Friday, July 12, 2013


As human beings who sit at the top of the food and evolutionary chain of life, we should have respect for all things.  I love a good steak, but I am aware of the sacrifice made for me to enjoy it while nourishing my body.  That steer did not voluntarily give up its' life so I could enjoy it.  It just did not.  The steer did not think or say, "Terry needs meat, therefore I will sacrifice myself for him."  On the contrary, it hated its' death - because no living thing wants to die. This awareness of mine, though it may seem gross to some, makes me appreciate what I have to eat.  I had the same awareness when I hunted deer, rabbit, and pheasants for food.  Having respect for all things in this world is a good thing, but I take umbrage to so many young people who demand of their elders that we earn their respect before they give it to us.  What rubbish.  Here I go again on waxing on the past.

When, as a young sprout who sat on his father's, grandfather's, and uncle's knee, I never questioned their words.  These guys were my elders, and through experience, they knew much more than I did.  They have my respect, and always will.  Unfortunately, many of the young folks today demand that the older folks prove to them their worthiness, to be judged by the young, to garner their respect.  This is out and out bullshit.  It stems from the young believing that the older generations, starting with their parents, are the source of their collective heart-ache.  This is nothing more than trying to put the blame for your own failed expectations on someone else.  You are the masters of your fate.  Nobody else.  To those who espouse to this belief (blaming another, whether you believe it or not), I tell you now that it's time to put on your big boy pants and grow up.  Unless your elder is a convicted pedophile or mass killer, what is the problem?  If this was the case, it's him/her, not you.  And heed this - the young who ignore the past by turning a deaf ear to their elders are condemned to repeat it, in all its modern forms.  Suck on that lollipop.

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