Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eagle and Snake

Once lived two beings, their names were Eagle and Snake.  All day Eagle soared high in the sky while Snake slithered along on the ground.  The only time that Snake lifted herself from the ground was when she coiled and then sprang, like a spring, to strike at an adversary.  One day Eagle and Snake noticed each other; they approached each other with awe and respect.  That respect did not last long.  The taunts began and grew bolder every day.  Eagle believed that it was better than Snake, and Snake believed that it was better than Eagle.

Eagle said, " I am free and master of all that I see.  Nothing passes my eyes.  Snake, I am not bound like you.  You slither on the ground and are bound to it.  Snake, you cannot fly."

Snake said, " Eagle, I am free and mistress of all that I see.  Nothing passes my eyes and ears.  I am not bound like you, Eagle.  Yes Eagle, you can soar in the air, but you cannot walk on land.  On land you would starve."

Eagle said, " Silly Snake!  I can see my food from on high and easily surprise and devour it; I never miss!  I am never hungry.  I drink from waterfalls and snatch the salmon in my talons when they jump.  But you lowly Snake, what can you eat, but stinking bugs and stupid rodents?"

Snake said, " Eagle, even though you can see far and from great heights, you are blind.  I too surprise my prey because of my great stealth.  My teeth are long and sharp, and my venom is deadly.  I have had many a tasty meal and never have I gone hungry.  But you Eagle, cannot survive on the ground, walking; you could not keep up with a field mouse.  Eagle, you are nothing without your wings."

Eagle said, " Oh Snake, I have my sharp talons and strong beak to grab, rip, and tear.  I do not need to stumble on the ground.  I am grace in flight, and have no need or desire to stumble on the ground or slither like you Snake.  You Snake have neither legs to walk nor wings to fly.  You are nothing Snake and I do not like you."

Snake said, " Eagle I do not like you.  Your empty insults tell me that you have  no idea of my cunning and prowess.  I have no legs, I have no wings, but I am quicker than you think.  I can strike you first.  I will wrap my coils around you, bite you with my sharp teeth, and my venom will kill you.  Then Eagle, your wings, talons, and beak will be worthless.  I will devour you."

Eagle said, " Oh stupid Snake, you cannot defeat me.  I am from the sky.  I am invincible.  Snake, if it is your wish to be foolish, one day I will test you.  Your flesh I will enjoy and line my nest with your skin."

Those taunts and many more continued and with every taunt, Eagle swooped lower and Snake sprang higher.  The day finally arrived when Eagle swooped low enough and Snake sprang high enough that they joined in mortal combat.  There was much smoke and fire, thunder and lightning.  The ground quaked and the sky shivered.  When the ground stopped quaking and the sky stopped shivering, only a thick cloud remained where Eagle and Snake were once joined.

That cloud hovered silently above the ground for a long time.  Suddenly from that cloud emerged a tail and a pair of wings.  A long, scaly body and a huge spiked head filled with sharp teeth came with the wings and tail.  Two small arms with sharp talons and two strong hind legs completed the new being.  Then, the new being spoke, for all to hear.

It said, " My name is Dragon and I am here to stay.  I am free and master of the skies and mistress of the ground.  I have control over all I see and hear.  I am not bound in any way.  I am grace in flight and nimble of foot.  My food is anything that I desire - I will never hunger.  I am Dragon, I am invincible."

Dragon was the master of the sky and mistress of the ground; Dragon never hungered.  One day Dragon met a new being who called himself Man.  Too bad that they could not live together in peace.

                                                      Copyright @2012 Terry Unger

Monday, May 28, 2012

Life Cycles

Years ago when I spoke on this subject a young man thought that I was referring to motorcycles.  Having a secret passion for Harley-Davidson's, I briefly indulged him and then segued back on topic; life is The Great Ride, all by itself.

In my opinion, and there are those who will argue this point, all life has four distinct cycles.  Some will say that there are seven cycles, while others will argue for six.  To me, four cycles is the correct number.  But in any event, regardless of the number, cycles involve the rise and fall, the evolution and devolution needed to bring about the renewal of life.  This ebb and flow can be seen throughout the Multiverse, indeed throughout all life.  For the sake of brevity and simplicity, I will concentrate on the human cycles and with your implied approval, will reference some of nature's cycles as analogies.

