Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Man

Two thousand years ago men were responsible for the safety and welfare of their spouse, family, and  home.  In our 21st century, the responsibility remains the same, just the pathway to accomplish it is different (very few men have to plant or hunt to provide for their family).  Today men can provide the material safety and welfare for spouse and family through employment or self-employment.  But is providing food, clothing, and shelter enough?  The short answer is no.  

All humans need attention, affection, and love over and above the basic material needs.  Men need to remain in total fidelity to their spouses; a man's spouse should always be the love of his life - his rose beyond all comparison, his pearl of great price.  Daughters look to their fathers for strength and what is good in a man.  And sons need to be taught by their father what it takes to be a good, solid, protective, and productive man and not a canker sore on the backsides of  those responsible for a positive and productive society (something that is not lost on the daughters of today).  Spouses and children need to be pushed up, not pushed down, loved and never ignored.   These things are a part of a man's responsibility to his spouse, children, and society; it is a broad form of caring and loving.  Weak men and men not ready or willing to sacrifice should not apply.  It takes a tough man to love like that.   When a man does this he can truly say that he is "The Man."    

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