Sunday, February 19, 2012

Defining Moments

As we grow, we get older (well, in some ways!).  And, as we get older, we grow in character and personality.  We motor on in life, and are faced with many things that happen to us.  Things that when we were younger, thought just could not happen to us.  At times, we believed that we were immortal - exuberant, youthful ignorance.  As we got older, we were faced (and still are) with defining moments, happenings that change our lives.  How we respond to those defining moments are a reflection of our growing character and personality.  Like it or not, we are constantly changing because of those defining moments, becoming more positive and fruitful or more negative and poisonous.  The choice is ours to make.  This essay is written to both heathen and non-heathen peoples; it is something we all face.  It is important for all of us to understand that how we respond to defining moments effects our character and our very personal growth.  I will use a few of my defining moments as examples.  Note:  This essay is NOT a cry for pity.  On the contrary, it is a statement of strength, personal growth, and faith.  Faith in Knowing the who and where I put my trust.  Remember, you can either rise above or be trampled beneath - the choice is always yours.

The birth of my grandson Tyler:
I was there, and assisted the doctor when my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild.  It was a proud and awe inspiring defining moment.  Being a part of this event deepened my respect for all life and the entire Multiverse.  This was a defining moment that added a positive aspect to my character.

The birth of my granddaughter Alanna:
This wonderful event happened a mere three months after Tyler's birth.  I could not get there in time, but my son Erik let me know as soon as possible when his daughter was born.  Wow!  I had a boy and a girl; life was good.  At least for a while.

The death of my son Erik:
It was a tragic, defining moment on levels that the average person cannot begin to comprehend, unless they have lost a child.  I saw my son before the autopsy.  Unless you have "been there, done that," you can have no idea; the blood and lifelessness.  I've seen that kind of thing before, but when it is your own blood, it is a life changing and huge defining moment.  It is during times like these that you find out who your true friends are.  That mess was splattered over the news for a week.  My daughter fought off newspaper reporters; I never gave them a statement, and never would.  People, those who called me friend, abandoned me.  They were only "friend" when it was time for Terry to have a BBQ; moochers all.  But two true heathens did not.  My son had a huge Thor's Hammer tattooed on the center of his chest and a dragon on his arm.  I will never forget that; Erik and I are kindred in many ways.  And of course, that was a defining moment for me.  Over the years, it has increased my appreciation for family and loss, and what it means to give up your life for what you believe.  My son did not die in vain.

The death of my parents:
My parents passing were defining moments, but unlike the passing of my son.  My parents' lives showed me how to live a good life, and their passing shown light on many of our social ills.  If allowed, our elders (parents) are used for experimentation.  The phrase, "It is just something more that we can do for them," even though the "doctors" admit that the procedures are really useless, is meant to prey on your grief.  Even though our parents are dying, the doctors want you to move forward, to allow them to preform the procedure.  "Moving forward," agreeing with them, is a mistake.  Those things do nothing to help our elders or increase their quality of life in their final days.  It only helps to increase the bank accounts of the "doctors."  The insurance companies, including Medicare, pay them, even though the procedure is useless; it is a sure thing.  And all you have to do is sign off on the procedure.  Going through this kind of thing, you quickly find out how big your heart is, and just how low many doctors will fall.  You come to understand that today "doctoring" is a business, and far from its once noble calling.  If you do your homework, you know just as much as they do, and that scares the hell out of them.  They would like people to remain ignorant sods.  

The above is extreme examples of defining moments and again, not a cry for pity.  Those events shaped me in a positive way; they made me stronger and more appreciative about life and love.  How you handle defining moments is up to you.  Birth, life, death, and re-birth are just steps around the wheel.

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