Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Ramblings of an Insane Man

I have a beautiful mind.  The closer I get to insanity, the brighter things become.  But who can grasp the light while still stumbling in the dark?  Ah, beautiful darkness......ah, divine madness!

If a child ignores the parent, is that paradise lost....or found?  Is the lifeboat one size fits all?

It has been said that death is just a gateway to the womb.  If that is true, birth must be an entrance to hell.

The outcome of any game is never assured, unless it's your ball.

The bark of a tree is thick and can withstand much, unlike human skin that quickly yields; even more so a fragile ego.

Loss of things does not matter; loss of love does.

The heart of a man will beat strong and true as long as his spirit endures.

One day I rescued a dog.  Overtime, I realized that he rescued me.

When I was a young man, I thought I'd never die.  When I look back, I see wasted time.  I plod on.

Victory is death, death is life; the plot thickens.

There were times in my life when I rushed to fill myself with varied experiences.  One day I realized that was like putting ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag.  My bag runneth over.

I used to believe that time heals all wounds.  I was wrong.

Death comes to all of us.  Sitting in a corner waiting for it is a waste of time.

In these times it's tough being an individual; so many people carping on you to "get with it and join the modern world."  It's hard being a renegade.

A "sound bite" is when spoken verbiage is used and a word bite is the usage of selected written words.  Both bites contain the right selections of words to confuse or inebriate the brain dead.  Never confuse the bites with full quotes.

Tolerance is a wonderful thing.  But, if you want me to be tolerant of you, you better damned well be tolerant of me.  That is not just the fair thing but the right thing to do.

If mental illness is characterized by a person's quirky individuality, does that mean sanity is a person's brain dead nothingness?

It's a hard job getting out of the way of the stampeding lemmings.  There are so many of them headed in the same direction.

If you don't like my breath, you are standing too close to me.  If you can't stand my brilliance, you forgot your sunglasses.  If you don't like what I say, your earplugs fell out.

Like Timothy Leary, who experimented with LSD, I experimented with beer and mead.  My mind did not expand.

It is said that Odin is thousands of times more demanding on himself than He is on us.  I am more demanding on myself than Odin.  The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, and their dissemination must be relentless.  Keep digging.

Ragnarok must be coming.  I've run out of finger and toenails to clip!!!

                                        Copyright @2012  Terry Unger

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