Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Private Thoughts For Public Consumption

It is far better to die in the arms of your true love than in the arms of those whose only interest is what's in your pockets.

You can't get blood from a stone, oil from a dry well, or beer from an empty barrel.  The first two are beyond hope but at least you can refill the barrel.

People forgot my successes but constantly remind me of my failures.  I have forgotten those people.  

Many of life's problems can be negotiated with the proper fermented spirits.

Measuring sticks come with different calibrations.  When I used other folks measuring sticks, I always came up short; did not measure up to whatever the status quo was at that time.  So I made my very own. Now I am always successful.  These folks are welcome to  use mine.

I found that the journey has more to offer than the final destination.  The destination is the goal but it's the journey that gets you there; it's the learning experience.  When I set a goal I always pack my bags.

If we were to take the entire amount of humanity's knowledge and wisdom and mold it into a ball, that ball would be lost within the infinite Multiverse of Being.  Stay humble.

I have found that when people constantly point out the failures of others, those finger pointers have deflected attention from the fact that they have done absolutely nothing with their lives.  Doing nothing with your life is the biggest failure of humanity.

I do not waste my time trying to placate other people.  When I decide to burn a bridge, it is a carefully crafted event.  I have no reason or desire to travel over it again.

My wife and I have the perfect pre-nuptial agreement.  It's called love.

One day while waiting to catch the Metro to join Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway for one of our booze and bullshit sessions, I endured a Vincent van Gogh moment.  Thankfully, I like my ears.  When I told the tale to my two friends, Twain smiled and poured me a drink while Hemingway offered me his gun.  I declined his offer, saying that he may need it in his own endeavors.

Children are wonderful.  I like being a kid; more fun in it.

Dining out is not what it used to be.  When I have to ask for water and utensils, I pick myself up and vacate the premises.

I have often wondered why a place that makes good pizza cannot make a good plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

I have often thought if the meat that is used by some fast food joints for their roast beef sandwiches is nothing more than beef jerky that was soaked overnight in water.

I have often wondered why people, when at a fast food place, will super-size everything but order a diet soft drink to wash down all the crap they just devoured.

Recently, I have thought a lot about Walmart.  How long will it be before Walmart implodes?  And, how will that effect unemployment?  Not kidding.  Isn't Walmart our second largest employer?  There was a time when Walmart bragged about having the "lowest prices."  Now, they just talk about their "lower prices."  The search for things not  made in China continues.

The darkness of night is relieved by the rising sun.  So too, when you pull yourself out of your self-made pit.  Life has its cherries and pits.  Toss the pits, enjoy the cherries.

I wonder about the future of Facebook.  Will it go the way of MySpace, or worse?  I think so.  In this age, there always is "the next best thing" on the horizon.  Like, a 5G phone.  IPOs be damned.

When an insanely wealthy person creates a "Foundation," is it truly for the benefit of others?  Or to feed that person's ego?  Or to be used by that person to peddle influence of various natures?  I wonder about things like this.

It appears to me that when a society prospers, it falls into a false sense of security and becomes apathetic.  That security in the things that prosperity brings is indeed a false prophet.

My mind is a beautiful thing.  I have wasted much, spent much but my mind appears to be limitless.  So, I will return to dream a little more.

Recently I had my annual checkup.  The doctor said that I was in excellent health, but I knew that.  Then he told me about his concern for me as his patient.  Oh wow.  My guess?  He had no basis to proscribe any drugs for me.  Does that make me abnormal?

I tried to stay humble by using guilt as a ball and chain to keep me grounded in that frame of mind.  That was not just wrong, but harmful to my mental well-being.  I tossed guilt under the bus and had no problem about doing it.

My morality is subject to my mortality.  I have no absolute certainty of what is in-store for me when I go for my eternal dirt nap.

When I am happy, the world is happy.  When I am sad, the world is sad.  I think it's all about perspective.                                

                                                 Copyright @2012/2015 Terry Unger

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