Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Foreward From My Book, Son of the Morrigan, the second book in my Reluctant Hero Trilogy


After finding the first novel in this series – The Last Wizard – highly entertaining, I have been delighted to get a sneak preview of the present work.

As with Wizard, this is fiction, not theology.  While the deities of various elder pantheons, especially the Germanic, play a central role, their depiction is not strictly according to the lore that has come down to us from pre-Christian times.  Something of their spirit, however, is captured quite well, particularly as that spirit is relevant to modern society.

And relevant it is:  the elder gods represent some timeless truths and values.  This novel is far from sugary – in fact, it gets rather spicy at times – and will probably never garner a Good Housekeeping/Moral Majority seal of approval.  But there is a clear moral message.

As in the elder lore, the gods are depicted as mortal, and imperfect.  This is not the Abrahamic idea of deity, perfect and forever unchanging, somewhere out there.  Rather, the gods are multi-faceted; they feel, they learn, and some of them change as the novel goes on. 

While the story is set in the future, it draws upon the past.  The author has woven bits of history, from antiquity to recent days, into his tale.  The interested reader may wish to learn more about the Battle of the Teutoburger Wald, or about Julian the Apostate ... or about the politics of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Or he may wish to just enjoy a romping good read.

Karen M. P. Carlson

Author's Note:  Karen M.P. Carlson is a fantastic editor!  I recommend her.   

                                                  Copyright @2011 Terry Unger 

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