Wednesday, June 15, 2016

An Excerpt From My Next Book

“Good morning my big buck,” Elessa said in a rather sensual voice.  “Would you like me to fix you something to eat?” 

“I want you to kiss me, over and over again.  Food can wait.”  And they did, wanting more than kisses.  Roving hands found tender sweet spots that ached for attention. But Tarr broke this tender moment by asking …

“My dear sweet Elessa, what do you remember about last night?” 

Elessa was enjoying their moment but knew that she had to tell her man what he needed to know:  her experience of the previous evening was the same as Tarr’s.  This shared information heightened their mutual sexual tension.  During their grappling, touching, and kissing they talked and re-discovered that they were childhood friends that time and circumstance had unfortunately separated.  This new revelation served to drive their passion harder and deeper; both felt a connection not understood by mere words.  Tarr and Elessa yearned to physically unite but the setting sun, like a modern alarm clock, told them it was time to celebrate Winter Solstice.  

                                       copyright @2016 Terry Unger 

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