Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Beginnings....Texas..... 11/30/2010

Since that time, we've come a long way!!!

The Reluctant Hero Trilogy, Three Tall Tales, and A Yule Anthology published ! All the books are available on Amazon.  BUt, you can order them on my blog - direct links to Amazon !

The Eyes of a Dog

For those who have a dog, you quickly discovered that your doggie is not a pet, but a real family member.  And this family member is usually the first to greet you when you get home.  It does not matter what kind of jerk or saint you were that day; you get 100% positive attention from your furry pal.  When you are feeling poorly, your dog knows and comforts you.  And, when your dog looks at you and smiles, you are getting unconditional love.  In your dog's eyes, you are his or her only rock star.  It is unfortunate that these wonderful creatures are only with us for a short span of our lives.  

So, when a priest from a religion that has rejected divine immanence in all life (among other things) tells you that your dog has no "soul," walk away.  When said priest or priests tell you that your dog had a "special animation" that expired at death, run.  That religion and its' source has had it wrong about many things for at least two millennium.  Things like, when they still insist that women are a big source of evil, your body and sex are dirty and should be avoided, and that this life is bad; your suffering and denials in this life will earn you a seat of righteous in the life after death.  Rubbish.  Those who know understand the phrase, "we are our deeds."  And, denying life and all its goodness is not part of this worldview.  

The next time that your dog looks at you with unconditional love, consider this:  maybe the gods are looking at you through your dog's eyes, "seeing" how other creatures "see" you.  After all, when the letters are reversed, dog does spell god.  

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Unity of a Forgotten Kind

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