Sunday, September 24, 2017

Our Visit to Sutton Hoo

When walking the grounds, you can feel the specialness of this place.  It is quiet, save the wind rustling through the trees.  The ages speak to you, from the silence of the mounds.  It is a holy place, as it was meant to be.  A 'hoo' is the plateau, the flat spot on the top of a hill.  The trees that grow today where not present over 1,400 years ago - there were well hewn, to clear the view below from the River Deben.  A traveler could look up at the greatness in reverence from almost a mile.   

The discoveries that began in 1938 dispelled two things.  The mounds were not remaining Roman earthworks.  And that the northern Germanic peoples were grossly ignorant, living in mud huts.  The discoveries showed a vibrant, colorful culture punctuated by artifacts from distant lands.  These are facts.  

The Deben Estuary was an ideal waterway for trade with all of Scandinavia, northern Europe, and even the Mediterranean.  As an example of the reach, the garnets in King Raedwald's gold jewelry came from India.  The silver and bronze bowls are Coptic, and come from the eastern Mediterranean.  Then we have the workmanship and craftsmanship of the Saxons.   

King Raedwald's burial ship was a used clinker built craft that probably saw service in the North Sea and beyond.  The clinker boats were the original 'shift boats' of their time.  This particular craft was 90 feet long and measured  16 feet amidships.  It had to be his personal ship - the people dragged it one mile uphill to bury him.  The King's jewelry was all handmade with extensive filigree work depicting animals and men.  For the time, the King's military equipment was state of the art.  His sword, a pattern welded sword, is one of the best to be found.  The military gear sat in stark contrast to the neatly folded, colorful stacks of woven fabric.  Raedwald's personal drinking horns were included in the burial, believed to be from the extinct Aurochs.  

There is much more that I could write in this small venue, but rather than write, I encourage you to investigate Sutton Hoo for yourself.  But there is one thing that needs to be written.  The King was buried with his dinner service.  Nine solid silver plates and spoons.  What mud hut culture uses a dinner service made from silver?  


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Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Final Spoonful of My Book, Nick Hammer - Blood Money

Hammer wasn’t in the mood for Magda’s less than subtle verbiage; the mosquitoes were eating him alive.  “I’m outside.  So our guy rents a vehicle at 3:00AM.   What’s your take on this, Mags?” 
          “He’s doing something at this time to minimize his chances of getting caught.” 
          “Yes rookie, he is,” Nick said.  “John Howard or what ever his real name is came back for two reasons.  He ran out of cash.  He took some with him but not enough.  He blew through what he took, that’s why he used the credit card.  Now he’s back for the rest of his stash.  He didn’t put it in a bank – to many reed flags.  More than likely he put it in a storage locker, someplace innocent and out of the way.” 
          “So we need to saddle our horses and find this guy.” 
          “We will.  But we’re not gonna spin our wheels looking for his stash locker.  There’s just way too many of these things.  By the time we find it Howard will be long gone or Sonia finds him first and kills him.  We lose both of them.” 
          “Alright, so what’s the plan, boss man?  What are we gonna do?” 
          “Not we.  Just me.  The second reason he came back is in Kemah.  I’m gonna go check out the roller coaster in Kemah.”  

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Tasty Morsel From My Last Book, Nick Hammer - Blood Money

Humans have intuitive ability that manifests itself in various ways.  Sean McMann called it ‘his gut feeling.’  He finished some pending business for Watershed in Austin and on the way to the airport, ‘his gut’ told him to swing down to Houston to touch base with Hammer.  Just a drop by to say hello so that Hammer knew   Watershed had not abandoned him. 
          McMann was eating his burger at the counter and enjoying it.  When Nick and Magda walked through the door, they couldn’t believe their luck. 
          “Hey Southie, how ya’ll doin’,” Nick said. 
          “I thought you would be here Mr. Hammer.  I just wanted to let you know that Watershed hasn’t forgotten you.” 
          “Don’t see how they could, Sean.  Yeah, your bugs, you turd, tell all. Why don’t you come back to our table and enjoy your meal with Mags and me.” 
          “Thank you Mr. Hammer that would be lovely.” 
          Nick left Sean slide into the booth first; he followed.  Magda sat opposite McMann.  He was trapped. 
          “Now tell me you piece of pond scum,” Nick said. “How did you shits plant those listening devices in my office and bedroom?”  

                           copyright @2017 Terry Unger 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Another Bite of My New Book, Nick Hammer - Blood Money

Sonia was at her estate, well past Tampico’s city limits.  Lounging almost naked by the pool, she briefly thought about her life before all the money.  Growing up on the streets, you take what you can when you can take it, without regrets.  Just like now, but on a larger and more profitable scale.  Living like that, dirt poor, was no longer an option for Sonia.  Never again.  She had more money than she could ever spend.  She loved her body; the best Brazilian boob, ass, labiaplasty, and face lift money could buy.  If I was a man, she thought, this is the kind of body I’d want to fuck.  While admiring herself, the maid brought her the mail – nothing but junk.  It was enough to bring her back to business.  Sonia picked up her satellite telephone and punched in a number. 
          The voice on the other end said, “Ola jefe.” 
          “Did you turn up anything on that cocksucker, Julio Rivera,” Sonia said. 
          “The trail went cold in Galveston a while ago, jefe.  He went to ground, somewhere.” 
          “Dammit,” Sonia said.  “I’m spending a ton of cash trying to find that piece of shit.  Something’s gotta pop up soon.”  The real truth – Sonia only paid Nick and her man on the other end of the line.  But her man did not need to know that.  

