Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Genius and Insanity Redux

There appears to be a thin line between genius and so-called insanity; the shrinks love it.  Those who gave us so much in the past would be called insane today.  DaVinci and Thomas Edison, van Gogh and Crowley are just a few.   In our modern world, it seems that genius and new ideas are blocked to keep the status quo in check.  And, I hazard to guess why.

Medication appears to be the control method of choice; dope them up to keep them dumbed down.  In the western world, we medicate everybody for everything, including our children (Ritalin).  Medication has its place,but this country is over-medicated.  Why?  Because its easy.  We are to blame for this slavery to the pill.

We have become lazy and prefer to take the easy way, the supposed short way to achieve the goal of good mental, emotional, and physical health (ex: over the counter diet pills or a doc's prescription).  The pharmaceutical companies and our doctors have a pill for everything, a one-size fits all solution for every situation.  And, if it does not work the first time, up the dosage!  The side effects of these chemicals are scary - in many cases, a worse situation can be created from the toxic effects of the drug.  When those toxic levels occur, doctors, as a rule, will not admit to the toxicity; they do not want to be proven or admit they had made a mistake.  Blood pressure medications are a good example.

There is not any need to mention the types/brand names because our media is full of them.  These chemicals will reduce your blood pressure, but the toxicity comes on quickly; your joints and muscles ache like hell.  When you tell your doctor, he switches the medication.  This procedure happens for many medications. Read the side effects, and you will find out that the supposed cure is worse than the actual problem - like, some of this shit can kill you.  Were you ever in your doctor's office, and some person, dressed in professional attire,  walked out carrying a large briefcase?  Odds are that that person is the pharmaceutical company's salesman, dropping off "samples," and more.  Another example targets middle-aged men.

As we age, men and women begin to lose our hormones.  When a man's testosterone level drops, so do other things.  In order for men to "stay in shape," a chemical supplement has been developed.  Depending on age, it is administered by injection or by a creme applied to the chest.  A brand new one is applied as an under arm deodorant.  The side effects range from non-contact with women, children, and animals - because this stuff makes a woman and child sick and will kill your pet.  Great stuff.  But it gets worse; it has a Direct link to Prostate Cancer.  Vanity is a bitch.

We treat depression and anxiety with anti-depressants.  We are told that if we get depressed while taking the drug, we are supposed to talk to the doctor about our depression.  But, the medication was proscribed for depression, so why should it cause depression..... another question for the ages.

People need to take control of their lives, including their health and well being. We put to much trust in doctors, and pills.  In many cases, doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the country becoming a pill nation. Think for yourself. There are other ways (the old fashioned but not yet eliminated methods of exercise, diet, and proper sleep patterns) to truly heal yourself and not become dependent on your doctor and his proscription pad.  This is not to say that medication is not needed for us at the proper time.  But maybe it should come with the admonition - only take when needed.

What would have happened, what would our world be like today, if DaVinci, Edison,van Goth, and Crowley, Mozart, and Bach were medicated for mental illness...for that matter...maybe you.

                                              Copyright@ 2011 & 2012 Terry Unger

Author's Note:  This post is not intended to incite people to empty their medicine cabinets or to tell their doctors to take a flying leap off of a short plank.  It is a plea for people to use common sense and to take control of their lives.

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