Monday, April 4, 2016

Into the Deep

Recently, a mime on social media talked about being born in the 1950's; how we that were had the opportunity to see and hear all the good bands, over the decades witnessing many things good and bad, and finally have the bragging rights to living in two millennium.  But does this mean after all of that we should quit?  I think not.  You may be getting up there in age but are far from broken.  Here are some personal examples.  

Once I thought that I knew all there was to know about planting vegetables and fruit trees; I was wrong - a change in soil and climate demanded different methods.  So, seeking knowledge of the "how to" was needed.  After the application of this new knowledge experience was gained and success was in my hands.  

There was a time when I was foolish enough to think that I knew all there was to know about love.  Then I looked deeply into the unconditional eyes of our dog.  I discovered that I knew little.  All the books in the world can not help us in this regard.  Diving deep inside of myself I discovered that humans have much to learn about many things.  Dog is God just spelled backwards.  

The point here is that all need to never be satisfied with what they currently know.  We need to dive into the deep of knowledge.  It is there.  Waiting.  The literature of the Germanic/Norse can give us inspiration.  

The High God Odin/Wodan constantly seeks knowledge for himself and then to share with the other Gods and men.  For this God, knowledge is so great a possession that he, according to the Eddas, sacrifices his one eye to have just a bit more.  He also sacrificed Himself to Himself for even more.  Obviously, Odin/Wodan is not some itinerant Palestinian preacher.  

The examples of Odin/Wodan seeking knowledge is one that we should emulate.  It does not require pulling out one's eye or hanging one's self.  It requires the understanding that age should never become a barrier or a stop sign to learning.  The accumulation of knowledge, learning, bears no time stamp.  Also, it requires that you share this learning with your family and your people.  Not sharing with your family and folk is the equal of brewing mead, wine, or beer and keeping it all to yourself.  Go on, dive into the deep!  

                                                  Copyright @2016 Terry Unger       

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