Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Book Coming Soon - The View Act II

A snippet from my author's preface- 

               Author’s Preface – The View Act II

When asked what was on tap as my next project, my stock answer was a sequel to THREE TALL TALES.  Over time, I simply changed my mind; I no longer wanted to go in that direction.  But all the while, I was writing many relevant blog posts (or so I’m told).  It seemed natural then, that I publish another View. 

I chose Act II over part II for a particular reason.  It appears to me that all of us, regardless of what religion we have chosen to follow, are actors in a grand cosmic scheme that can be and is altered by the actors themselves.  For those folks who follow the ancient folkway known as Asatru, this is known as Wyrd and Orlog; we are our words and deeds. 

Currently, we are looking at a publishing date of 10/01/2015 or sooner.  

                                    copyright@2015 Terry Unger 

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