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Little Piece of Nick Hammer - Blood Money

“Nick, please!  I need your help!” 
          “And who the hell is gonna help me if my head explodes?” 
          “Come on, Nick!  Help me!”  Sonia’s breasts started to heave and tears began to well up in her eyes.  It was something that did not go unnoticed by Nick Hammer.  She asked to use Nick’s restroom and he directed her to the bathroom right before his bedroom.  Sonia placed another little something in a far away spot in Nick’s bedroom.  When she returned, he started in on her again. 
          “Do you have any idea what you are asking me to do?  Lady, I don’t think you have a dad gum clue.” 
          “What would your poppa think of you refusing this case?  The Hammer men were always on the side of duty and honor.” 
          Oh shit, Nick thought.  She pulled the family card.  “Maybe they’d say … save your own ass Nick!” 
          “We both know that’s not true.” 
          As attractive as she was, Sonia pissed him off.  Out of shear desperation he said, “It’s Tuesday.  Come back this time Thursday.  I will let you know then if I will take this case.” 
          “Are you putting me off?”  

                   Copyright @2017 Terry Unger 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Visit My Updated Blog !!!

People have asked me, Terry where can I buy your books?  So I give them all the info to find them on Amazon.  Some folks get lost.  I made it easier to buy my Books!  Come to my blog spot. Now it's user friendly.  All the books are there.  Just click on the Title and you are on the book's Amazon Page.  Easy.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Nick Hammer - Blood Money is Published

Now available on Amazon and Kindle.  I am told that by Friday the book will be available on Amazon world-wide and in a few weeks, expanded distribution (book stores).  

                             Author’s Foreword 

When I began writing years ago, I wrote for myself.  It was extremely gratifying.  Then I got away from all of that and began to write for other people, or rather what I thought other people wanted to read.  That was a mistake, one that I shall not repeat.  In this novella, I introduce a special character, Nick Hammer. 
          Nick is a cop turned private detective, and he is far from perfect.  He lives in the real world of drugs, deception, murder, and general mayhem – it is not a fantasy existence of sugar plums, unicorns, and sweet gum drops.  Hammer eats, drinks, and shits in this, his everyday world.  Although he is a fictional character, he reacts to this world like any sane person.  Sometimes that reaction is verbiage that contains words like ‘fuck’ and more.  His companions too, share similar dispositions. 
          Yes, the characters are fictional, produced by my imagination.  But, the world they live in, our world - is real.  Only people living under a rock can deny the reality of the ugliness and at the same time, the beauty of our world.  The reader can expect to experience the best and worst of human behavior.  I made Nick Hammer and his companions to last.  Expect to see more of Hammer. 

                            Copyright @2017 Terry Unger

Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Book - Coming Soon

                                                                  Coming  Soon

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Personal Musings about ALU - ULA

1st July, 2017

A rune master I am not.  The things confuse me.  At one moment I think they are just an alphabet.  Then I think about my ancestors.  In many cases, anything written that contained more than one interpretation could hold magical properties.  It should not come as a surprise for Heathens that Galdr, the singing of runes was used to bring about desired effects.  Above is a simple wood burning. I will refer to it within the body below.   

The  two Ansuz runes are joined together at their vertical staffs.  The regular interpretation for Ansuz is 'gods.'  Is it possible that in ALU - ULA the double Ansuz could mean one God?  The Rune Master Supreme?  Wodan/Odin?

The two Laguz runes also are joined by their vertical staffs.  Laguz usually is interpreted as 'water,' and sometimes 'leeks.'  Water is needed to sustain all life, be it human, animal, or vegetation.  Leeks were used by our ancestors in healing potions.

The  Uruz runes too are joined at their vertical staffs.  The  normal interpretation for Uruz  is 'aurochs,'  The wild untamed bovine beast that is now extinct.  The  Auroch was incredibly strong.  So Uruz symbolizes strength.  But could it also represent strong mental capability?  A strong mind?

When considering ALU - ULA, is it possible that it could be a runic/galdr formula?  One that asks the Gods for health, spiritual cleansing, and strength of mind and body?  Or a union with the Gods on a higher level to obtain the same?  Heady questions that demand personal inquiry.  

Monday, June 5, 2017

Thor Goes Fishing

It can be said that offering prayer is a rather puerile attempt to deal with real situations.  Also, it can be said that modern people who say they "will pray for you" offer a puerile attempt to make the afflicted person feel better while at the same time giving the speaker of such a sense that they did something - without getting personally involved.  Prayer also gives those who offer it a sense of personal divine connection and a false sense of self-importance.  But prayer will not stop the barbarians at the gates (see my post 5/10/2017 - Barbarians at the Gates).  The God Thor, protector of Midgard, shows us that there are times when hard men are necessary.  

The Lore tells us of a time when Thor went fishing with the giant, Hymir.  The giant did not and would not provide Thor with bait.  So Thor killed Hymir's biggest Ox and cut off its head for bait - to catch and kill Jormungardr, the Midgard Serpent.  Hymir never cared much for Thor, and he was not thrilled with losing his biggest Ox.  Thor baits his hook and Jormungardr strikes.  

