Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The View From My Front Porch

Today is the 3rd of April and it is a balmy 77 degrees here in the Texas Gulf Coast.  The sky is a beautiful crystal blue and the air is fresh and clean.  As I sit on the front porch and pop open a can of PBR, I see a thing or two.

It must be time for bread and circuses.  People are screaming about their personal condition but appear to not want to lift a finger to help themselves.  They expect others, or government, to help them.  Good luck with that.  Words hurt them and they seek protective space.  Personal backbone can go many a mile but it seems today that a person has to be born with one.

There was a time when people would not accept a handout; only a few accepted a hand up.  It seems to me that many people lack courage and actively  shun self-reliance to make their way in this world; it's easier to have it handed to you.  So, what honor befits a man who prefers to wait for scraps instead of being industrious?  To help himself?

There are jobs; get one.  Join the military and travel the world; see how lucky you have it back home (and golly gee, you will get that free college education).  All honest work is honorable.  Go to school, learn a trade; yes, get your hands dirty - it washes off.  But alas, that's work and it's hard.  Too bad.  For me and mine, life is good because we worked for it.  This is one old dog who will not leave the porch to help these people.

                                                    Copyright @2014/2016 Terry Unger  

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