Saturday, July 1, 2017

Personal Musings about ALU - ULA

1st July, 2017

A rune master I am not.  The things confuse me.  At one moment I think they are just an alphabet.  Then I think about my ancestors.  In many cases, anything written that contained more than one interpretation could hold magical properties.  It should not come as a surprise for Heathens that Galdr, the singing of runes was used to bring about desired effects.  Above is a simple wood burning. I will refer to it within the body below.   

The  two Ansuz runes are joined together at their vertical staffs.  The regular interpretation for Ansuz is 'gods.'  Is it possible that in ALU - ULA the double Ansuz could mean one God?  The Rune Master Supreme?  Wodan/Odin?

The two Laguz runes also are joined by their vertical staffs.  Laguz usually is interpreted as 'water,' and sometimes 'leeks.'  Water is needed to sustain all life, be it human, animal, or vegetation.  Leeks were used by our ancestors in healing potions.

The  Uruz runes too are joined at their vertical staffs.  The  normal interpretation for Uruz  is 'aurochs,'  The wild untamed bovine beast that is now extinct.  The  Auroch was incredibly strong.  So Uruz symbolizes strength.  But could it also represent strong mental capability?  A strong mind?

When considering ALU - ULA, is it possible that it could be a runic/galdr formula?  One that asks the Gods for health, spiritual cleansing, and strength of mind and body?  Or a union with the Gods on a higher level to obtain the same?  Heady questions that demand personal inquiry.  

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