The battle is ferocious.  But Hymir the Giant is scared shitless.  Thor manages to pull the head of the Serpent into the boat.  As he reaches for his Hammer to kill Jormungardr, the scared shitless Hymir cuts the fishing line, freeing the beast.  Thor is furious at losing the opportunity to kill the enemy of Midgard and tosses Hymir overboard.  In a later tale within the Lore, Thor kills Hymir.  The lessons of this tale should be clear.  

First, do what is necessary to eliminate the threat.  Be wary of your allies.  And, stay focused on the cause.  Finally, know and understand that there will be loss - none of which  can be categorized as "acceptable" ( for the sake of this post, it matters not if you believe that Ragnarok is a "Christian edition" to the Lore.  That tale tells us Thor meets the Serpent Jormungardr for the third time.  Thor kills the beast.  After taking nine steps backward, he falls dead from the serpent's poison).   

When it's finally over, do not offer up prayers.  Raise horns and praise to the fallen who brought down the Serpent.  

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

What Are You Thinking?

Life is not easy; it is not supposed to be.  Regardless of current station in life, we are faced with varying degrees of frustration, torment, and stress.  And, the poor man may suffer less, depending on his point of view than his Daddy Big Bucks neighbor.  This is, of course, relative to the individual - his wyrd.  But what do you think about when you are pressed and stressed?  Are you totally consumed by what is pressing on your heart and mind?  Do you get caught up in the peripherals of the problem or do you become overwhelmed by it?  Or does the apparent weight of the problem leave you paralyzed?  Our Lore may hold some answers.  

All Father Odin hung from Yggdrasil for nine days to gather the runes and their wisdom.  The Lore mentions All Father was irritated that, despite his hunger and thirst, no one was there/available/or cared to give him something to eat and drink.  Did other things disturb him while hanging from Yggdrasil?  We do not know - the Lore mentions little.  Could there have been other things?  The short answer:  if we place a man in that situation, hanging up-side-down from a tree, than yes - there would be many.  But what the Gods feel or need our finite mind cannot grasp.  Especially when their quest is for knowledge.  But this is what we do know.  Odin "hung in there" and completed his quest.  He surmounted his obstacle(s) by focusing on his goal.  He pushed through the frustration, torment, and stress to obtain the runes and their wisdom.  The same runes meant to be shared with us mortals.  

In this life we face problems.  The choice is to be overwhelmed by them or to surmount and grow in experience and wisdom from them.  Like Odin we must focus - focus on obtainment and victory. Then and only then do we succeed in solving our problems and crushing our demons.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Heart Break With the Double D's

Sorry.  The title has nothing to do with a woman's bust size.  It has everything to do with doctrine and dogma, which is the finite's vain attempt to define a right relationship with the Infinite.  And, the biggest manufacturers of the Double D's are the universal monotheistic religions.  

At one time in these universalist monotheistic religions, a founder or if you will, a leader emerges.  In the case of Judaism, Moses, Islam, Mohammad, and Jesus for Christianity (it could easily argued that Christianity, because of its' origins, is an offshoot/extension of Judaism; those who believed in Jesus where Christian, those who did not, still Jews. Jesus, if he existed at all as an individual, was a Jew, something many Christians do not grasp, which makes any argument about springing from Judaism rather moot).  Around these leaders, books were written.  And these books with their stories, were influenced by the majority cultures that surrounded them:  the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and Greco-Roman (in particular the Judaeo-Christian "books").  

Shortly after these Books were written, compiled, collated, altered, and/or pieces whole or in part tossed out, other "leaders" appear on scene to determine what the holy writ from on high means to mankind, and how humanity is supposed to have a right relationship with Deity - the doctrine and dogma of the faith.  The Double D's are the supposed playbook for the faith's practitioners.  However, this doctrine and dogma, for many is like an ill fitted pair of shoes.  

Too many things in our present day life can defy description let alone explanation by proscribed doctrine and dogma.  Telling a faith's practitioner that it is "God's will," or it's a "Mystery" that must be accepted just does not cut it. Like cancer, heart disease, or being victim of a drive by shooting. Heavens forbid genetics, gluttony, or living in a shit neighborhood should be taken into account. What was past off to the ignorant masses of yesteryear is met with smiles and snickers of thinking people today.  But many of these thinking people feel spiritually dead inside.  There is hope.  

When a person begins a spiritual quest, investigating personal culture and heritage is a great place to start.  Once upon a time, a person grew up within his own culture and heritage but  globalism, in many cases, has removed that nurturing environment.  So, go out and find it just like Leif Ericsson discovered the new world.  For many, it will be not just a new experience, but a "homecoming" of sorts.  And if the discoverer goes deep enough, he or she will find his or her pre-Christian ancestors and get a glimpse of their worldview.  

That worldview included what is referred to today as Asatru/Heathenry; no holy books, doctrine, or dogma - just an all encompassing way of life (the Eddas and Sagas are not a Heathen "bible."  However, even with heavy Christian redaction, these tales give us a foundation for a good life).  Emphasis is placed on personal word and deed knowing that both can come back to bite or reward in the future.  Heathenry offers freedom.  But it is freedom with responsibility.  Unfortunately for them, People of the Book use their religion as an excuse for their behavior - because that's what it says to do in the Book.  Add to this the doctrine and dogma mongers and you have a perfect storm.  And, many followers of universalist monotheism enjoy getting caught up in the storm.  But, it is their choice.

