Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rookie Errors

Normally, I do not post about this stuff - I just do not.  But every now and then, things pop up and piss me off; then the obligation felt to spout off is rabid.  This is one of those rare times.

Recently in Norman, Oklahoma a teacher, in an elective philosophy class, told his students that, "to be white is to be racist, period."  This is a loaded statement that has obvious overt complications.  In Norman, a city that is at least 90% white, this did not sit well with some folks and their evening meal.     

The Norman school district was pressed for a response.  It was tepid, at best.  According to them, the "discussion was poorly handled," but at this point, the teacher in question, who happens to be a white guy will not be disciplined.  Why?  It's part of the progressive agenda.  This shit used to start at the collegiate level but it appears that the progressives cannot wait to fuck with young people's heads.  And this guy does have his supporters at the collegiate level.   

A liberal fluff-tard professor from the University of Oklahoma stated that "research supports" the teacher's statement.  What research is that?  Research that puts Europeans in a bad light?  To make people of European descent feel bad for being white?  Then the good professor goes on to blow off the teacher's words as "a rookie error."  Sorry professor, you are mistaken.  A rookie error happens when an over inflated college quarter-back is drafted by the NFL, put into the starting lineup and consistently fumbles the ball, putting points on the board for the other team.  If continued, this rookie error is rectified by the coach, general manager, and front office because it costs the "team gross revenue."   Too bad we do not have that when it comes to our children's "educators."  But alas, I too, being the laid back man that I am, have been labeled not just a racist, but a nazi.  

For reasons not needed here, I do not care for fish.  There is nothing wrong with fish.  I just do not care to eat it.  And, the  only foods that I will eat raw are fruits and vegetables.  I like my beef medium, just a tad pink inside.  As for pork and poultry, just to the point of being done, not over cooked.  So, a reasonable person would understand why I do not like sushi.  It's raw and it's fish.  But some idiots called me racist because I do not like sushi.  No shit.  As the conversation progressed, I was labeled a nazi because I like bratwurst and kraut.  Again, no shit.  Once upon a time, I was invited to speak at a local library.  When the subject of the old German concept of wergild and its' relationship to our modern insurance came up, I was labeled as a racist and nazi, again.  At my age I do not need this stuff in my life; another reason why I no longer speak in public.  

So what does my personal life have to do with what happened in Norman Oklahoma?  Liberal, progressive folks use the words racist and nazi to silence anyone who 1) has an argument they cannot surmount and 2) it paints anyone who does not agree with their point of view as not just "evil" but disgustingly dirty and deviant.  And when repeated enough, the masses believe it.  Then we have questions.  

If a person likes both sushi and brats/kraut are they just a nazi who enjoys fish?  Are you automatically a racist if you are born white?  And, if my wife and I have a baby, did we commit a hate crime?  When considering the events in Norman Oklahoma and other stuff, these are the questions that rattle my brain.  

There is no brain surgery or rocket science involved when common sense dictates that we all need to respect each other, cultures, and traditions.  

In anticipation of any blow back, let me say this to those who hate:  please take a fucking leap into the next rolling donut that you can find.  Hopefully, the hole will accommodate your smallness.   

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Galdr, Frequency, Harmonics, and Vibration

In recent years Asatruars/Heathens have become interested in Galdr, an Old Norse name for a spell or incantation preformed during specific religious rites.  And the word is found elsewhere.  It is derived from an older word, gala, which means - singing, incantations.  In Old High German and Old English gala is found as galan, which roughly means to sing or chant.  And, in Old High German Galdr is known as Galster.  In Old English, it is known as Galdor or Gaeldor.  Interestingly, some scholars think that Galdr/Galster/Galdor was sung or chanted at a higher pitch.  For the sake of this essay let's assume this postulation is true.  In the next segment, we need to rely on Mr. Webster.  

Webster says that Frequency is - 1:  the fact or condition of ( addition) occurring frequently  2a:  the number of times a periodic function repeats the same sequence of values during a unit variation of the independent variable  b:  the number, proportion, or percentage of items in a particular category in a set of data.  3:  the number of repetitions of a periodic process in a unit of time as  a:  the number of complete alternations per second of an alternating current  b:  the number of complete oscillations per second of energy in the form of waves. *

Harmonics, according the Webster is - 1a:  One whose vibration frequency is an integral multiple of that of the fundamental ..... *

Finally, Webster tells us that Vibration is - 1a:  A periodic motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed. *    

Admittedly, the above definitions are a gaggle of words that confuse those of us without a scientific bent.  This, by the way, includes me.  But let me tell you how I struggle to understand this.  Hang in there, dear reader, it's worth it.  

