Thursday, August 11, 2016

A World Full of Magan

MAGAN (OE - Maegen / ON - Megin) is the obtainable and nourishing energy that is present throughout the Universe (or if you prefer, the Multiverse).  Our ancestors knew this, and so did guys like Socrates.  And, Magan exists in all living things, including Mother Earth.  

James Lovelock began working on his Gaia Hypothesis in the very early 1970's. Gaia  states that the Earth is a living self-regulating ecosystem that is made up of many smaller interacting ecosystems. The Earth then, our home, is alive and full of Magan.  Work on Gaia is ongoing and constantly being refined but it is not without its critics.  

The major criticism(s) is that Gaia is teleological and it goes against natural selection.  Lovelock believes this criticism stems from scientists who can only think in one direction - linear.  Like abstract mathematics that are anything but linear, so too, Lovelock believes, is Gaia (there ain't no short answer here, Bubba).  I agree with Lovelock.  So does Life have a purpose?  Is it teleological?  My short answer is of course.

All life strives to not just survive but thrive; life that does not survive gives way (natural selection) to life that can.  It's all done so one thing can be accomplished - to live.  We have witnessed how our Earth has been damaged and repaired herself; she strives to not just survive but thrive, loaded with Magan.  So too, does the Multiverse.  Added to this - modern science has acknowledged that the Universe (Multiverse) is made up of energy.

Every human is a composite of many cells.  And, every one of these cells is made up of atoms.  The atoms in every one of our cells are aligned like a small battery (think - the batteries in a flashlight. Our cells give off and receive negative and positive energy - expressed as electricity).  And, every cell has about 1.4 volts.  By itself, an individual cell's energy is nothing.  But, multiply that amount by the number of cells in your body (on average - 50 trillion) and you get a whopping 700 trillion volts. Here is the wake up call:  this energy is what the Chinese call Chi.  This is what the Northern Tradition refers to as MAGAN.  We, our home Mother Earth, and the Multiverse, are packed full of Magan.

Of course increasing personal Magan is possible.  Recently I posted Courage and Magan in Our Time, 7/24/2016.  It gives instruction on how followers of Asatru/Heathenry (Germanic Culture/Tradition) can increase personal Magan; chanting runes, practicing Galdr, makes it so.  The energy is there, it is available.  It is a matter of personal harvest.

                                                Copyright @2016 Terry Unger

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