In mankind's earlier days, our ancestors only knew of two seasons, or cycles:  summer and winter, unless you were trying to run from an Ice Age.  Gradually, two more seasons/cycles evolved within their consciousness with greater understanding of their environment.  A warming period after winter and before summer became known as spring.  The cooling period after summer and before winter became known as Fall or, autumn (I did say simple!).  The mythologies from all humankind are full of stories about how these seasonal cycles came to be.  These four seasons/cycles last approximately 91 days each (again, simplicity). The myths also describe other things, like birth, growth, experience, and death in association with the four seasonal cycles.  This four seasonal life cycle of nature is the life cycle of man.

Depending on your age, you already have experienced at least two of your life cycles (birth/spring and summer/growth with some experience).  For some folks like me, we are in the autumn of our lives.  We still enjoy growth, experience, and vitality but just not at the faster rate that we had in our "summer."  Wisdom has tempered our adventures plus, our bodies cannot take the beating that we gave them when younger (when young, you think that you will live forever, you're invincible, bullet-proof, etc.).  As a personal example, I can still run five kilometers a day, just not as fast as I could thirty years ago.  My heart and lungs are excellent but sometimes my bones say, "Ouch!"  It is the way of life for all beings but we still can be productive in the autumn of our lives and well into our winter.  When young people show their disrespect for older people it really pisses me off; those youngsters have not fallen enough on their faces to understand that wisdom comes with age.  Well, I have pulled myself off topic, like that young fellow from long ago tried to do with motorcycles.  That said, I propose that we have four cycles of life that range from birth to death, just like all of nature.  I also propose that we have four YEARLY cycles that happen every year that we are alive.

The four yearly, or annual cycles begin on your birthday and last for 91 days; add 91 days to your birth date and you have your first cycle.  At the end of your first cycle, add another 91 days to the last date and so on to complete your personal annual cycle.

The first cycle is very much about birth and growth in a similar way as it is to spring.  This is the best time for you to launch a project and to influence other people to be beneficent towards us.  It is during this cycle that you are the most charismatic and attractive to others.  If you allow it, you can really shine in this cycle.

The second cycle is equivalent to summer - growth.  What was "planted" in spring will flourish but, that depends on how well you have planted - your project or goal.  This is a great time to travel,  especially if that travel involves the furtherance of your project/goal.  That travel also can nourish you spiritually.

The third cycle is similar to autumn.  You begin to harvest, or at least you should, what you've planted.  Take note to the word, "begin."  When you "plant" or, for that matter, do anything, you will reap that harvest, good or ill, throughout your entire lifetime; it always will come back to you.  Also, this is the period of the year when people may be critical of you.  Much of that criticism may not be constructive and will happen towards the end of your third cycle.

The fourth cycle is the equivalent of winter - cold and death; but that is not a bad thing.  Those folks who treated you poorly and other things that no longer serve you, fall away in one manner or another.  It is almost like the dross being smelted off of precious metal.  It is a great time for rest, reflection, and planning for the future, just like the pagan/heathen holiday of Yule (which is celebrated at the beginning of the seasonal winter).  During this cycle, give thanks and allow yourself to laugh at yourself and others.  You will discover your friends, enemies, strengths and weaknesses.

In the past I have been asked, Terry, why just four cycles; why not six or seven.  My answer to that question now is the same as it's always been and will not change.  All of nature has four cycles, so why should we humans be different, in that respect, from nature?  We are a part of nature, not outside or above it.  The Judeo-Christian Tradition (really all three of the Abrahamic faiths) has put man apart from and out of nature; this one false belief is reason for so much pain.  Hey there Pilgrim, don't you think that it's time for humanity to get back in sync with the rhythm and harmony of life, nature, and the life-force within all?  Life is The Great Ride - buckle up and enjoy it.

                                                   Copyright @2012 Terry Unger

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Musings On Life and Death - A Mystical View

This view is largely based on Hermetical thought.... something that predates Christianity by hundreds of years.

I am a happy man. I have love, life, and an awesome wife, Sandra.  I have all of this, and do not believe in a god, at least in the Judeo-Christian sense.  The idea of an old man, a god, watching over my every move I find not just silly, but repugnant.

