Saturday, March 21, 2015

Where For Art Thou, Frau Holle?

In our crazy, politically correct world where down is up and up is the new down, I cannot help but think that we need some "old, now new" stuff in our lives.  It pains me to see real history trashed because it offends a certain group and then replaced by stuff that cannot even pass for fluff.  Do you see how I use the word "stuff?"  I could have used the word shit, but may the heavens forbid that I may offend you.  But if I do, you really need to grow up.  If I caught your attention and are still reading, let me tell you about a friend, ancestor, and Goddess:  Frigg/Frigga/Frija.  

She is the wife of All-Father Wodan and is the only one who has his permission sit in his High Seat.  Not only can Frigg be referred to as All-Mother but she knows all that Wodan knows, but remains silent, in deference to her husband.  In my opinion, in all ways Frigg is the perfect balance to and for Wodan.  In old Europe, before the Christian usurpation, we know that Mother Frigga had different aspects, or "appearances."  

In northern Germania, including the Danish peninsula, a major aspect/character of Frigg was known as Frau Holle or Frau Holda.  She was considered the protectress of women/motherhood, agriculture, fertility, rebirth, and the home/hearth (as is Frigg).  Frau Holle loved Yuletide and it was considered a very big deal that if during Yule, she came and blessed your home.  As for all the snow?  That's just Frau Holle shaking out her feather mattress!  Well who would not want this kind of visitor?  But Mother Frigg/Frau Holle has a dark aspect, one that nobody wanted as a "guest."  

In the southern Alpine regions that included northern Italy, the darker aspect known as Perchta scared the pants off of young and old alike.  Perchta could appear young and beautiful, and bestow the same blessings as Frau Holle.  Then again, if you were particularly nasty, she took on the appearance of an old hag.  And if you merited Perchta's ire, there was no forthcoming help for you.  She would personally beat you with fresh cut switches, the kind that hurt the most, or for the more serious offenses, she would cut open the offender's belly, regardless of age, and then stuff the open cavity with straw.  Ouch.  Then we have Krampus who rids the world of rotten kids; he's another story.  

What happens in the world when we take away the negative consequences of our actions?  We have this crazy, politically correct world that we have to live in.  Everyone is a winner and all get trophies, even if you finish dead last.  A world where it's OK for one person to say something to another but it is not OK to respond in kind.  A world where, if you do not like a certain kind of ethnic food, you are labeled racist.  And a world where, if you are born of European descent, you are supposed to feel bad about it.  Growing up, I remember that it was our mothers who nurtured, fed, protected, and when necessary, disciplined.  And if that did not work, "just wait until your father gets home" scared the living shit out of you.  Why?  Because if you pissed off Mom that much that it warranted Dad's heavier hand, you deserved your ass to be kicked into next week.  But we cannot do that today because the politically correct have that tagged as child abuse.  Cough. Maybe it's time for Momma Frigg to unleash Perchta, and let Krampus tag along for shits and giggles.  Rather that, I think, than having Momma Frigg yell out, "You just wait until All-Father gets Home!"  

                                                 Copyright @2015 Terry Unger 

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