Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Expect Nothing???

Today is one of those days; a day that you remember something you were told when younger that has proven to be absolute bull pucky.  It sounded good when the person said it, like some pearl of wisdom was dropped on you, a cosmic secret.  But no, it's not any of these things.  Age and experience proved that rusty nail to be just plain stupid.  Here is the juicy gem that I was told ... When you don't expect nothing you will never be disappointed when you get nothing.  Sounds good but life and success does not work that way.  

When you start a project, a business, or a family you expect to succeed.  You expect your project to be not just be done but well done. You certainly do not expect your business to fail; you expect success.  And you do not expect your spouse to be unfaithful or your children professional crackheads.  If your heart still beats in your chest, you expect the opposite.  

Let this crusty old fart reword the above bull pucky:  You can expect success in life with a well rounded, well worked plan and should expect nothing less. If you fall short, pull up your socks and keep trying.  The man who handed on that gem to me got exactly what he expected.  

Havamal verse 58 - The man who spends his day in bed gains nothing; a man must work hard to  make his dream a reality.*
Havamal verse 60 - Just like a man who must plan how much wood he needs to tend his fire during the winter, so too must he plan for all things.*   

*Havamal quotes from ... The View - One Man's Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal and The View - Act II.  

                                                 Copyright Terry Unger @2016

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