Sunday, February 28, 2016

E Pluribus Unum

Another Sunday.  Another Sunday with brilliant sunshine, sitting on the deck drinking a beer or two and thinking about too many things.  Having lived through the 60's and 70's, I cannot fathom what the hell is going on.  It is unfortunate that the beer has its limits; the discomfort of viewing the social fabric of today, as presented by the media, is more than just a pimple on the collective ass of the populace.  It is an infected salacious cyst that needs attention.  

President Abraham Lincoln said, " America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we FALTER AND LOSE OUR FREEDOMS, (emphasis, mine) it will be because we destroyed ourselves.  There are forces active that want to take away these freedoms, all done under the guise of political correctness.  Because, according to the doctrine and dogma of the politically correct, it is a major sin to hurt another's feelings.  And our youth are the most vulnerable.  

It starts in school with revisionist History and a bent sociology.  By the time they get to graduate High School and go on to college, they know little of civics, economics, and even less of history.  Ask some to balance a check book.  Push some to tell you about the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  And what about personal responsibility for words and deeds? Be prepared for blank stares.  Are all their parents stoned hippies, left over from the 60's?  I doubt it.  Over years of pampered political correctness, is it any wonder that many 19. 20, and 21 years olds in college demand "safe space" to protect their feelings and emotions from harm?  Heaven forbid that these delicate flowers be exposed to cold and harsh truth.  Then, on the other side of the youth spectrum, we have 19, 20, and 21 year olds serving in our military who must write their Last Will and Testament before being sent into harm's way.  

One day the pampered, safe space youth will be in the adult world trying to make a living.  What a rude awakening they will experience; nothing like a shark cutting off your balls before your 25th birthday.  And, they want free education; imagine that.  The youth at the other end, those serving in the military, are eligible for "free" education; they "paid" for it up front, with their military service.  And these folks are way less likely to lose their balls to a shark.  One more thing.  

Abraham Lincoln also said that " The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next."  In my opinion, the goings on in the classroom today has to change.  Now.  As a grandfather of five I echo the thoughts of many others.  Personally, I do not want to be surrounded by morons who do not have the faintest idea who George Washington was.  Now I need another beer.  

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Matribus Germanis

The Aufaniae, Suleviae, Vacallinehae, and so many more.  The Matribus Germanis - My Germanic Mothers.  Bede ties them to the Yuletide Modraniht, the obvious forbears of the Diser.  They were the Germanic Mother Goddesses, the helpers in times of need.  

Over 1,000 votive offering sites singing their praises were raised not just by Germanic Legionnaires, but also by their Celtic counterparts.  These Legionnaires learned Latin while in the service of Rome; we are the direct beneficiaries.  And, these votive offering sites are also found in southern Spain and Scotland.  Germanic and Celtic Legionnaires, including their families, raised these offerings to their Mother Goddesses usually after said Mothers helped them.  Always shown in groups of three, these Mother Goddesses covered a lot of ground.  

They were called upon during war, asked to help in fertility and childbirth (fertility also includes crops and livestock), and for the general overall protection of the family.  In the Rhine area and Upper Italy, they were known as the Matronae.  In the UK, Matres.  And in Celtic Gaul, Matres and Matra.  So Pilgrim, have Matribus Germanis?  

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A person never stops learning.  Today I found out that the scrap steel I took to the metal recycling center was worth just two cents a pound; I was given a whopping $1.86 for a pickup truck load of steel junk.  This is not a complaint; I had to remove this junk from Ungerlands farm before it became a real hazard.  What I found so interesting was the price of aluminum beer and soda cans - forty one cents a pound.  Being pure aluminum, these cans are recycled and the new product is used in the automobile industry to make the body of new vehicles.  This gives a new meaning to the term drinking and driving.  Now, you can drive what you are drinking.  Also, a person can sit on his or her deck and while sipping a  cold beer point to a new vehicle and safely state that he or she helped to make said vehicle simply by drinking their favorite golden suds.  Another thing that should be "recycled" is Industrial Hemp.

Do not confuse Industrial Hemp with its' medical sister, marijuana - they may come from the same plant genus but are vastly different:  smoke an acre of Hemp and all you get will be cancer.  Well, thanks to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, both are still, at least on the Federal level, illegal to grow and harvest.  Google Hemp and be amazed.  The upholstery of the pickup truck that took the scrap steel mentioned above to the recycling center is made from Hemp.  Yes Hemp.  But, the fabric to make that upholstery is not made here - it is imported from Canada, China, and France as a finished product, where Hemp is not illegal to plant and harvest.  Let the irony of this soak in.  As a cash crop, American Family Farmers could enjoy some great pay days.  Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin thought highly about Hemp.  That's why they planted it and used it.  They also held other things in high regard.

Like the Constitution and the all important Bill of Rights.  The framers of the Constitution knew what they were doing - they understood oppression and government overreach.  A law abiding citizen can own several firearms - because nothing stops tyranny like a well armed populace.  Or not own any.  It's a free choice.  If that ownership disturbs the faint of heart, find a country that will "protect you because they know what's best for you."  The freedom to speak one's mind without recrimination is important in the exchange of ideas.  Lately, too many young people are offended by ideas that they do not agree with.  They want "safe space" and require group therapy when words from others offend them.  These young fools refuse to let go of their cookies, milk, and teddy bears.  They refuse to grow up.  The First Amendment freedoms does not exist to protect their feelings; it exists to let people like me say that these young fools need a kick in the ass, get a job, let go of mommy's tits, and grow the fuck up.  And if my religion offends you, piss off.  The Founders were acutely sensitive about this freedom.

