Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Since You Asked...

Currently, I am writing a short story and a novel; both contain a degree of history within them.  Since they are works of fiction, I do not have to include a bibliography.  My interpretations are what they are - mine.  However, when it comes to the basic history, I do try to color within the lines.  When I venture outside of those lines, my interpretations , just chalk it up as artistic licence.  It is my intent that my new characters, just like the ones found throughout my Reluctant Hero Trilogy, will not just entertain the reader, but engage him in various mental comparisons of himself  and others.  The short story, probably, will find its way to Amazon's creatspace.  The novel is much more involved and is a collaboration between my wife Sandra and I.  The novel's history is local, and needs a lot of personal investigation into various people, places, and things.  Since many of you have asked, this is what I/we are doing.  Among other things like planting a garden, trees, flowers, etc for our new home.  And there always is the two of us Sandra and I, watching the beautiful Texas sky while sipping a beer.  

                                                  Copyright @2013 Terry Unger  

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