I cannot write in just one blog post the advantages of Heathenry.  However, by reading the brief sampling of posts offered below on this blog, you can get a "taste."  

Ghosts of the Past 2/1/2016, Matribus Germanis 2/25/2016, UPG and Rational Thought 7/8/2016, Extending Frith 7/10/2016, Law, Order, and the Innangard 7/12/2016, Anarchy and the Innangard 7/13/2016, Courage and Magan in Our Time 7/24/2016, A World Full of Magan 8/11/2016, Your Personal Ravens - Hugr and Munr 9/20/2016, Your Personal Traveling Companion - the Fylgja 9/22/2016, The Ordering of the Heavens 10/4/2016, Galdr, Frequency, Harmonics, and Vibration 10/21/2016, The Dumbing Down of Manliness 1/12/2017 The Waters of Wyrd 2/10/2017, Urdabrunnr and You 2/24/2017.  

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fraudulent Offerings of My Books




Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Barbarians at the Gates

It is said that hard times create hard men.  It is all so said that times of good and plenty create soft men.  The soft men believe that the good times will never end, so much so that they put the hard men on a shelf where they eventually die and are not replaced.  These soft ones believe that the barbarians at the gates can and will be placated by negotiations, or appeasement.  History tells a different story.  

Almost always, when the serious aggressor was bought off, he came back for more the next year or within the next generation.  They did not cease taking until they themselves were eliminated.  Hard men came forth and eliminated the aggressor; they did what had to be done to preserve their way of life.  

Those that wish to conquer, convert, and subjugate entire civilizations have no intention of living in frith.  They can have their nose broken and bloodied only to return home and raise up many more like them, like amber waves of grain; they rabidly procreate and instill hatred within their children against anything that is not exactly like them.  All the while, the soft men amuse themselves with games.  But there are other distractions.  

For many they are not real distractions.  One can hardly believe that working like a dog to put on the table and pay the bills is a distraction.  Rather, it is an obligation.  And in the western world, it often takes two, husband and wife, to meet these obligations.  Children are put off, until "things get better." When things do  "get better," most feel like they are too old to have children.  The stress of making a living is just one reason why people are not having children; there are others but suffice to say that people in the western world are too exhausted, mentally and physically to fuck.  And fucking is required to have kids.  It is unfortunate that too often people reach for hand held electronic devices when they are exhausted.  These toys do not need any foreplay to get you off, something not lost on the "barbarians at the gates."  

                                                  Copyright @2017 Terry Unger

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Requiem for Charlemagne

In the past I've written about this man with blunt disdain, while coming to grips with the idea that he could be one of my ancestors.  To  me, he was a genocidal maniac who did what he did under the guise of "conquering the heathen and bringing him to Christ."  It appears that was probably a smoke screen picked up and promoted by the Church.  

During, before, and even after Charlemagne's life rulers ranging from chieftains to kings did not have a formal tax code to raise revenue; this came along much later.  These men had to pay their retainers/armies in order to remain in power.  Without any income, they had to get the cash from somewhere.  And that somewhere involved invading the neighboring countries and taking everything they could carry home with them.  It's often referred to as "booty," and Charlemagne was very good at taking whatever he needed from whomever had it.  According to the Royal Frankish Annals, the Saxons had much to take.  

The Saxons of the time were a stubborn lot and hated the Frankish kingdom and Charlemagne.  They wanted to be free of him and his religion.  For thirty years they struggled (the 30 year Saxon war) but had to surrender against superior numbers and munitions.  The Annals report on many occasions how the rich booty taken from the Saxons enriched Charlemagne's treasury.  These same Annals tells us that Charlemagne was constantly out campaigning, waging war, to keep his coffers full.  It appears that the bigger the ambition, the more is taken from others.  But not all that was taken was booty.  

In October 782 at a place known as Verden, Charlemagne rounded up 4,500 Saxons and executed them.  Often the reason reported and one that I have previously written about was the Saxon's rejection of Christianity and returning to their heathen religion and folkway.  That's the small potatoes, even a glossy window dressing.  The reason, possibly the only reason was that Charlemagne thought those 4,500 Saxons to be oath-breakers who deserved to die.  He felt that they rejected him (not Christianity) and that was a gross offense.  So he killed them.  It did not matter who the 4,500 Saxons were; they were Saxon and that was good enough.  He now had the "excuse" to continue the rape and plunder of Saxony.  During Charlemagne's life, the Saxons suffered the most.  And they just wanted to be free.  

It must be now said that history looks at men like Charlemagne in a positive light, while keeping his murderous activities in the closet.  History is written by the victors who prefer it this way.  So it is preferred to look at, say the Vikings, as barbarians, based on the victor's comments.  So too the Roman Legions and the victory of Arminius in the Teutoburg Forest.  But as we push through time, history, like archaeology gets the proper brush and trowel treatment to reveal the real truths.  

