Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When Your Accuser Is Wrong

We humans have strange ways of communicating.  And in cyber-space, it appears that these ways have not only increased, but have morphed into the seemingly incredulous.  Some folks, who are silent in the real world, when on-line, gain the cyber equivalent of "beer muscles."  That said, there is one thing that doesn't change; when a person accuses you of something based on hearsay, another's opinion, and half-truths.

This happens to all of us.  In the real world, instead of coming to you and asking, "Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot (WTF), the offended chooses to sever all ties with you.  You are not given the chance to defend yourself, unless you decide to pursue the issue against whatever accusation was laid upon you by a third party (who just may have a personal agenda).  Personally, those who do not come to me and ask what the hell is going on I do not bother to pursue them, let alone the issue.  Eventually, they will discover the truth.  This in the real world.  Plus, what kind of "real friend" can these people be?  Cyber-space has similar characteristics but they are over the top, and almost down-right hilarious; I  do not pursue them.

So, how many of your "friends" on Facebook, Twitter, etc. do you know, in the personal sense.  How many of them have you touched, hugged, or kissed, physically?  With how many of them have you shared a pot of coffee?  And more importantly, how many of them have your shared fears, tears, and beers?  In the case of plain-Jane cyber-friends, the answer is zero.  Your cyber-friends are not much more than images created by the binary number system.  So, what if these people decide to flush you as a "friend?"  Not a problem - they hell with them.  Maybe, just maybe, they do not exist in the real world of flesh, bones, and blood; this is where it counts.

People need to develop real person to person relationships.  The cyber world exists for as long as electricity lasts.  I am not implying that one day the power will end, just that real friendship does not need electricity.  

                                               Copyright @ 2013/2015 Terry Unger

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