act II, and the Final Act).  The Front Porch is a re-formatted and edited version of the previous three books.  I tossed out what is not relevant for our times and added new material. 
         There is considerable talk about political correctness and all that is attached to it.  Manliness is discussed, along with the daily rat race, material possessions, and quite a few other things.  Many delve into the ancient northern Germanic folkway sometimes known as Heathenry with its world and life accepting view. 
     A word on the Havamal used in this book.  I took the Bellows and Hollander translations and tried to put them into my words that the modern reader might find helpful.  It is not a new translation.  It is my feeble attempts to aid the reader understand the essays.  Then there are the questions. 
    The questions do not have a right or wrong answer.  After the essay and the Havamal verses, the questions are there for self examination.  At the very least, they give the reader something to think about. 

 Welcome to my front porch.  Pull up a chair and sit awhile.  

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Horseman Is Not Hammer's Friend

“Yeah … he parked his ass at a Residency Inn up by Hobby for ten days.  He paid cash.  The folks there gave the same physical description as the clerk at the rental agency and they told us about the accent.  I’ve got guys goin’ over the room but I doubt we’re gonna find anything.” 
          “Dan, I think you need to get your computer guys to troll the dark net.  A shooter like this is not gonna advertise in the local newspaper.  And Dan, the guy’s gone … out of the country.” 
          “Looks like the trail ends at Hobby, Jimmy.  Webber probably had a flight out of here under another alias.” 
          “Tell me Dan … how well do you know Hammer and Gomez?” 
          “Other than their good record … I’d have to say just socially … what are you getting at Jimmy?” 
          “Why would an international hit man based in Europe come to America to kill two Texas private investigators?” 
          “Damn, that’s a good question … you have something to tell me, don’t you Jimmy?”  ~ Master of Scouts, Lay It on Me~
          “Hammer and Gomez were involved in some pretty high profile stuff … like that sex slavery thing they turned up in League City.  About a week later, six Texas girls and one kid from Louisiana were rescued in England and brought home.  Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad got the credit.  

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

More of Nick Hammer - The Horseman

Nick fought to stay conscious.  After three surgeries in as many days the pain killers were overwhelming.  During his unconscious state nightmares forced him to relive the shooting. 
          The gunfire and smell of blood filled his head.  Before he fit the floor, he saw Magda go down.  Blood flowed out of his partner, the thickness of it meeting the thickness of his own.  Before he lost total consciousness, he saw the Shooter place a small figurine on Magda’s desk.  He remembered the Shooter. 
          He was a damned good dresser, very dapper with matching tie and pocket rocket.  Light brown but not blonde hair with grey eyes.  Nick especially remembered the eyes. They were cold and almost lifeless, but held the look of death.  The Shooter paused to put a bullet into Magda’s head.  Her head jerked up and then bounced on the floor.  The kill shot – but not Nick - why not me?  Hammer woke to find Shannon standing by his bed and holding on tightly to his hand.   

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Unity of a Forgotten Kind

The world and all it contains, both seen and unseen stands with mankind in a state of consubstantiation.  Our ancestors understood this as...