Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thoughts for Meditation

January 1st, 2015.  Tradition.  Roasted pork, with Bavarian kraut.  German mashed potatoes.  Root vegetables.  German apple pie for dessert.  German beer to wash all down.  Tradition.  We are nothing but plain vanilla without Tradition.  It comes from our Culture and Heritage.  Practice it, fight for it!  Hail the New Year!!!

Havamal, verse 6 - You should not gloat about how smart you think you are but remain silent.  By remaining silent, you can stay out of trouble.  Page 158, from the One, the Only....THE VIEW - One Man's Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal (Terry Unger, Author).  

We are the sum total of our words, deeds, and personal aspirations.  Not only does a man NOT move off his center without these three but his journey's end is determined by the same.  

When a man is younger, he frequently boasts about his deeds.  But the good man, as he ages, boasts less.  He has gained the security of knowing his deeds are the things that brought him to his current place in the world.  

Havamal, verse 10 - It is important to have a good head on your shoulders.  When among strangers it can keep you from harm and during hard times, it will help you take care of yourself.  Page 159, from the One, The Only....THE VIEW......

People who worry about their future miss the opportunity to make their present a good one.   

When you give your best and get little response, it may be time to change your venue.  These people either do not appreciate truth or your sense of humor.  

Havamal, verse 70 - It is far better to be alive than dead.  While living, you can enjoy your family, your family, your friends, and your wealth.  And, opportunities still present themselves for all sorts of gain.  A dead man enjoys nothing.  Page 166, from the One, the Only....THE VIEW........

We face one grand certainty in life and that is death; waiting for it is foolhardy.  As long as you can breathe, Live!!! 

Some people are like a hot dog without roll or mustard - naked, made of scraps, and damned near tasteless.  

                                                Copyright @2015 Terry Unger

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