Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Changes

There are things that we cannot avoid, lie growing older; it  happens so get over it.  Other things, like certain illnesses and disease are genetic and can create more than just an inconvenience for the bearer. However, proper diet, sleep, and exercise not just helps us to age gracefully, but can help reduce the edge of some genetic misfortunes.  Moreover, we are not just physical beings; we also are beings of mind.  

As we age the mind, like the body needs proper nurturing; feeding your head is a necessity.  Read good books, go to the opera, visit museums, or get on a bike and see the sights in adjoining neighborhoods. Find a hobby and do something with it.  You will surprise yourself with your creativity.  And, you just may start a small business for yourself.  There also is volunteer work to be had in any community. Don't laugh.  Those older folks that you see working as volunteers at local hospitals are happier and more fulfilled than those who sit on their ass and wonder where their life has gone.  

Growing old does not mean that you are finished.  You are done, stick a fork in it finished when you quit living.  The choice is yours.   

                                               Copyright @2014 Terry Unger  

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