Saturday, May 3, 2014

Butter and Steak

The Paleo Diet is, in my opinion and in the opinion of other folks, terrific.  It gives me extra energy, with the bonus of lower orchestral and lower triglycerides.  In the strictest adherence of the diet, it eliminates all grains (breads, etc), potatoes, dairy products, sugars, and vegetable oils.  It does not eliminate fresh fruits and vegetables.  It was a personal delight to read a major article printed in The Wall Street Journal.  

Within the pages of this noteworthy newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, the weekend edition, Saturday/Sunday, May 3 - 4 2014, in the review section, is an article titled, Fat Reconsidered......The dubious science behind the anti-fat crusade.  It features a cow on the page.  I will not give you the link.  If you are interested, you will google it.  It's a great piece.  Within it you will find.......

- How bad science and politics, coupled with ambition, has dictated how and what we eat for over 60 years. 
- Why any kind of vegetable oil is not good for you and why butter and even lard can be better.  
- Why grains (cereal grains) are not good for you. 
- How the facts of heart disease have been distorted.
-Why fat does not make you "fat" or diabetic; carbs do.  
- How Proctor and Gamble helped to create and fund The American Heart Association (AHA), and how this influenced the USDA.  
- How since the 1940's, it has been known that when vegetable oils are heated (like in fryers), they produce by-products that can lead to cirrhosis or the liver....and death.  
- Before the end of WWII, many health issues of today were rare.  

It's hard for me to say that bad science should be given a pass; it should not.  A person's general health and well being is essential to a long, prosperous, and productive life.  Over 60 years ago, a select few, prompted by what appeared to be righteous science, "fixed" what was truly not broken within our diet. I do not blame these people.  They believed that the science was correct.  Today we know better. Hence my advocacy of the Paleo Diet.  

Forget those oils, fire up the grill and prep the meat.  Eat those veggies and fruits.  And use those cereal grains to make beer; fermentation eliminates harmful microbes.

                                                 Copyright @2014 Terry Unger


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