Thursday, June 26, 2014

Finding Polaris

Polaris, our North Star, can be found at the end of the "handle" on the constellation known as the Little Dipper.  Our pole star is only 2/3 of a degree off center from the north celestial pole.  It's a funny thing that the ancient Arabs considered Polaris not just an open hole in the sky, but believed it to be evil.  But for all of us, it marks the way due north, and the way home.  

Today, in our politically correct, plain vanilla world, many people struggle with their personal identity.  The question, who am I and where do I come from is often asked, albeit silently.  The good news - you have your personal Polaris.  

You have your family, you have your ancestors.  You have your culture and therefore a heritage.  And, you have so many things locked within your unconscious mind that you can tap into.  These things are your collective Polaris.  When you center on these things, you begin your journey home and discover who you are.  Take the journey, it's worth the trip.    

                                                    Copyright @2014 Terry Unger

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