Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Book Project In the Works!

I am happy to announce that soon a new book of mine with be available to the public.  The working title is - Three Tale Tales - and, as the title suggests, it will be three short stories.  These fictional stories will be about  the life and times of one of the characters I've developed while introducing another.  Below is a snippet from the first story.

                                           Tarr and His Amazing Flying Machine 

Tarr loved to sleep and dream under the stars.  And since he was more or less ‘retired’ from the active leadership of his tribe, he had more time to dream.  He was not in any shake of the stick old; Tarr just wanted to do more in his other tribal position as their Vitki.  Tarr had his share of battles and many times he led his tribe to victory over their foes.  His face was living proof:  a scar, laid there by an enemy’s sword, extended from above his right eye all the way past his cheek bone.  His loving wife did her best with a healing salve to ward off infection but in the end, the hot blade of his seax, made cherry red by the hearth’s fire, finished the task.  Then, there was the damage to his sword arm. 
             Tarr had taken one too many hits to his right shoulder and bicep muscle.  But still, he could wield a sword as well as any man; Tarr was not just any man.  He was a major chieftain, who some called Gothi and his tribe’s Vitki.  Losing Tarr would be a major blow to the tribe, and his loss could create an unstable condition within the region.  In battle, if a chieftain was a hare’s second slow, he died.  Tarr was aware of that.  Being selfish was not a part of his tribe’s frith, even though there could be found a few men who would want all of that glory.  But Tarr being Tarr had an idea that would benefit the tribe and allow him his personal desires.  These following words and deeds are what led to his, ah… ‘Retirement.’  
            Althing always was held in neutral territory with plenty of space to accommodate all of the freemen and their booths (tents).  And as was the custom, there had to be plenty of room for feasting and drinking.  Tarr loved the social mingling that happened during Althing.  Every man had a chance to speak, cast votes, and then tell of his daring-do.  Even though Tarr was head chieftain, he loved it when ............

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New Book !

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