The "requiem" used in the title is usually defined as a Catholic Church term regarding a mass said for the soul of the dead.  I wonder if the Church has said masses for Charlemagne?  And since they went along with this butcher, have they said masses for themselves?  You see, it's always about the money.

The above photo is supposedly where the slaughter of 10/782 took place.           

                                             Copyright @2017 Terry Unger  

Saturday, April 8, 2017

On Anguish, Grief, and Loss

A wallet with contents lost can be replaced.  With insurance, automobiles and homes after loss suffered can be and are replaceable.  Even fortunes gained and then lost can be replaced with planning and the right daring - do.  But the loss of a loved one, especially a child, is something that cannot be replaced.  It is as if the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr, surrounds the human heart and squeezes the life from you.  Though sometimes, if we read the Lore literally, comfort and guidance can be found.  Balder died.  

The Bright and Beautiful One, thought invincible, was murdered (the actual physical action) by one believed to be capable of nothing.  The murder was unexpected and it was a shock.  

All-Father Odin believed that Balder's death was the greatest blow ever dealt to Gods and men; Odin and Frigg were heavy with grief.  At his funeral, Balder's wife Nanna, so grieved him that she dropped dead on the spot and then joined him on his funeral pyre.  And Balder's brother Hermod failed in his mission to gain easy release from Hel (we all go to Hel, even if for a brief period).  The Nine Worlds suffered not just from Balder's death, but from the Gods' lack of attention; the Multiverse was filled with grief.  But when Odin and Frigg reached a certain point in their suffering, they knew it was time to return to their godly responsibilities.  Following this example the other Gods returned to work.  This point can be called acceptance.  

Balder will remain in his spacious Hall within Hel until the aftermath of Ragnarok is wiped clean - a new beginning for the Nine Worlds.  Nothing can be done to alter this situation.  Balder is not coming back.  Odin and Frigg accepted this fact and returned to their godly business.  

This acceptance does not mean that they as parents do not still grieve.  It does not mean that their pain is gone or that they have forgotten their beautiful son.  It means that they have embraced the loss along with the still accompanying anguish, grief, and heart squeezing pain.  

This is a hard example to follow for anyone who has lost a child.  It is painful; letting go seems like forever.  As time moves on, the life of the lost child seems almost surreal, but it is not.  The dull pain and sense of  loss persist.  It does not leave.  But to muddle through and find joy and happiness in other things, one must follow the example of All-Father and Mother Frigg - as hard as that may be. 

          In Loving Memory of Erik "the Red" Terrysson.  Gone to Soon but Not Ever Forgotten.  

                                                  Copyright @2017 Terry Unger


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Be Wary of the Old Man

He may seem a bit senile to you, as he sits on his porch and sips beer  from a long neck bottle.  You may notice the slight limp in his gait as he walks his dog.  And, you cannot control your giggle as he adjusts his hearing aid to hear if you spoke of anything important.  But the old man did not get this old by being stupid.  

The old man witnessed the birth of his children and delights in watching his grandchildren grow.  But the old man has also buried more family and friends than he cares to discuss.  The old man knows about loss.  

He lost one job or more and went out and found others; and money lost due to poor planning. The old man celebrated a few victories but they were made bitter sweet by more failures.  At this point in his life, the old man knows how not to lose.  And, he will fight to keep what he has, right down to the beer he sips from a long neck bottle on his porch.  

It is a foolish thing to count the old man out of the game.  Far from it.  He is still an active player.  He has the experience, gained over decades of loss and small victories to know how not to lose.  Try and take from the old man what is his - he will come at you like a junk yard dog.  Because, he knows how and will not lose sleep over it.  Years of experience far outweigh a few years of being on the honor role.  If you try, when the dust settles, the old man will go back to his porch and sip beer from long neck bottles.  The beer will taste especially good to him as he watches you limp off the scene.  

You may feel offended.  For what?  You started an altercation and were bested - you lost.  An altercation best avoided if you showed the old man respect.  Not just the respect due his age, but the obvious respect due his decades of experience.  What part of "respect your elders" is lost on you? Since when on this planet did youth have all the hard and tough answers?  The lessons learned from some pain and suffering?   The experience that can be shared, passed on, but once pissed on, sharing anything with you is likely lost.  This shit happens when political correctness and multiculturalism are followed.  You lose.  You lose your culture, your heritage, and your personal identity while your Ancestors shed tears over your poor choices.  Now the old man will laugh at you, as he sits on his porch and sips beer from long neck bottles.  

                                                  Copyright @2017 Terry Unger  

Friday, February 24, 2017

Urdabrunnr and You

Within the Germanic Lore, Urdabrunnr is Urda's Well, the Well of Wyrd.  Urda, and the other two Norns Verdandi and Skuld, daily gather to water the roots of the World Tree with the water from the Well, that is located directly beneath the Tree.  After the watering is complete, the three Norns pack mud around the base of the World Tree to complete their daily task  of nourishment and preservation.  It is important to know of what that water and mud consists.   

