Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Warrior's Prayer

Living in this world, are we not warriors?  Just getting to work can be a struggle.  Do we not do battle daily with those things that stand in our way for a better life?  To provide for family and self?  To strike against those things that threaten personal identity?  Against those things that want to make life harder?  And are we not humbled, by that which forces our knees to bend?  When knee is bent against personal will, there is no shame in calling out for help.  It is human.  And it is Okay.  This may help. 

Prayer to AllFather

For all who need help, strength, and direction......

AllFather, I have wasted my time thinking about many things; this was not one of them. It came upon me and attacked me like a thief in the night; I was unprepared and it took me by surprise. But I will not surrender. I will fight with every ounce of my being. I want to live the rest of my life well, even if my time is short, my days now numbered. All though I have been lax in what I should have done, in what I should have said, AllFather give me not just strength but also direction. If needed, point me to the mists where I can see my line, back to the beginning, as they call out to me to join them in the many Halls of Asgard, where the noble can live forever.

  Inspired by the movie, The 13th Warrior  

                                                Copyright @2014 Terry Unger     

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