Music has its' various keys/octaves that produce different frequencies/harmonics/vibrations.  These we can hear.  For instance, the key  of "C" can be played at different "levels".  But there are sounds operating at higher frequencies/harmonics/vibrations that we cannot hear.  Like dog whistles.  And sounds that are so high pitched that they break things.  Then we have radio and television.  

When these energy waves are multiplied to a bigger, harmonic level, they can be "received" at a 'higher channel," a multiplied harmonic.  If we posit all of the above to be true, we are faced with a startling reality.  

If we practice Galster, chanting runes daily, over and over again with visualization, we can change and uplift our lives. We must do so frequently that the Galster becomes one with our being.  It stands to reason then, that practicing Galster at a higher "frequency" by raising our voice, raising the octave, can lift us to higher levels of consciousness, Jung's Collective Unconsciousness, or even lower levels of divinity.  It takes time and practice, trial and error.  In the end, it's all up to you.  

*Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, Copyright @2007 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.   

                                                Copyright @2016 Terry Unger 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ghosts of Yule Past, Present, and Future

Modern Heathens owe Charles Dickens and his Christmas Carol (original title - A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas) a debt of gratitude.  Yes we do.  Dickens wrote this piece at the time when Victorian Age England looked at how they celebrate the holiday.  Historians think that Dickens's Carol is responsible for the current state of Christmas/Yuletide gaiety that was suppressed in the 17th century (1600's) by the stodgy Puritans.  Those people just did not want anyone to have fun.  The Yule tree, Yule log, greenery, singing, wassailing, family and friends gathering, drinking and eating were back in England.  Christmas became again, more, Heathen.  So too, Dickens's Ghosts.  
 Asatruars/Heathens understand wyrd/orlog.  If you are one of the aforementioned and do not, please do.  Your literal future depends on it.  And, we have ghosts, all of us.  The ghosts referred to are memories of failed actions, where words and deeds of the worst placed planks of orlog in the well of wyrd.  It is these memories, nightmares of the past that haunt the present. Just like Scrooge.  If like Scrooge the behavior continues, the ghost of Yule future is horrible, born from the build up of the same behavior.  Following that old man's steps is not a bad idea.
Scrooge saw the light.  He changed his behavior.  He went from scoundrel to saint, loser to winner. He changed the planks of orlog he placed in the well of wyrd.  Scrooge became a better man, a good man.  His past did not disappear, its still there.  But, it became less painful and gradually faded under the weight of changed behavior.  It is not just the return to a more Heathen Yuletide that we must credit Dickens.  This author gave us a timeless story about personal redemption.  A worthy one.  

There is no time, Heathen soul, like the present for self-improvement.  Don't get Scrooged.  

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Wodan, Geri, Freki, and the Lower Self

Sometimes we can find other things that stick out within the Northern Lore.  This is just one of the many......

The Lore tells us that Wodan/Odin has two wolves, Geri and Freki, who are his constant companions, as are his ravens, Hugin and Munin (see Your Personal Ravens - Hugr and Munr 9/20/2016).  Scholars tell us that the names Geri and Freki mean "the greedy one" and/or "the ravenous one."  So, we have two greedy and ravenous canines.  And, All-Father, according to the Lore, knows how to treat them.  

Within the Grimnisal and the Gylfaginning we find All-Father feeding his companions.  In one instance, we see All-Father ALLOWING Geri and Freki to eat some of the flesh of the battle slain.  In the other example, All-Father feeds Geri and Freki with the food from his own table; he consumes nothing but wine as his food and drink (the food on All-Father's table is limited to what is there).  That All-Father consumes nothing but wine, not mead or ale is important.

