Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A person never stops learning.  Today I found out that the scrap steel I took to the metal recycling center was worth just two cents a pound; I was given a whopping $1.86 for a pickup truck load of steel junk.  This is not a complaint; I had to remove this junk from Ungerlands farm before it became a real hazard.  What I found so interesting was the price of aluminum beer and soda cans - forty one cents a pound.  Being pure aluminum, these cans are recycled and the new product is used in the automobile industry to make the body of new vehicles.  This gives a new meaning to the term drinking and driving.  Now, you can drive what you are drinking.  Also, a person can sit on his or her deck and while sipping a  cold beer point to a new vehicle and safely state that he or she helped to make said vehicle simply by drinking their favorite golden suds.  Another thing that should be "recycled" is Industrial Hemp.

Do not confuse Industrial Hemp with its' medical sister, marijuana - they may come from the same plant genus but are vastly different:  smoke an acre of Hemp and all you get will be cancer.  Well, thanks to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, both are still, at least on the Federal level, illegal to grow and harvest.  Google Hemp and be amazed.  The upholstery of the pickup truck that took the scrap steel mentioned above to the recycling center is made from Hemp.  Yes Hemp.  But, the fabric to make that upholstery is not made here - it is imported from Canada, China, and France as a finished product, where Hemp is not illegal to plant and harvest.  Let the irony of this soak in.  As a cash crop, American Family Farmers could enjoy some great pay days.  Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin thought highly about Hemp.  That's why they planted it and used it.  They also held other things in high regard.

Like the Constitution and the all important Bill of Rights.  The framers of the Constitution knew what they were doing - they understood oppression and government overreach.  A law abiding citizen can own several firearms - because nothing stops tyranny like a well armed populace.  Or not own any.  It's a free choice.  If that ownership disturbs the faint of heart, find a country that will "protect you because they know what's best for you."  The freedom to speak one's mind without recrimination is important in the exchange of ideas.  Lately, too many young people are offended by ideas that they do not agree with.  They want "safe space" and require group therapy when words from others offend them.  These young fools refuse to let go of their cookies, milk, and teddy bears.  They refuse to grow up.  The First Amendment freedoms does not exist to protect their feelings; it exists to let people like me say that these young fools need a kick in the ass, get a job, let go of mommy's tits, and grow the fuck up.  And if my religion offends you, piss off.  The Founders were acutely sensitive about this freedom.

All of these things must be put back into their original context - Freedom.  Let's recycle The Constitution, The Bill of Rights; let's recycle these freedoms.  And let's flush political correctness down the toilet where it belongs - with the rest of the sewage.  

                                                Copyright @2016 Terry Unger


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