Cattle die, and kinsmen  die......and so one dies one's self.
But a noble name , will never die, if good renown one gets.  
(Havamal, verse 77, Bellows translation)

It is a truth spoken when said that our words and deeds are our orlog.  Threads, or planks of our actions, orlog, are woven together creating our wyrd, our destiny.  This all takes place in Urda's Well: our individual wyrd becomes a part of the Waters of Urda's Well.  In so doing, our wyrd becomes interlocked with the wyrd of others.  Yes, our words and actions are affects that effect the lives of others, in the present and future, as does the Wyrd of the past effect us in the present.  Like it or not, this is truth.  It is Wyrd.  The ready example is the Norns taking the Water from the Well and nourishing the World Tree.  And the Tree supports Nine Worlds.  

It is in no way a stretch to think or say that Wyrd, personal and collective, effects generations unborn, especially those connected in a collective DNA chain.  It does.  And in no way is it a stretch to think that, since the World Tree "is watered daily from Urda's Well," that Wyrd, personal and collective also effects the infinite of the Nine Worlds.  It does.  The reverse, that coming from the other Worlds also effects us.  So then, a question waits.  

Should we, at least as individuals, strive to create better orlog/wyrd?  When we shine, so do our Ancestors, descendants, and Gods.  Thus the reason for the Havamal verse above......But a noble name, will never die, if good renown it gets.  

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Single Mindedness

It is the necessary thing to achieve any goal.  Single mindedness is the focus, the action that brings results.  Belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy (a bit of sarcasm) will never accomplish anything in life except unfulfilled desires.  When the bubble finally breaks and the truth revealed, it comes down to plan and execution.  No plan equals nothing fulfilled.  

You cannot expect something from nothing.  A goal must be set and a path to bring fruition plotted out - this is also known as a plan.  The plan must be flexible to accommodate change - because even the best plans will stumble across something not previously considered.  This falls under the heading of "shit happens."  

If single mindedness, unrelenting focus on the plan is used, the plan to reach the goal becomes the purpose of action.  It can easily accommodate the "shit happens" stuff that happens along the path to achieving the goal.  

Living in the 21st century has its distractions but single mindedness, focusing on the plan to bring about the goal and the goal itself can be practiced by meditation and visualization.  Yes, it can be that simple.  But you need to quite yourself and reach within.  This requires putting down the gaming controls, turning off the television, and muting the smart phone - for 15 minutes a day.  Santa, the Bunny, and some Fairy may have brought you all of those mind numbing electronics, but they sure as hell will not plan your plan bring it to fruition.  That's up to you.  So practice single mindedness, soon.  

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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Waters of Wyrd

Many folks, those deeply enmeshed in materialism, believe themselves to be invincible.  This feeling of invincibility usually is coupled with the feeling of "I am like Teflon, nothing sticks to me."  Not only is this a false assumption but one that could be deadly.  

Words and deeds (action) lay down our personal threads of Orlog within Urd's well of living waters.  And our Orlog becomes intertwined with that of others; Wyrd is formed and cannot be escaped.  Wyrd will be experienced by you the person, your family, and possibly your descendants.  Depending on the working out of Wyrd, the experience can be sweet, bittersweet, or down right bitter for yourself and all involved - past actions can haunt or reward.  Within this vein, how we think about time is important.   

In our world it is unfortunate that the linear concept of time (from Pythagoras, Augustine, and ultimately Christianity) is considered the only way "life within time" is to be had.  Linear time keeps the  past in the past - something to forget; it has little or no influence on the present or the future.  The present (as it moves in a straight line away from the past toward the future) is the current "now," while the future is unformed, unknown, and rather nebulous.  So the person moves through these three distinct and separate parts in a straight line - past, present, and future (the emphasis lies with "distinct and separate parts" and "in a straight line").  While my redundancy is intentional, Ancient Heathen worldview treats time and life differently.

Our Ancestors thought that nothing is static, everything is in some way connected, and is in some form of constant cyclical movement - an evolving state of Total Being.  So the past is a part of the present, and the orlog placed in the Well in the present is added to that of the past.  The future then, is not a separate ethereal thing, but something evolving and a part of the past and present.  Your words and deeds create Orlog and your Orlog shapes your Wyrd.  A person cannot escape his Wyrd or change it.  However, how you handle it when the time comes to face it makes a difference.  Below is a great example.

Many folks find watching birds at high altitudes a beautiful thing.  We watch them glide back and forth, seemingly at will.  Not quite.  The bird is dependent on the air currents - it determines their glide pattern.  The bird cannot change any particular air current but adapts to it so it may glide through it.  We humans cannot change our individual Wyrd, but like the bird we can adapt and face it when it comes due.  So this question must be asked - Hey there cupcake, what kind of guarantee did you get with that Teflon?  

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Taking Care of Business - Part 2

Author's Note:  In part one of Taking Care of Business the true purpose of life insurance was discussed.  You do not insure life, you assure income.  You assure/insure that income against loss just like you insure your home or car against loss.  Again, I am not a financial agent of any stripe.  What I write about is drawn from various periodicals.  But know this .........

These things are necessary to protect your family.  If you expect another person to shoulder your burden or the government to support your family, you are deluded.  Especially in this age.  

Drawing up a Will, a Last Will and Testament keeps a variety of wolves from your Estate's door.  Within the Will, you name an Executor. And, the Will lays out how you want your Estate dispersed.  The Executor is in charge of fulfilling the wishes you put forth in the Will - who gets what and when.  Usually spouses will name each other as their Executor. The next choice is an adult child you trust.   
Dying intestate, without a Will, can be a real pain in the ass.  The government, AKA the courts can take over your Estate.  They will determine who gets what of your stuff.....this can take years and can cost big bucks in legal fees and court costs to your potential heirs.  This nightmare happens when one spouse dies and the survivor does nothing (do not rely on the idea that jointly held property cannot be touched).  There is more.  Life should be so simple............

