Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Kind of Wassailing Song for Yuletide

 I am not really good with poetry.  This is my feeble attempt to give all of my pagan and heathen friends a gift of song for Yule.  And, to all who just like to sing!  I think that the music from the above video is spot on.

                                                Another Wassailing Song for Yule   

                                  The melody is the same as The Gloucestershire Wassail

                             The lyrics are a heavy adaptation from the above by Terry Unger.

                                         Wassail, wassail all over the land,
                                         Our prost is true and our drink’s not bland. 
                                         Our horn is made from a champion bull,
                                         And With this horn, we’ll drink our fill.    

                                        Here’s to Wodan, to his good eye and sound ears,
                                        May Wodan help us to get many good years. 
                                        Prosperous these years, as we’ll ever see,
                                        With our wassailing horn, Wodan, we'll drink to thee.   

                                        Here is to Frigga with her big blue eyes, 
                                        Oh Frigga, do help us to make a great mince pie. 
                                        A great mince pie, the best we've ever tasted,
                                        And with our wassailing horn, none will be wasted. 
                                        Here is to Thor and to his strong hand,
                                        Lord Thor you help us all over the land.  
                                        With this mighty help for all to see, 
                                        Lord Thor with our wassailing horn, we'll drink to thee. 

                                        Here is to Frey and to his good ship,
                                        Lord Frey, help us to fill our fields past our hips. 
                                        And with crops good and full for all to see,
                                        Lord Frey with our wassailing horn, we’ll drink to thee.  

                                        Here is to Freya and to her long hair,
                                        Lady Freya, give us many days fair 
                                       And with these days fair for all to see,
                                       Lady Freya with our wassailing horn we’ll drink to thee.   

                                       Hail to the returning Sun and to its warm light, 
                                       This promise of life diminishes the night. 
                                       Now these days grow long for all to see,
                                       Mighty Sun, with our wassailing horn we’ll drink to thee.  
                                       We praise our Yule with 12 good nights,
                                       It is our season that brings us the light. 
                                       This season Yule grows bright for all to see,
                                       And with our wassailing horn we’ll drink to thee. 

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