Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Few Thoughts From An Older Man Who Still Has The Fire....

The king does sit on his throne, but his queen is the one who makes it comfortable.

There have been times when I thought.....why did that happen, why was that person chosen....or.... why did that event happen?  Then I remember that humans are what they are and the Infinite has a different agenda.  Maybe we humans are nothing but pawns in the greater scheme of things.

In a real game, there can only be one winner.  The winner gets the trophy and goes out for ice creme.  The loser just goes home.  In our politically correct society, everyone gets a trophy and goes out for ice creme.  In the latter scenario, there are no winners, just losers.

When, after watching the evening news, I think that bringing back public hangings back into vogue may make an impression on the young who think that being a gangsta is cool.

The only thing worse than a crusader with a cause is a crusader in cyber-space.  Jim Jones would have loved cyber-space.  Pass the cool-aid please.

Being a tough guy today does not necessarily mean how many punches you can take or how many you can dole out.  Rather, it means how tall you can stand against adversity to finish your job.

Social media offers us many options.  Of these, libel and slander are on the rise.  Hopefully, those of crooked tongue and warped mind will one day meet a good, old-fashioned country judge who goes by many names.

If it rains so hard in your life that you believe the gods are ringing out a well soaked bar towel from the heavens, grab a bucket.  It's not often that you get to share a drink with divinity.

Some things are worth dying for but others are not.  When principled belief wears down and becomes wanton want, your grave barrow gets deeper.

Many of us take freedom of speech and freedom of religion for granted - because we were born into it.  That is a mistake; do not ever be complacent about these freedoms.  There are those in our world who are ready and willing to rob you of this wealth.

Any system, habit, product, or belief that asks, requests, or demands a person to give up personal freedom and put trust in it, is not looking out for an individual's self-interest.  It is looking out for its very own.  The individual person becomes the refuse in the greater collective.

                                               Copyright @2013 Terry Unger


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