Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eagle and Snake

Once lived two beings, their names were Eagle and Snake.  All day Eagle soared high in the sky while Snake slithered along on the ground.  The only time that Snake lifted herself from the ground was when she coiled and then sprang, like a spring, to strike at an adversary.  One day Eagle and Snake noticed each other; they approached each other with awe and respect.  That respect did not last long.  The taunts began and grew bolder every day.  Eagle believed that it was better than Snake, and Snake believed that it was better than Eagle.

Eagle said, " I am free and master of all that I see.  Nothing passes my eyes.  Snake, I am not bound like you.  You slither on the ground and are bound to it.  Snake, you cannot fly."

Snake said, " Eagle, I am free and mistress of all that I see.  Nothing passes my eyes and ears.  I am not bound like you, Eagle.  Yes Eagle, you can soar in the air, but you cannot walk on land.  On land you would starve."

Eagle said, " Silly Snake!  I can see my food from on high and easily surprise and devour it; I never miss!  I am never hungry.  I drink from waterfalls and snatch the salmon in my talons when they jump.  But you lowly Snake, what can you eat, but stinking bugs and stupid rodents?"

Snake said, " Eagle, even though you can see far and from great heights, you are blind.  I too surprise my prey because of my great stealth.  My teeth are long and sharp, and my venom is deadly.  I have had many a tasty meal and never have I gone hungry.  But you Eagle, cannot survive on the ground, walking; you could not keep up with a field mouse.  Eagle, you are nothing without your wings."

Eagle said, " Oh Snake, I have my sharp talons and strong beak to grab, rip, and tear.  I do not need to stumble on the ground.  I am grace in flight, and have no need or desire to stumble on the ground or slither like you Snake.  You Snake have neither legs to walk nor wings to fly.  You are nothing Snake and I do not like you."

Snake said, " Eagle I do not like you.  Your empty insults tell me that you have  no idea of my cunning and prowess.  I have no legs, I have no wings, but I am quicker than you think.  I can strike you first.  I will wrap my coils around you, bite you with my sharp teeth, and my venom will kill you.  Then Eagle, your wings, talons, and beak will be worthless.  I will devour you."

Eagle said, " Oh stupid Snake, you cannot defeat me.  I am from the sky.  I am invincible.  Snake, if it is your wish to be foolish, one day I will test you.  Your flesh I will enjoy and line my nest with your skin."

Those taunts and many more continued and with every taunt, Eagle swooped lower and Snake sprang higher.  The day finally arrived when Eagle swooped low enough and Snake sprang high enough that they joined in mortal combat.  There was much smoke and fire, thunder and lightning.  The ground quaked and the sky shivered.  When the ground stopped quaking and the sky stopped shivering, only a thick cloud remained where Eagle and Snake were once joined.

That cloud hovered silently above the ground for a long time.  Suddenly from that cloud emerged a tail and a pair of wings.  A long, scaly body and a huge spiked head filled with sharp teeth came with the wings and tail.  Two small arms with sharp talons and two strong hind legs completed the new being.  Then, the new being spoke, for all to hear.

It said, " My name is Dragon and I am here to stay.  I am free and master of the skies and mistress of the ground.  I have control over all I see and hear.  I am not bound in any way.  I am grace in flight and nimble of foot.  My food is anything that I desire - I will never hunger.  I am Dragon, I am invincible."

Dragon was the master of the sky and mistress of the ground; Dragon never hungered.  One day Dragon met a new being who called himself Man.  Too bad that they could not live together in peace.

                                                      Copyright @2012 Terry Unger

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