Friday, December 9, 2016

Season's Greetings

Not a day goes by in  my home state of Texas that someone does not wish me a good day.  "Have a good day," or "Have a great rest of your day!"  These folks want me to have a day free of problems and stress.  And many of them I do not know.  My usual response, I am told, is appropriate.  'Thank you and the same to you!"  Wishing folks a good day along with the appropriate response is not just the practice of good manners.  It is being down right neighborly.  But it is THAT time of year when some folks get their panties in a bunch if they feel someone has violated their 'feelings' by saying the wrong holiday greeting.  

Does it matter, in any real sense, if someone says to you, "Merry Yule, God Jul, Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, or even Happy Kwanzaa (okay, I admit the last one is a stretch)?  To a mature person it will not.  Just like the person wishing you a good day, the person wishing you a Merry Christmas or God Jul is wishing that you have a happy, joy filled holiday.  That's it.  The correct response should be, "Thank you and the same to you!"  

Heathen Brethren, the Christian that offers you a Merry Christmas probably has no idea you are Asatru/Heathen/Pagan.  Here, Heathen soul is the comfort:  this battle is over.  The irrefutable truth, the facts, give us victory.  But the dust has yet to settle, giving way to confusion.  Trying to convince a stalwart Christian about "his" Christmas is tough; you would have a better chance convincing Neil deGrasse Tyson that the world is flat.  So revel in the truth.  And let them celebrate Christmas in their way.  With all the Pagan/Heathen get up and go of Yule.  Just like us.  That should put a smile on your face as you carve up the Yule Ham.  

                                                     Copyright @2016 Terry Unger

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Journey of the Seeker - A Yuletide Tale

The mist that surrounded the Mountain was thick, forcing the Seeker to guard his steps.  More than once his walking stick found ankle breaking crannies.  Strange beasts darted and slithered past him as if to say - go home.....there is nothing here to find but misery and misfortune.  The Seeker gave little thought to the warnings.  He heard them before and pressed on.  The mist finally cleared and he stood at the Mountain's base.  The Seeker paused to refresh himself from his meager provisions.  As he looked up, a pair of eagles framed themselves against the azure sky.  That same upward glance afforded him the mental picture of what appeared to be a cave.  The opening of the cave stood out in stark contrast to the Mountain's icy peak.  That cave, the Seeker knew, was his destination.  

He found a narrow path at the base of the Mountain.  His steps on the path took him through tall forests of fir trees and oaks.  The Seeker heard the playful splashing of a nearby stream.  But with all things worth obtaining, the higher you climb in your quest, the rarer the air.  The Seeker stopped several times to catch his breath and clear his head.  But every time he began again, it was harder than the last.  His body and mind demanded sleep and nourishment.  He refused, and moved forward. Nine Suns rose and fell until the Seeker, exhausted and frostbitten, collapsed at the cave's entrance.  

The Seeker woke.  He had no idea how long he had slept.  Gathering his senses, he found himself covered in a blanket, colored royal purple.  Probing further, he discovered that the blanket was covered in fresh snow.  Even though he felt like he was entombed, the Seeker did not panic.  He rolled on his stomach and then stood.  Warmth and light greeted him.  Feeling renewed, the Seeker left his tomb in search of the source.  His search was quickly rewarded.  

A man sat, slightly slumped over, by the fire.  The man did not speak.  Our Seeker decided to sit opposite him.  The two men sat gazing into the fire.  Finally, the silent one produced a cup, made from horn and filled with liquid and said, "Drink."  

Our Seeker took the offered cup, smelled it and replied, "What is this?  I've never smell anything like it."  

In a flat monotone the man said, "You question my hospitality Seeker, or are you looking for simple conversation?"  

Our Seeker did not know what to say.  

Again the mysterious man said, "Drink."  

Our Seeker took one sip, followed by another.  It was delicious.  He emptied the horned cup.  

"So tell me Seeker, why did you travel nine Sun days to get here?  What do you want?  What do you think you will find?"  As the man spoke his last words he raised his head and revealed to our Seeker a face covered with the cracks of time.  

Our Seeker looked at the man's craggy face for a long time.  Finally he said, "When I started my journey I had many questions.  But now I feel empty.  This is the fate of being mortal."  

Craggy faced man gazed intently at our Seeker.  Then he said, "This is your mistake.  Thinking that you are just mortal.  You are infinitely more than that.  You are immortal.  Every cell and every atom. Every thought, action, memory, and emotion live forever.  It is burned into your DNA.  Physical things change appearance, frequency, and harmonic levels but they never perish.  And, that thing within you, that thing many call 'soul' is multi-leveled and purposed.  Everything about you is a part of and connected to the GREAT ALL.  Nothing really dies - it changes.  Seeker, all of you is immortal.  But, you have yet to REALIZE it."  

Our Seeker offered nothing but dead silence.  

Craggy man broke the silence.  "Is there anything else, Seeker?  I know this is not what you were searching for but this is what you got." 

Our Seeker thought for a moment and then said, "How do I find what you told me to be true?  To really know and understand?  And not just walk away believing every word you just told me?"  

Craggy replied, "That is a smart question, that can be answered with one word.  Work."  


"Yes," Craggy face said, "Work.  It is a four letter word many modern folks seek to avoid.  To attain anything physical or spiritual, you must work.  Nothing will be handed to you.  If humanity wants to walk with the Gods, again, work for it."   

"But what," our Seeker said, "must be done to have this knowledge, these experiences?"  The words stumbled out of our Seeker's mouth like beans falling from a can.  

Craggy smiled at our Seeker.  He said, "You're a smart man, but what do you not understand about work?  You figured out how to travel nine full Sun days to get here.  And remember, you packed the blanket.  It was olive drab when packed, but became purple royal because of your holy intent.  You will figure out all of what I told you.  It is rapped in your DNA.  With that, Craggy man stood.  Our Seeker knew this was his signal to leave.  As he turned to leave, Craggy began to drink from the same horned cup.  

Our Seeker turned to offer his host a fond farewell.  But Craggy was gone.  In his place stood a mirror image of our Seeker.  He was smiling while drinking from the horned cup.  

                                               Copyright @2016 Terry Unger  

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