Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What Are You Planting?

When you plant, you expect to harvest.  But putting seeds in the ground and expecting vegetables is not the same as harvesting your words and deeds.  Sandra and I planted lettuce and kale seeds just weeks ago and now enjoy the sweetness of fresh salad.  Things I planted years ago with my words and deeds I did not have to harvest; they manifested all by themselves.  Some were sweet while others were not.  Some of the scars I bear attest to that bitterness.  When you are young, you carry a false sense of invincibility; nothing can harm you and you will live forever.  I was not immune to this virus, and neither are you.  It may appear to a few people as some kind of rite of passage.  If you live long enough you may be fortunate to bear witness to this in your own life.  Or not.  What matters when we exit this life is not how much we accumulated but what positive things we did for our family, clan, and tribe.  This is what will be remembered.  

There certainly is nothing wrong with wealth; how you achieved it will be remembered by those that survive you.  Should you gain wealth by advancing your family, clan, and tribe in an honorable manner you will be remembered in a positive light - because your efforts gained wealth and honor for others.  Should you gain wealth by nefarious means you will be remembered not in a positive light but one of shadows and darkness.  Life is good and prosperity is good but there is a right way and wrong way to accomplish your goals.  You can start by dropping the hurrah for me and fuck you mentality.  Words and deeds have impact:  some know it as Karma while others know it as cause and effect - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Asatruars/Heathens know it as Wyrd/Orlog, a more complicated affair; what you weave today will effect you, your family, your clan, and your tribe in the future.  It's not just about you homey - it's about many people.  What you say and do is like a vibration that touches many folks.  

So what to do?  Well young-blood, you can start by not dismissing some silver-haired fuckers' words of advice.  Take stock of your life.  The rest is up to you.  Hopefully your words/deeds/screw-ups will not touch me and mine.  

                                                     Copyright @2016 Terry Unger  


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