Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rookie Errors

Normally, I do not post about this stuff - I just do not.  But every now and then, things pop up and piss me off; then the obligation felt to spout off is rabid.  This is one of those rare times.

Recently in Norman, Oklahoma a teacher, in an elective philosophy class, told his students that, "to be white is to be racist, period."  This is a loaded statement that has obvious overt complications.  In Norman, a city that is at least 90% white, this did not sit well with some folks and their evening meal.     

The Norman school district was pressed for a response.  It was tepid, at best.  According to them, the "discussion was poorly handled," but at this point, the teacher in question, who happens to be a white guy will not be disciplined.  Why?  It's part of the progressive agenda.  This shit used to start at the collegiate level but it appears that the progressives cannot wait to fuck with young people's heads.  And this guy does have his supporters at the collegiate level.   

A liberal fluff-tard professor from the University of Oklahoma stated that "research supports" the teacher's statement.  What research is that?  Research that puts Europeans in a bad light?  To make people of European descent feel bad for being white?  Then the good professor goes on to blow off the teacher's words as "a rookie error."  Sorry professor, you are mistaken.  A rookie error happens when an over inflated college quarter-back is drafted by the NFL, put into the starting lineup and consistently fumbles the ball, putting points on the board for the other team.  If continued, this rookie error is rectified by the coach, general manager, and front office because it costs the "team gross revenue."   Too bad we do not have that when it comes to our children's "educators."  But alas, I too, being the laid back man that I am, have been labeled not just a racist, but a nazi.  

For reasons not needed here, I do not care for fish.  There is nothing wrong with fish.  I just do not care to eat it.  And, the  only foods that I will eat raw are fruits and vegetables.  I like my beef medium, just a tad pink inside.  As for pork and poultry, just to the point of being done, not over cooked.  So, a reasonable person would understand why I do not like sushi.  It's raw and it's fish.  But some idiots called me racist because I do not like sushi.  No shit.  As the conversation progressed, I was labeled a nazi because I like bratwurst and kraut.  Again, no shit.  Once upon a time, I was invited to speak at a local library.  When the subject of the old German concept of wergild and its' relationship to our modern insurance came up, I was labeled as a racist and nazi, again.  At my age I do not need this stuff in my life; another reason why I no longer speak in public.  

So what does my personal life have to do with what happened in Norman Oklahoma?  Liberal, progressive folks use the words racist and nazi to silence anyone who 1) has an argument they cannot surmount and 2) it paints anyone who does not agree with their point of view as not just "evil" but disgustingly dirty and deviant.  And when repeated enough, the masses believe it.  Then we have questions.  

If a person likes both sushi and brats/kraut are they just a nazi who enjoys fish?  Are you automatically a racist if you are born white?  And, if my wife and I have a baby, did we commit a hate crime?  When considering the events in Norman Oklahoma and other stuff, these are the questions that rattle my brain.  

There is no brain surgery or rocket science involved when common sense dictates that we all need to respect each other, cultures, and traditions.  

In anticipation of any blow back, let me say this to those who hate:  please take a fucking leap into the next rolling donut that you can find.  Hopefully, the hole will accommodate your smallness.   

                                                   Copyright @2016 Terry Unger 



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