Monday, June 4, 2012

The Opinions Of An Older Man


 A man who denies his family and himself meat is like the man who prefers darkness over light.

 If everything is supposed to be equal, why is everything so different?

 Those who can, do; those that can't, bitch - frequently.

 Friends - you find out who they are when you need them.

 The man who talks too much becomes boring.

 The confident man can stand on his own because of his deeds.  The man who needs the help of others to stand is made of straw.

 The wise man will tolerate a fool for as long as it takes to get away from him.

 The full measure of a man is found in his words and deeds.

 Food and drink will fill a man's belly but knowledge fills his mind and heart.

 Small steps backward are taken to comply.  Bold steps forward are taken for victory.

 Sometimes it is better to be the mouse that is chased by the cat, knowing that the mouse can transform into a dragon and devour the cat.  Too bad for the cat.

 A sunny day is a blessing but rain is needed for growth.

 Keep your own counsel.  Telling others of your plans and dreams is a harbinger of defeat.  Envy and Jealousy are Huge.

 It is true that the victors write the history.  However, the words and music of their victory song is foreign to the vanquished.

 It is said that, "From an acorn comes a mighty oak."  Raise your children well.

 Women are the greatest Mystery.  Don't question it, just go with it.

 Never give up on yourself.  You have reservoirs of strength within you yet to plum.

 If you teach a man to fish he still may ask you for bait.

 When you stand at a crossroad in your life, beware of the speeders.

 Since nature abhors a vacuum, emptiness never lasts.

 The greatest strength you will ever have is not physical.  It is your inner strength that opens many doors.

 Beware of the man who talks too much about himself.  His self-absorption leaves no room for you.

 Seasons come and seasons go, just like life; make the most of yours.  When on your death bed it is too late to think that you should have done more.

 Be careful of the stranger who flatters you and offers you gifts.  Time will tell if he will be a friend or foe.

 Answer love with love and aggression with aggression.  Love will keep returning but when properly met, aggression ends.

 Never raise your voice or hand against your spouse unless you want to sleep alone.

 Honesty has its rightful place among true friends.

 When dreams stop, life stops.

 The pen is mightier than the sword when it cuts just as well.  The pen offers less physical effort, giving its holder the opportunity to make more strokes.

 Like the man who is lost in the fog, the man who thinks with his penis always will be lost.

 Waiting around for your life to happen is like waiting for a bus that never shows up.

 The difference between "do" and "can" is "I will."

 Faith is the blind adherence to a dogma.  As a result, reason is tossed out the window.

 Today's doctors have come full circle; we're back to blood sucking leeches. 

 Do not trust the man who professes to know everything - he really knows nothing.

  Have no concerns when fools laugh at you - they are jealous.

 If a man wants to know a woman's heart, he must open his.

 Justice comes to those who seek it.

 A man can work from dawn until dusk.  The only true recipient of his labors is his soul.

 True love between a man and woman should never be underestimated.  It is the stuff that holds the Multiverse together - the micro via the macro.

 The nexus of life begins with creation.  The nexus of creation is love.  The nexus of love is need.  Life and love all begin in our need.  Creation is the expression of need.

A man breathes in air all of his life.  But, is the man aware of the true substance of which he inhales?  The last breath tells all.

 The Multiverse is a really tough broad; slap her, and her one-two combination punch will knock you out.

 When I look into my grandchildren's eyes I can see forever.

 A man's purpose is to grow, experience, and evolve; so too the Multiverse.  It never ends.

 A tape measure serves to record the distance between two points, not the measure of a man's life.

 A hero is a person who saw adversity and took a stand against it.

 In many cases, the difference between the villain and the victor is - who wins the contest.  The victor writes the history and in so doing makes sure that the villain is vanquished over and over again.

 A man who is not faithful to his wife is not true to his family.  A positive culture does not sanction infidelity of any kind. 

 Sometimes life appears so absurd that it begs the question, "Are the inmates really running this asylum?"

 There never is an ending to anything, only new beginnings.

 Monotheism - A poorly minted excuse to destroy cultures and lower morality.

 Forgiveness will never take away the pain of what happened.  However, forgiving yourself will take the edge off of your self-loathing; that's worth it.

 Reality is based on perception.  Perception requires numerous reality checks.

 When a person says something is absolute, that something is complete with no need of evolving.  Nothing is absolute except 200 proof Vodka.

 Your heart is the temple where the gods reside; keep it clean.

 The hardest thing for a good man to do is admit defeat.  That is why good men n

 Luck is not something you have, rather, it is something you make.

 Dragon's Breath - love it!  If it offends you, maybe you are standing to close to me.  

 A wise man never walks alone.

 Blasphemy is the art and science of telling the religious right to piss off.

 The tortoise does not always win the race; the ones who prepare are the winners.

 The things that the so-called righteous consider deviant today will be acceptable to them tomorrow.

 Dogs are wonderful; we can learn a lot from them.

 Age has the gift of memory.  Young folks need to respect that fact. 

 Gentlemen - when your wife tells you that she will be ready in two minutes, sit down and relax; just go with it.  Two minutes works on the multiples of ten.  

When the teacher and sage are made into a priest, organized religion is not far behind.  When that happens, many truths are thrown out the window. 
Why is it that so many young men continue to make fashion missteps - like wearing their pants half-way down their asses.  I really don’t care what kind of underwear they wear.  And please, discover the difference between a hat and a cap. 

                                  Copyright @2012 Terry Unger 

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