Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Ordering of the Heavens

As the title suggests, the Gods ordered the heavens and filled them with vast Halls, presumably for us.  Even Heathen Hel has its Halls - go ask Balder.  We humans are presumptuous enough to assume  that these Halls are for us, based on bits and pieces of Lore and our heartfelt hope.  After all, it would be a sad state if there were none, but what proof is there, beyond Lore and UPG?  Being human and fearful of oblivion, I "know" that I am destined for one of these Halls (based on the bits of Lore, UPG, "fear of oblivion," and heartfelt hope).  My ancestors will greet me, also true friends who had passed before.  But what of my faithful dogs?  

Monotheism, in particular Christianity, teaches that animals do not have a "soul."  They are beasts that are animated with "something special" and when they die that "something special" dies with them; the animal meets its oblivion.  This type of theology should be expected from a philosophy/religion that is based on  salvation doctrine which rejects life and the world.  And, to think that salvation doctrine rejoices in life is, in my opinion, God-damned foolishness.  It is the forfeiture of life and all that this world has to offer.  It is the life and world accepting worldview that is truly rich and rewarding.  

It is the latter world view that is held by neo-pagans and Heathens.  When adhering to this world view, a person develops a sense that nothing is truly "separate" ..... our Gods are with us, just as our ancestors and Matronae.  Life and the world are good, not something to avoid as the Salvationists want you to believe.  It is then within this "sense," this life and world affirming view, that we understand all life is indeed important and even sacred.  And if I, a mere finite mortal human understand this, what of the Gods?  

It is my "belief" that my faithful hounds, true friends that have passed on before me, along with my ancestors will be by my side in whatever Hall receives me.  Personally, I care nothing for that which limits Life and Love in all its' expressions. The Gods ordered the heavens and filled them with vast Halls.......

                                                    Copyright @2016 Terry Unger

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