A Durable Power of Attorney is necessary to take care of your finances when you are not capable of doing so.  Like paying your bills.  Usually, spouses will name each other for this responsibility or a responsible adult child.  Then again, it is not uncommon for an outsider with no vested interest to be named as Power of Attorney.  Whether you are on a 6 months cruise or lying in a hospital bed, bills need to be paid.  This need is greatly magnified when it is an individual in need.  

A Medical Power of Attorney appoints an individual to make medical decisions for you when you cannot.  The appointment is similar to the above.  However, care must be taken.  The person you choose for this position should agree with your point of view.  This is something not to be taken lightly.  

A Living Will states your final intentions about yourself - if dying, let me resuscitation.  No so-called "heroic" efforts made by the medical establishment with the exception of things needed to keep you "comfortable," AKA, medication for pain.  Or what you want in varying degrees, such as organ donation, one time resuscitation, etc.  

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Taking Care of Business

We spend a lot of time prepping.  We prep for hurricanes, snowstorms, BBQ's, and the Zombie Apocalypse.  We prep to insure that when we leave this world we do so with our name in good stead.  But when our Wyrd and Orlog demand our last breath have we "prepped" to leave our loved ones in good condition?  Or financially destitute and borderline homeless?  Fidelity, self-reliance, and one's personal honor scream out a very loud NO to the former questions.  Know this:  the flowers of youth wither and die.  

It is common for youth to disavow death - youth seems like it will never end.  But it does.  Along the road between birth and death we acquire responsibilities.  Like a spouse, children, and property.  All of which must be protected.  We can protect our loved ones and property by force.  But we must also protect against unexpected death and financial loss.  

No person living knows their date with death.  As written above, youth tends to dismiss death as something that is "not gonna happen to me, cause I'm gonna live forever!"  The sobering fact is - no, you will not.  Some of this attitude diminishes after nuptials.  This can be for many the beginning of the awareness of responsibility.  From this point, responsibility just increases.  Children and the acquisition of property, both real and personal, happen.  So Northern Soul, what should you do?  

The first step that needs to be taken to protect your loved ones and property is insurance.  Insure your personal property that if loss occurs, you will be "made whole," put back into the position you were before the loss.  The next step some folks find extremely humorous, but I assure you, it is far from funny.  Unfortunately, it's still labeled "life insurance."  

It is ridiculous to assume that a life can be "insured."  It is simply preposterous.  Yes, some Hollywood types have "insured" various parts of their body.  But, here is the but.  They have insured those body parts in the same manner that the average Joe insures his house or car.  Period.  You cannot insure a life but you can ASSURE AN INCOME.  This is accomplished with dirt cheap term insurance.  

Starting with the main "bread winner," multiply the yearly earnings by 10, then add 20%.  Use this example:  $50,000.00 annual income,multiplied by 10 = $500,000.00.  When 20% is added, you came up with $600,000.00.  This "death benefit" is invested at 8 - 10 percent to provide monthly income for the surviving spouse and children.  In my opinion, term insurance makes this affordable.  We are far from done.  The "other" spouse must be considered.  

Traditionally, the "other spouse" was the female component of the marriage.  Today, it could be the man.  In any event, income in any form must be considered.  If the other spouse draws a paycheck, you can follow the formula above.  Should the "other" be a  stay at home mom/dad, you bet your heathen ass it must be taken into account.  

Who does the wash?  The dishes?  Cleans the house and takes care of the kids?  Who cooks and shops for the necessaries, runs errands, and picks the kids up from school?  The other spouse.  When you take into account that this is at least a 12 hour -a -day job, it certainly is meaningful.  From a monetary point of view, consider this:  12 hours a day, 7 days a week = 84 hours.  If $10.00/hr. is paid, that is $840.00/wk.  That's at straight time, no overtime considered.  You can argue with me as much as you want about the hourly rate.  But a domestic engineer needs to be compensated.  This real "homework" must be taken into consideration, regardless of the paycheck status of either spouse.  

Northern Soul, this is just the a part of your responsibility.  More will follow.  Do you really think that others, or the government will care for your loved ones?  Not so.  The fidelity to your family, the passing on of self-reliance, and your personal honor demands that you do so.  This is taking care of business.  

Author's Note:  I am not a financial planner.  All of the above is my personal opinion based on the reading of various periodicals over a period of time.  

                                                 Copyright @2017 Terry Unger


Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Dumbing Down of Manliness

From a genetic point of view, men are men and women are women; we are meant to do different things.  This does not mean that a women doing the same job as a man should receive less in her pay check.  That is nonsense.  Equal work demands equal pay.  But here is the rub:  men built the world.  The actual, ball busting manual labor, pick and shovel, climbing steel girders to rivet steel beams together physical world.  Let's not forget poring concrete, roofing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and hanging sheet rock.  And greasy automotive service and repair.  On the whole, a person would be hard pressed to find women standing in line for pick and shovel type jobs.  But there are women who do and most hold their own among their male peers.  The problem now is that young men do not want to get their hands dirty.  They find that kind of work repugnant.  Most want the "corner office," the fat pay check, and no responsibility, all while still living in mom's basement.  They've been programmed to think that way.

