Friday, April 17, 2015

Thundering Silence

The black clouds gather suddenly, sending their ominous message to those below.  Stillness envelops the earth's surface, a precursor of what is to come.  One drop and then two, turns into a heavy drizzle.  The winds pick up, and thunder rolls just over the next hill.  Now the rain falls, like it is coming from billions of buckets.  The wind speed increases, and whips the rain so it flows sideways.  That thunder is no longer over the next hill, but is here, making itself known.  It's explosive crack sounds like artillery fire and it shakes the ground.  Lightning now accompanies the thunder and illuminates not just the sky above but the ground below, leaving some with the feeling that they are living in a black and white horror movie.  The fierce wind, thunder, and lightning make a few folk think that Wodan is off on his Wild Hunt and Thor is slaying giants.  Young children cling to their mother's breast while the family hound refuses to go outside to relieve himself; it is enough to make the "great Charlemagne" tremble with fear.  It seems like it will never end but it is over as quickly as it began. And then, there is nothing but the stillness of silence.   

This is a Gulf Coast Texas spring storm.  Fortunate are those who can appreciate this Thundering Silence, what it brings, what it means, and what it can become.    

                                                   copyright @2015 Terry Unger     

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