Monday, March 21, 2016

Passing Thoughts

Do not hate Mondays.  Without Mondays, you would not appreciate the weekends.  

Always remember those who helped you but never forget those who have tried to harm you.  

Beer is best when cold, wine is best when chilled, ale is best when frosty, but friendship is best when warm and ongoing.  

Many people rush through life like they are part of a race to determine a winner.  They focus so much on the trophy at the finish line that they miss the scenery along the way.  Life should not be a pursuit of trophies but a collection of pictures taken of the scenery along the journey.  

Life is best experienced when you are fully immersed in its' waters.  Sitting on the sidelines buys you a ticket to boredom and mediocrity.  Many people like that ticket; they let their life be determined by the thoughts and wishes of unseen others.  

Putting your faith and trust in something that cannot be proven true is called blind faith.  Sometimes pursuing blind faith can be a fool's errand.  Or, the death of many.  Religions that demand blind faith have no problem with fool's errands or the death of many.  

A man can enjoy the fruits of his fantasy only after his responsibility to others has ended.  If that man is a leader in any capacity, those responsibilities are never ending.  When a man accepts responsibility, it follows that man to his grave.  Therefore, only a fool mocks the pillar that he stands on.  

While it is true that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so to is it true that the determined man always is ready to rise and will not set until his goal is accomplished.  

Adversity, it is true, has many left hands and right hands that can slap a man into submission and admit defeat.  But a man has two feet and two legs with which he can run from adversity to claim victory.  

When a responsible man dwells on his constant efforts, he is reminded of his responsible result.  

Never give up, never quit until you win.  Then, always be vigilant.   

                                                  Copyright @2016 Terry Unger


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