Monday, November 17, 2014

Some Blatant Self-Promotion

It's that time of year again.  And frankly, I think that retailers use the French Revolution as their boilerplate for Black Friday.  I find it unnerving that folks will sit down together and express their individual thanks, only to find some of them a few hours later willing to break arms or legs to get something for that "special someone."  Well, I offer an alternative to the bruising of Black Friday.  

My books, available in 6 x 9 softcover and e-book formats, make great gifts.  And they are available for purchase right on this blog.  For that "special someone" who requires something more, use my Amazon Portal, located at the top right of this blog.  Whatever you want to buy at a large retailer, you can find by taking a trip through my Amazon Portal.  The plus?  No hassles with cane wielding grannies who have no problem whacking you over the head to get at that newest toy for their already spoiled grandchild.  Then there is the problem of finding appropriate greeting cards.  My good friend Tarr Saxon took care of that.  

There are discerning folks who know that Yuletide is the true reason for the season.  I do not wish to offend anyone but this is a case of historical fact.  Tarr Saxon's Asatru Warehouse offers a fine collection of Yuletide greeting cards, and Yule Tree ornaments.  In addition, the shopper will find key chains and spiffy fridge magnets, cocktail plates and coasters for your Yuletide entertaining needs, flasks, mugs, clothing, jewelry, and other household decor.  The Yuletide Greeting Cards and Yule Tree Ornaments are proudly displayed at the bottom of the store page.  

My Books --------- Available for sale on this Blog.....!!!

My Amazon Portal.......for those "department store type" gifts, located at the top right of this Blog.  

Tarr Saxon's Asatru Warehouse Portal, located directly under my Amazon Portal for all of your Yule Greeting card needs.  


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