Friday, March 15, 2013

The Refrigerator and Land Wights

My wife and I have a 20 cubic foot frig.  I guess for a family of four that would be small but it's just the two of us and we have no problem filling the damned thing every week.  We love our beef, pork, and chicken, fresh veggies and fruits.  Add to that our juices, milk, bottled water, and of course beer.  All of that is great but two days before we go to market, the frig looks naked.  Where did all the stuff go?  When full, was it an optical illusion, or do we eat to much?  Or could there be strange spirits afoot?

I have to go with the latter.  I've been sober enough to know that it is not an optical illusion.  I also know that we do not over eat.  No kidding.  So it must be the land spirits that are around us helping themselves to our bounty.  Should we try to appease them by giving them some sort of offering?  Judging by the open frig space that we have before market, a few morsels in a bowl just might insult them.  These guys are not the Jul Lads that come to visit us every December.  When the holiday is over, the Lads go home, wherever that is.  At least they have some kind of social decorum.

We thought about buying less, but these guy will still eat their fill.  Which means we get to eat less.  Just to appease these land wights?  Well, maybe eating less is not a bad thing.  Hey!  What a great diet idea!  Less food in the frig, eat less, and maybe put the land wights on a diet!  Outstanding!  Maybe I will get the Nobel Prize in Economics.

                                              Copyright @2013/2015 Terry Unger  

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