Monday, August 1, 2016

A Piece from My Current Project, The View - The Final Act

A few words from the author……

When I put The View – One Man’s Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal in print, I never had the intention of making a “trilogy.”  But sometimes life dictates different terms.  After some time, it only seemed natural that The View – Act II was  a needed response to the first View.  And, it was not a “response” to aid the first, but more like a necessary addition.  Obviously, I had more to say.  This book, The View – The Final Act completes what I started in the first. 

The three View books are intended to be used not just for reading enjoyment, but to offer the reader a chance to look inside his own thoughts, feelings, and understandings about the world we live in today.  We do live in a modern era, not the 7th, 8th, or 9th centuries.  However humans, doing what they do, repeat behavioral patterns that are less than honorable, regardless of the century; a thief is still a thief, a glutton is still a glutton, and a louse is still a louse.  The difference is the point in time. 

Today, we have many “things” that our ancestors would not understand – like a computer, movies, and automobiles, just to name a simple three.  Along with all of this, we are supposedly a more “polite society.”  But humans still behave badly, maybe just with more finesse.  So the question persists:  what do we do with these characters and how do we stand against them?  It is the same question that plagued our ancestors.   They dealt with thieves and murderers in manners that are similar to our methods of today.  But, maybe time and “polite society” has dulled the edge of judgment’s sword. 

The serial killer of today is put to death by lethal injection; we want to kill him as “humanely” as possible.  Our ancestors did not care about the criminal’s comfort; they were concerned about the victim’s ongoing pain and grief and made an example of the criminal’s execution.  Time changed method, for better or worse. 

The questions that follow each essay do not have a right or wrong answer.  They are present to get the reader to think on his own, about a variety of subjects.  And, just are there is no right or wrong answers, many folks will have strong options about certain things while others will not.  Maybe the purpose of the View books is an attempt to get folks thinking again.  That’s not a bad idea.   

                                    Copyright 2016 Terry Unger  

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