All of these things must be put back into their original context - Freedom.  Let's recycle The Constitution, The Bill of Rights; let's recycle these freedoms.  And let's flush political correctness down the toilet where it belongs - with the rest of the sewage.  

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What Are You Planting?

When you plant, you expect to harvest.  But putting seeds in the ground and expecting vegetables is not the same as harvesting your words and deeds.  Sandra and I planted lettuce and kale seeds just weeks ago and now enjoy the sweetness of fresh salad.  Things I planted years ago with my words and deeds I did not have to harvest; they manifested all by themselves.  Some were sweet while others were not.  Some of the scars I bear attest to that bitterness.  When you are young, you carry a false sense of invincibility; nothing can harm you and you will live forever.  I was not immune to this virus, and neither are you.  It may appear to a few people as some kind of rite of passage.  If you live long enough you may be fortunate to bear witness to this in your own life.  Or not.  What matters when we exit this life is not how much we accumulated but what positive things we did for our family, clan, and tribe.  This is what will be remembered.  

There certainly is nothing wrong with wealth; how you achieved it will be remembered by those that survive you.  Should you gain wealth by advancing your family, clan, and tribe in an honorable manner you will be remembered in a positive light - because your efforts gained wealth and honor for others.  Should you gain wealth by nefarious means you will be remembered not in a positive light but one of shadows and darkness.  Life is good and prosperity is good but there is a right way and wrong way to accomplish your goals.  You can start by dropping the hurrah for me and fuck you mentality.  Words and deeds have impact:  some know it as Karma while others know it as cause and effect - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Asatruars/Heathens know it as Wyrd/Orlog, a more complicated affair; what you weave today will effect you, your family, your clan, and your tribe in the future.  It's not just about you homey - it's about many people.  What you say and do is like a vibration that touches many folks.  

So what to do?  Well young-blood, you can start by not dismissing some silver-haired fuckers' words of advice.  Take stock of your life.  The rest is up to you.  Hopefully your words/deeds/screw-ups will not touch me and mine.  

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Plotters and Planners

It never fails to amaze me about the amount of people out there who are willing to screw over others to gain their 15 minutes of fame.  It never fails to amaze me that I too, have fallen victim to this treachery.  And the beginnings of deceit are all so innocent.  

Let me be your friend.  I admire your work.  I can do this and that for you.  This is the standard schmoozing bullshit used to get inside your head.  Then we move onto the next phase of subterfuge.  

The conversation usually starts with.... what do you think of my idea?  This is meant to get you to share ideas of your own.  Do Not.  You are dealing with a blood sucking, back-stabbing, idea stealing parasite who has illusions of grandeur and does not care who he/she has to crawl over to make it so.  Let's take a look at what the Havamal says about this (the Havamal is ancient Northern Wisdom that can be used by all, not just Asatruars/Heathens).  

Verse 1 - When you venture out of your home keep all your wits about you.  You never know where an aggressor may hide.  Weather it be in person or over the Internet, be careful.  

Verse 18 -  A worldly man knows what makes men do the things that they do and treats them accordingly.  See verse 1.  And the content above.  

Verse 29 - A man with an unbridled tongue pushes folks away from him and in return gains nothing but their ill-will.  Those that will do as above eventually open their mouths.  

Verse 46 -  If you must work with a man that you feel is untrustworthy play along with him and use his deceit to your advantage.  Keep your mouth shut and ears open, watch your back, and read Verse 1, again.  

Verse 65 -   A man needs to listen and be careful with his words; he should not put any trust in a stranger.  Often many words spoken to strangers come back with harmful intent.  This verse does not need further comment; it speaks for itself.  

There are more verses within the Havamal that can be used for the above but the above 5 are enough to get my point across:  the plotters and planners are out there and will do what they can to further their grandiose plans.  Guard yourself from these petty people.   

The above Havamal verses and so much more can be found within My Books, The View - One Man's Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal, and, The View - Act Two.   These two books and the rest of my work can be found on and other fine book retailers.    

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Ghosts of the Past

Tom was alone.  His friends abandoned him in his greatest hour of need.  And to put acid into the wound, his wife left him when he needed her the most.  Fortunately being the ice queen that she was, she never bore him children.  Tom's despair was so great that he took his own life.  He left a note that explained his reasoning:  being alone and unloved was the worst feeling in the world - death was preferable over life.  But, Tom was never alone and neither are we.  

We all have Ancestors; many of them.  And they always are with us.  They are present in our DNA and our unconscious mind.  Take a look at these numbers from  

This chart does not include those folks that we refer to as aunts and uncles, just a direct blood-line. Using the chart above, if you assign the average age of 60 per generation, you only pass through about 600 to 700 years of ancestral family and time.  When you continue the math, you will find that your Great-Grandparents number in the hundreds of thousands.  And pilgrim, they all smile upon you; you are the direct result of their lives - in many ways, you are them and they are you.  

To get to you, your ancestors (and mine) survived extreme weather, glacial periods, tribal conflicts, war, drought, and famine (this is the short list).  You/we are their direct beneficiaries.  We carry all of them in our DNA and our unconscious mind (maybe I'm being redundant but calling attention to  these things may lead the interested reader to investigate the latest findings in DNA.  Also, the interested may want to look into Jung's Collective Unconscious).    

Unfortunately, there are too many folks like Tom that are driven to their end by that feeling of loneliness.  Discovering your ancestry can help but then discovering that they are constantly with you can sweep away those desperate feelings.  You never really walk alone because your ancestors are not ghosts of the past but a present reality.   

I strongly urge everyone to discover their ancestral roots.  There are many companies, including the one above who can take your DNA and explore your past.  It is a real adventure.

Thanks to for the chart!

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Unity of a Forgotten Kind

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