That god will send you to eternal torment if you do not follow his rules.   Just ask some of his rabid followers.  But he “loves" you as long as you follow his rules!  It is this kind of stuff that makes me be, one day an atheist, the next day agnostic, and the following day pagan.   But all the while, I cannot wonder if there could be an after-life without a god, without some form of deity.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, as in many others, the idea of an after-life, the place to go after you die, is attributed to that particular deity/deities creation of the world; it is a part of the myth.   And, because of this, the deity(s) is linked, in one way or another, to whom goes where.   But, what if there was no god or goddess that brought about creation and an afterlife still existed?    What if something else was in play?
The myths and legends of many cultures describe a void and in that void, there existed two separate and opposing forces.  Please note the word “forces” and not gods.  Those two forces eventually collided or influenced each other, and created want amounted to basic matter, the building blocks of creation.   In those stories, gods were created, and became the first families of creation. From that  point forward, creation expands on an evolutionary track.

The word “evolution” in this essay, I want to give another meaning, a different slant.   Within evolution, everything is growing and progressing, to what – perfection?   Maybe.   But in so doing, cyclical events need to occur, like tearing down the old to make room for the new; destruction and chaos clear the way for a new beginning. If creation/evolution is a cyclical event, destruction of the old is a part of the cycle of life, something that many folks have a hard time understanding.

We can see that point in history and all of nature.   Seeds are planted, yield their bounty and die, only to be re-born again.  Kingdoms have risen and fell.   Mankind has progressed from its earliest beginnings to the stone-age to our present time, through the process of re-birth and evolution, while all of this experience is imprinted on our DNA.   But let’s go a step further, and look at those creative forces I mentioned earlier.

Those two forces, call them positive and negative, male and female, or fire and ice; it does not matter.  If we consider two opposing forces coming together to begin creation, we must assume two things.   One, these are forces and not deities or entities as we understand them.   Secondly, since these are forces, they do not have a personal interest in our day-to-day lives.  Again, this is something many folk have a hard time understanding (this is due to being immersed in the Judeo-Christian Tradition of an absolute god who gave up his "son" for salvation, among other things).  Some of our founding fathers were Deists, and they held to a similar belief ( they also grew Hemp, a staple crop at that time in the colonies).  They looked upon  creation as something that was set in motion, like a clock, and up to us to deal with.   If we hold on to that assumption, where do we go from this point?  This is where it can get dicey for many people.

Evolution demands change, adaptation, progression, and upward mobility, and in a certain sense, recycling.  Science has shown us how various life-forms have evolved to survive.  That includes humans and the common cock-roach.   But what about all the experience and memories that one human accumulates in a lifetime?   Where does all of that go, down a cosmic toilet?    I do not think so.   That would be a waste and something contrary to the evolutionary ideal.  Those experiences, those memories, have to go somewhere.   I am not a genius, just a man who may have a glimmer of an answer.

Let’s assume that those two forces have created matter.  We know from science that matter in its many forms has different weights.   We also know from science that energy is matter and matter is energy, the difference is in the vibratory rates and weights.  Science has also demonstrated that a living human weighs more than a dead human.  The fabled soul has now moved from illusion to fact.  Is it possible that the soul is matter, just lighter and a different polarity that the heavier human body?  This is a distinct possibility.   When you consider that two opposing forces combined or collided to bring about creation, we must consider the human soul and body in a similar manner.   They are attracted to each other and joined, like a magnet.  The soul and body make a creation of one life experience.  That joining, that attraction is severed at death when the human body can no longer be sustained.   Just like two opposites brought about creation, a man and a woman make a child, and the soul and that body make a human life experience.  And, what about the experiences and memories of humans that have come down the evolutionary trail?  They must be retained in some way by the individual soul.

If we consider that the soul is light-weight energy/matter, is it possible that the soul has a “home?”   The human body, the soul’s heavier counterpart, returns to the earth as base matter.  The soul then, must have a home.  When you dig into the various mythologies and philosophies, you come up with the concept of the Oversoul and THE ALL.   In both of these concepts, the Oversoul and THE ALL contain the entirety of creation, the original Void now populated with all forms of matter.   If that is even remotely true, there has to be a place for the soul to return to, a home base, after it separates from the body at death.  That place has to be somewhere in the Oversoul, THE ALL.  When the soul re-unites with this place, it deposits its life experiences.  THE ALL, the Oversoul, grows and evolves and that growth radiates into the rest of creation.   Is that the end?  This cannot be the end - hardly.

The soul returns to gather more experience and develops what some would call a personality and character.  Perfection in a human sense is an ultimate, an end, and evolution is something that does not end. Evolution had a beginning, but it is continuous and ongoing.  Therefore, perfection as a state of being, a Utopian ideal, is a static condition that exists only in our finite human brain.  Life in all its forms never stops growing and evolving; another point that  many have a hard time wrapping their heads around.

