Monday, May 27, 2013


I am not a big fan of Christianity, particularly the Roman Catholic Church; anyone who knows me will tell you that.  But a few days ago when Pope Francis announced that "God" loves everybody, including atheists and that all of us are "redeemed," I felt like a breath of fresh air had come out of the Church.  Good for you Francis, I thought.  You're moving the Church in the right direction - finally.  Well, that was until today.

Rev. Thomas Rosica, a Vatican spokesman, boldly announced that the Pope was WRONG; atheists still are going to hell.  Awh shucks.  To digress for just a moment, Church doctrine and dogma considers all pagans, heathens, and other forms of non-believing humanity atheists.  It does not matter is you believe in a pantheon of gods or none; you're an atheist and therefore not worthy of "salvation."  Especially if you know about the Church and reject its "message."  Now, let's get back on  track.

In the real world, the private sector and even in government, a subordinate who tells the world that his boss is wrong, finds himself swimming in a deep pool of fecal matter.  Such not so cool moves result in dismissal, or worse.  The Pope, according to the Church's doctrine and dogma, is its leader and the mouthpiece of its god on earth.  A rational mind would think that Rosica should be dismissed, canned, drummed out of his job, and defrocked.  Don't expect that to happen.  Remember, this is the Roman Catholic Church; many of its pedophiles still run free.  But even if it did, the poisoned doctrine and dogma would still live on.

Rabid clerics and greedy politicians took a simple message about love and created a straight-jacket  religion with a "us versus them" ideology.  If God truly is all powerful and all love, he/she is not going to give two farts against the wind if a person believes or not.  But people do, and that is where the problem lies.  So, leave deity out of it.  When you do that, you will see how silly all that man-made doctrine and dogma really is.  Here is a radical idea to chew on.

Maybe "God" should whisper into Francis' ear that it's time for a new Crusade to rid Christianity of the real non-believers like Rev. Thomas Rosica.  He and his ilk are still protecting an institution whose time has come to pass on.  But what the hell do I know.  I'm just a crazy heathen, a non-believer.

                                                    Copyright @2013 Terry Unger

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Reluctant Hero Trilogy Published

I am happy to announce that my Reluctant Hero Trilogy is now published.  The Trilogy consists of The Last Wizard - The Story of a Reluctant Hero, Son of the Morrigan, and Ragnarok.  These three titles are still available as separate purchases.  However, the Reluctant Hero Trilogy is half  the price versus buying my three books individually.  The Trilogy is re-edited and re-formatted for better reading.  And, it is available as a 6x9 softcover or an e-book on Amazon  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am happy to announce the release and publishing of my latest book, Three Tall Tales.  As of this date, it is available as an e-book on Createspace and tomorrow on Kindle.  In approximately 7 days, it will be available on Amazon, world-wide. .

Unity of a Forgotten Kind

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