Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Magical Power of Beer

Most people I know enjoy a few frosty cold beers; those that do not I view with a careful eye and ask myself if they are in some way deficient.  When asking more questions of myself, I notice that many of the non-beer lovers do not have tattoos.  How then, I ask myself, as I enjoy yet another cold one on my deck, can I see their friendship as valid?  So many say and have said - I/we are your friend.  Is my measuring stick, my gauge for judging people wrong?    The thoughts of friendship and thieves run through my head, as the cold golden nectar of the Gods coats my throat.  These sobering thoughts I pass on to you.  

Be wary of the man who suddenly comes into your life spewing flattery and praise.  You may think it the beginning of a great friendship but his stroking of your ego is nothing more than the precursor to robbing you of your thoughts and ideas; later he will employ them as his own.  And good luck trying to recoup your thoughts; you cannot copyright or patent an idea.  Of course, this should be recognized as false friendship at its' best and, is ethically and morally criminal.  It stands to reason then, that you must be careful with whom you share your thoughts.  Taken a step further.....

Remember always that a criminal holds his profession more dear than your life and possessions.  Misplaced spoken words can become the criminal's gate key to your castle.  So, think well before you speak to someone that you truly do not know, and keep your inner circle small.  

Great title, don't you think?  

                                                     Copyright @2016 Terry Unger 




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