Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jack, the Persistent Sales Dog

Hey there, human bipods!  Jack Unger coming to you from Ungerlands Texas!  Today it hit me that ya'll might think I was just kidding about having one eye.  So I ditched my sexy sun glasses and took this selfie!  Yes, I am the best looking dog in Texas!  The ladies tell me I'm so hunky!  And who else do you know that has only one eye?  Well, who is it?  Ya'll know who I'm talkin' 'bout!  But enough about me.  

Tonight I was checkin' the book sales figures with my human dad, Terry Unger.  What ya'll waitin' for?  Really?  Woof!  Ya'll know my daddy writes the best dadgum heathen books on Amazon!  If ya'll want an invitation, here it is!  Go ahead and buy them!  Don't be the last, be the first, second, and third!  Buy them all, daddy's books make great gifts!  Can ya'll keep a secret?  

The other day I was foolin' around on dad's computer.  I went to the blog and accidentally pawed on of the titles you see on the right side.  It took me right to that book's Amazon site!  IF I had a credit card, I could'a ordered a bazillion!   WOOF!  It's that easy!  And let me tell ya, Amazon has no problem pumpin' out the books!  SO whatcha' waitin' for.....I gave ya'll an invitation!  Go buy! 

Still hesitatin'?  Thinkin' what's in it for Jack?  I told ya'll the last time.....I want new bones and toys at Yule!  Oh come on, don'tcha want somethin' new?  Well, buy my daddy's books.....that's somethin' new!  

And BTW, please don't rat on me to my daddy.  The other day I was playin' games on his computer. Forgot to close the program.  Daddy was pissed.  Blamed Mason - we don't have a cat!  I want bones, WOOF!  Buy dad's books!  

                                                Copyright @2016 Jack Unger  

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