If we consider that to be true, the soul is continually returning to a heavy-matter existence because it is a part of THE ALL, the Oversoul, just like everything else.  There cannot be a final stop, a final resting place, just interludes for pause and reflection.   Finality, perfection, means completion and that is not the point of evolution or THE ALL, the Oversoul.  But can there be an after-life, a momentary blink in the cosmic eye of things?  Within the above context, yes.   But remember, as humans, we deal with the infinite with our finite minds.

As I think about these words that I have written and how they will upset and offend the god-fearing religious, I laugh softly to myself.   They all strive for a make believe silly after-life while I strive to make the most of my present.

Author's Note:  As stated in the beginning of this post, these thoughts are hermetical in nature.  But I believe that our Multiverse to be complex in nature.  Waxing hermetical, as above, so below, so too must the soul-body multiverse.  More on this in a future post.

                                             Copyright 2011 & 2012  Terry Unger

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Genius and Insanity Redux

There appears to be a thin line between genius and so-called insanity; the shrinks love it.  Those who gave us so much in the past would be called insane today.  DaVinci and Thomas Edison, van Gogh and Crowley are just a few.   In our modern world, it seems that genius and new ideas are blocked to keep the status quo in check.  And, I hazard to guess why.

Medication appears to be the control method of choice; dope them up to keep them dumbed down.  In the western world, we medicate everybody for everything, including our children (Ritalin).  Medication has its place,but this country is over-medicated.  Why?  Because its easy.  We are to blame for this slavery to the pill.

We have become lazy and prefer to take the easy way, the supposed short way to achieve the goal of good mental, emotional, and physical health (ex: over the counter diet pills or a doc's prescription).  The pharmaceutical companies and our doctors have a pill for everything, a one-size fits all solution for every situation.  And, if it does not work the first time, up the dosage!  The side effects of these chemicals are scary - in many cases, a worse situation can be created from the toxic effects of the drug.  When those toxic levels occur, doctors, as a rule, will not admit to the toxicity; they do not want to be proven or admit they had made a mistake.  Blood pressure medications are a good example.

There is not any need to mention the types/brand names because our media is full of them.  These chemicals will reduce your blood pressure, but the toxicity comes on quickly; your joints and muscles ache like hell.  When you tell your doctor, he switches the medication.  This procedure happens for many medications. Read the side effects, and you will find out that the supposed cure is worse than the actual problem - like, some of this shit can kill you.  Were you ever in your doctor's office, and some person, dressed in professional attire,  walked out carrying a large briefcase?  Odds are that that person is the pharmaceutical company's salesman, dropping off "samples," and more.  Another example targets middle-aged men.

As we age, men and women begin to lose our hormones.  When a man's testosterone level drops, so do other things.  In order for men to "stay in shape," a chemical supplement has been developed.  Depending on age, it is administered by injection or by a creme applied to the chest.  A brand new one is applied as an under arm deodorant.  The side effects range from non-contact with women, children, and animals - because this stuff makes a woman and child sick and will kill your pet.  Great stuff.  But it gets worse; it has a Direct link to Prostate Cancer.  Vanity is a bitch.

We treat depression and anxiety with anti-depressants.  We are told that if we get depressed while taking the drug, we are supposed to talk to the doctor about our depression.  But, the medication was proscribed for depression, so why should it cause depression..... another question for the ages.

People need to take control of their lives, including their health and well being. We put to much trust in doctors, and pills.  In many cases, doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the country becoming a pill nation. Think for yourself. There are other ways (the old fashioned but not yet eliminated methods of exercise, diet, and proper sleep patterns) to truly heal yourself and not become dependent on your doctor and his proscription pad.  This is not to say that medication is not needed for us at the proper time.  But maybe it should come with the admonition - only take when needed.

What would have happened, what would our world be like today, if DaVinci, Edison,van Goth, and Crowley, Mozart, and Bach were medicated for mental illness...for that matter...maybe you.

                                              Copyright@ 2011 & 2012 Terry Unger

Author's Note:  This post is not intended to incite people to empty their medicine cabinets or to tell their doctors to take a flying leap off of a short plank.  It is a plea for people to use common sense and to take control of their lives.

Unity of a Forgotten Kind

The world and all it contains, both seen and unseen stands with mankind in a state of consubstantiation.  Our ancestors understood this as...