Decades ago high schools started hanging signs  that simply read - Work Smarter, Not Harder.  Those four words usually were accompanied by a picture.  In the picture, were two young men.  One was sharply dressed in a three piece suit.  He was smiling at the wad of cash in his hand.  The other young man looked like he just finished rolling in a tub of grease and had a rather unpleasant look on his face.  The message is unmistakable:  go to college, get a four year degree, and you will be successful. If not, you will be a grease ball.  Over time, this image, changes in our educational system, and two other social nightmares took their toll.  

The feminist movement may have started out with the equal pay argument.  I agreed then as I agree now - equal work demands equal pay.  However, feminism is no longer about that.  It is all about hating men.  Demeaning men.  Putting down men.  Let's make all men into obedient drones.  Real women want none of this.  That's why the feminist movement is shrinking.  But in its hay day, the movement gained strength and inspiration from Political Correctness.  

With the big helping hand from PC, feminism told men it was not cool to be manly.  And you could not argue with them.  Masculinity was looked upon as a base animal trait that had to eliminated. Any man who displayed masculinity was openly ridiculed.  Feminists told men to embrace and display their inner feminine.  And these women wanted nothing to do with men who got dirty making an honest living.  These men were not good enough; getting your hands dirty to earn a paycheck was too masculine.   When considering how many effeminate men are running around, the feminist movement and PC had some success.  I could go on, but I lost many of you in the second paragraph.  So let me make some masculine "to do" suggestions for young men. 

Get off your ass.  Turn off the television.  Turn off your computer.  Turn off your smart phone and hide it in your sock drawer.  Go aside.  Walk.  In a forest or field.  By a river, lake, or ocean.  Go to the gym and force yourself to sweat, daily. Build muscle.  Read biographies about masculine men - you can start with Teddy Roosevelt.  Buy some hand tools and learn how to use them.  Find a hobby that demands physical exertion.  Take stuff apart to see how it works - then put it back together.  Change your vehicle's oil.  Change your tires. Learn a martial art. Go hunting. Go fishing.  Learn how to use a firearm.  Build something, even if it's nothing more than a fucking birdhouse. Be proud of your accomplishments.  Be proud of your hard body.  Cuss and swear like a longshoreman.  Lose the man bun. Stop caring about what others think.  Think for yourself.  

                                               Copyright @2017  Terry Unger


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Coming Storm

When a patient people are pushed too far, they push back.  Political Correctness is and has done the pushing.  But, the push back has begun.

Political Correctness was birthed during the Stalinist era in the communist Soviet Union.  Uncle Joe Stalin's political doctrine demanded the correct political attitude.  You had to be "politically correct"  from having your neck stretched or to avoid a firing squad.  Living demanded that the people follow a dictated politically correct life.  The Stalinist Doctrine way of life. It was a socially engineered way of living that, through fear, created a monosyllabic living environment.  This is how you speak.  This is how you think.  At least in public.  Freedom of speech and expression were non-existent, as was any form of assembly.  If you have been awake and watching the goings on over the past 30 plus years you should see the similarities.  

Liberal/Progressives began assaulting freedom in the United States and the rest of the western world as early as the 1960's.  In the States they called it Affirmative Action, an attempt to "level the playing field."  Against who?  Our society, in my opinion, suffered.  This was followed by instructing certain people that they were victims of a cruel system.  A system that demanded very high standards.  So, the standards were lowered.  And our social order suffered.  What followed?  Multiculturalism, changes in language - what words originally meant to definitions that suited Political Correctness, and the overhaul of the entire educational system.  When you want to indoctrinate, you begin when kids are still in diapers. 

In my opinion, the politically correct, social scientists, social justice warriors are trying to rid western culture of any European influence.  This attempt is prevalent in the United States.  Here is the rub, the truth, the fact:  If you are European, or of European descent, you are Caucasian - you are white.  And being white is a problem for many Progressives.  

If you are born as a white person, you are told that you are born racist (the word being altered by the PC police).  And, white people can never experience racism from others.  You are told that you do not have a culture or a heritage, but are the source of all problems.  White people have something called "white privilege," giving them all kinds of advantages.  This is a story line that should be told to the vast number of white homeless, working poor, and dirt poor.  All of this is just Politically Correct Bullshit, projectile vomited unto the white population, over a period of time to make the white man feel guilty and to pave the way for a mono-cultural, socialist/communist social order.  But push back  to all of this has begun.  

As a white guy of European descent, I have a right to my culture and heritage.  Living in the United States, I have a right to freedom of speech, thought,expression, assembly, and religion.  Just like every other person.  To the social justice warrior snowflakes listen up.  You do not have the right to NOT be offended.  You just do not.  Grow the fuck up.  The winds of change are blowing.  If you cannot handle the coming storm, then Dorothy, drab your Toto and find the nearest root cellar.  

                                                    Copyright @2017 Terry Unger  

Our Visit to Sutton Hoo

When walking the grounds, you can feel the specialness of this place.  It is quiet, save the wind rustling through the trees.  The ages...