Friday, February 10, 2017

The Waters of Wyrd

Many folks, those deeply enmeshed in materialism, believe themselves to be invincible.  This feeling of invincibility usually is coupled with the feeling of "I am like Teflon, nothing sticks to me."  Not only is this a false assumption but one that could be deadly.  

Words and deeds (action) lay down our personal threads of Orlog within Urd's well of living waters.  And our Orlog becomes intertwined with that of others; Wyrd is formed and cannot be escaped.  Wyrd will be experienced by you the person, your family, and possibly your descendants.  Depending on the working out of Wyrd, the experience can be sweet, bittersweet, or down right bitter for yourself and all involved - past actions can haunt or reward.  Within this vein, how we think about time is important.   

In our world it is unfortunate that the linear concept of time (from Pythagoras, Augustine, and ultimately Christianity) is considered the only way "life within time" is to be had.  Linear time keeps the  past in the past - something to forget; it has little or no influence on the present or the future.  The present (as it moves in a straight line away from the past toward the future) is the current "now," while the future is unformed, unknown, and rather nebulous.  So the person moves through these three distinct and separate parts in a straight line - past, present, and future (the emphasis lies with "distinct and separate parts" and "in a straight line").  While my redundancy is intentional, Ancient Heathen worldview treats time and life differently.

Our Ancestors thought that nothing is static, everything is in some way connected, and is in some form of constant cyclical movement - an evolving state of Total Being.  So the past is a part of the present, and the orlog placed in the Well in the present is added to that of the past.  The future then, is not a separate ethereal thing, but something evolving and a part of the past and present.  Your words and deeds create Orlog and your Orlog shapes your Wyrd.  A person cannot escape his Wyrd or change it.  However, how you handle it when the time comes to face it makes a difference.  Below is a great example.

Many folks find watching birds at high altitudes a beautiful thing.  We watch them glide back and forth, seemingly at will.  Not quite.  The bird is dependent on the air currents - it determines their glide pattern.  The bird cannot change any particular air current but adapts to it so it may glide through it.  We humans cannot change our individual Wyrd, but like the bird we can adapt and face it when it comes due.  So this question must be asked - Hey there cupcake, what kind of guarantee did you get with that Teflon?  

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