In the northern climes, grapes to make wine could not be grown, but during the Germanic migration Age and the Viking Age, wine was something that the better off sought as a trading commodity - it was a rich man's drink; mead and ale were left for the common man (this was also true for the Germanic tribes).  And, in my opinion, imported wine may have been thought of like Soma (Sanskrit), a ritualistic stimulant drink (something from our proto-Indo-Iranian-European past).  Here I must state that wine "may have been thought of like Soma..."  not in a literal but figurative sense. Within the context of our northern Lore, this wine was the drink of All-Father, something to help improve his higher self, or something to set him apart.  In my opinion, it was an added extra on top of "the Mead of Inspiration."  It was that which opened up new worlds of the Mind.  So, what could all of this mean to us today?  

In both sources we see All-Father feeding his companions, Geri and Freki.  In my opinion, Geri and Freki, the greedy, ravenous ones, are metaphors for our lower, baser, selves.  Contrary to Monotheistic salvation doctrine, All-Father tells us NOT to ignore the needs of our lower self (the body, sex, eating, drinking, enjoying life, etc.) - He tells us to feed it, just enough to satisfy these basic needs (not gorging yourself or engaging in any form of gluttony.  The Havamal contains many admonitions concerning gluttony).  Then we see that All-Father, after taking care of his Geri and Freki, drinks wine - the all that he needs - for refreshment and renewal.  For us, that wine of refreshment and renewal can and should be found in contemplation and meditation.  Hot Damn!  What a difference a World-View can make!

                                                    Copyright @2016 Terry Unger


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Part Two - The Ordering of the Heavens

Yesterday I posted an essay, The Ordering of the Heavens and believed it to be a good post.  As my luck would have it, I made certain assumptions; I forgot that not all of my readers are Heathen and/or some are new to Heathenry/Asatru.  And, some confusion arose.  So below is a clarification/explanation for those folks who need one.

In the realm of Orlog, Wyrd, Our Words and Deeds we deserve what we get.  Within this very same realm, if indeed there is an afterlife, we earn/have earned the particular destination and our "special place" in it.  There is no other way around this point.  Therefore, every man should strive for this goal: 
       Do not waste any of your time pining away over some glorious or beautiful afterlife; that's a Monotheistic thing.  Make every minute in your life count for the Good.  Always strive to do your best for family, folk, tribe, and community.  If you do this well enough, at your wake people will only have one thing to say - He was a good man, and we will remember his deeds.  This Northern Soul, is a true after life that we can make for ourselves.   

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Ordering of the Heavens

As the title suggests, the Gods ordered the heavens and filled them with vast Halls, presumably for us.  Even Heathen Hel has its Halls - go ask Balder.  We humans are presumptuous enough to assume  that these Halls are for us, based on bits and pieces of Lore and our heartfelt hope.  After all, it would be a sad state if there were none, but what proof is there, beyond Lore and UPG?  Being human and fearful of oblivion, I "know" that I am destined for one of these Halls (based on the bits of Lore, UPG, "fear of oblivion," and heartfelt hope).  My ancestors will greet me, also true friends who had passed before.  But what of my faithful dogs?  

Monotheism, in particular Christianity, teaches that animals do not have a "soul."  They are beasts that are animated with "something special" and when they die that "something special" dies with them; the animal meets its oblivion.  This type of theology should be expected from a philosophy/religion that is based on  salvation doctrine which rejects life and the world.  And, to think that salvation doctrine rejoices in life is, in my opinion, God-damned foolishness.  It is the forfeiture of life and all that this world has to offer.  It is the life and world accepting worldview that is truly rich and rewarding.  

It is the latter world view that is held by neo-pagans and Heathens.  When adhering to this world view, a person develops a sense that nothing is truly "separate" ..... our Gods are with us, just as our ancestors and Matronae.  Life and the world are good, not something to avoid as the Salvationists want you to believe.  It is then within this "sense," this life and world affirming view, that we understand all life is indeed important and even sacred.  And if I, a mere finite mortal human understand this, what of the Gods?  

It is my "belief" that my faithful hounds, true friends that have passed on before me, along with my ancestors will be by my side in whatever Hall receives me.  Personally, I care nothing for that which limits Life and Love in all its' expressions. The Gods ordered the heavens and filled them with vast Halls.......

                                                    Copyright @2016 Terry Unger

Unity of a Forgotten Kind

The world and all it contains, both seen and unseen stands with mankind in a state of consubstantiation.  Our ancestors understood this as...