Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Satisfaction, as defined by Merriam - Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, copyright @2007, is......
1a: the payment through penance of the temporal punishment incurred by a sin   b: reparation for sin that meets the demands of divine justice   2a: fulfillment of a need or want   b: the quality or state of being satisfied: CONTENTMENT   c: a source or means of enjoyment: GRATIFICATION.....

There are a few more but for the purpose of this post, the above will suffice.

When you read the first definition, parts a and b, you could be led to the assumption that God, the Gods, or the Powers that Be receive special satisfaction when humans are punished for their "sins."  That assumption and what people are led to think, I find ridiculous.  People should concern themselves with the definitions mentioned in 2a, b, and c.  But to do so, a person needs to focus on himself, and the hell with everyone else.  And, who are those, "everyone else?"

Certainly not your loved ones but the so many other hangers-on who are willing to point out your failures; like leeches, they will suck the life force out of you if you let them.  These people have become the self-proclaimed surrogates and enforcers for their interpretation of divinity, at least according to the definitions mentioned in 1a and b above.  It is as if those people are auditioning to be medieval inquisitors.  When they point out your failures and that of others, it deflects from their doing nothing with their lives.  And doing nothing is the biggest failure of humanity.  Forget about these people; they do not give a hoot about you.  Live your life; step away from the herd and be an individual.  Here is a hint:  satisfaction, and all that is needed to get it, is within you.  

                                                   Copyright @2012 Terry Unger

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